6 week growth spurt breastfeeding

My daughter turned 7 weeks Tuesday and for three days, beginning at the tail end of her 6th week, I have done nothing but nurse and try to console an uber fussy tiny human. It’s helped me so much with my son. Related: Can You Overfeed a breastfed baby?

It passed, of course. spurts later on. Growth spurts can be frustrating and exhausting, but keep in mind that they are temporary and essential for the healthy growth and development of your child. He's having a wet nappy nearly every feed though, so I'm happy that he's getting enough at this stage. It was horrible and I felt like such a failure.

You did not fail with your first child, you chose what you felt was best for that child with the information that you had, even if it hurt you emotionally and made you feel “like a failure”. Breastfeeding Your Baby During a Growth Spurt, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. You had me at “angry squirrel.” A perfect description for what I went through last night!

isn’t necessary to pull out your stored bags of milk either because you’d need Sometime between six and twelve weeks, you’ll notice some changes in your breasts. The older your child is, the longer you can let them sleep between feedings as long as they're growing well and don't usually have any trouble nursing. He is 6 weeks and 6 days. He’s gone from waking between 2-3 am after his 10 pm dream feed and sleeping till 6:30 to waking at 1am then between 5 & 5:30 am. Why am I telling you this? When you hear the question once, you can dismiss the idea. To settle your baby, you can introduce infant massage. It’s reassuring to know this is actually a time to celebrate, not worry. There is Blood In my Breastmilk. Just keep an eye on her wet diaper count for reassurance during growth spurts!

Get tips and see how pumping can help solve your breastfeeding challenges.

Thank you!!

I do recall cluster feeding my first but my second baby (currently 7.5 weeks) seems to be quite literally attached to me ALL DAY! I refer them to the hundred-some ounces of oversupply that fill the basement freezer. I feared it was late-onset colic, but after reading your post, I immediately identified that she was starting her growth spurt a bit early. My DD is 5 weeks and 3 days and I have been worried that I didn’t have ample supply for her. My fussy little squirrel will be three years old in April. before or a week after the common timing window. It is an indication that things are perfect and as nature designed. It’s nice to know that there’s a bigger picture going on! It’s nice to hear from someone who has been through it three times that this is normal. Yes I am able to.

a long stretch of sleep for your baby. Many moms worry about low milk supply, even though most make exactly what baby needs.

I stopped breast feeding my 1st child at 6weeks because I absolutely thought I had no milk.

A brilliant Christmas present x. There’s so much information out there that I think people who deal with these things day in and day out all get their particular “takes” on how things go, and while I’m very mindful of the different growth spurts and stages some others are not able to remember those because they’re focused on other information and are trying to be as helpful as they can be.

So well said! This was beautifully written, your description of everything my little one and i are going through is spot on. You’re a strong and determined mama. I have a moby wrap, a peanut shell sling and an infantino carrier.

Lawrence, Ruth A., MD, Lawrence, Robert M., MD. The way you write it out puts a brand new perspective on this trying stage. You turned six weeks old on Friday. Even though I knew about growth spurts I honestly had no idea what to expect so this touching letter has given me the reassurance and push to keep going for my little boy. I too am feeling that I’m not producing enough milk and it’s heartbreaking. It may feel like all you're doing is feeding your baby! It is amazing how instinctual, strong-willed, fierce, and communicative infants are with their mommies.

Listen to your body, and drink and eat a little more during these times. Thank you. Related: Hands Down The Best Online Breastfeeding Class Ever.

weight in just a matter of days. Thank you. This is growth. Hello Sarah! 1-3 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months are the most common times for growth spurts.

Knowing this makes my heart happy. However, a low breast milk supply will stick around until you take measures to increase it.

Oh, I remember the growth spurts so well. I really needed to hear this. I’m sitting here, baby in my arms, tears pouring. I as a grandmother appreciate so much your personal experiences and answers to questions I didn’t know how to answer myself. x x.

It sums up the breastfeeding relationship beautifully. Mrs LPK - what did you do to overcome his tiredness.

Thank you for letting me know it’s going to be okay, and that we will get through it! If your baby is sleeping, you can let them sleep for a while. Gosh was she cranky and needy and in a constant state of disapproval and unrest at six weeks. So glad to read this and know this is normal..my daighter is six weeks..mu hubby has flu and is staying w his mom so we dont catch it..feeling less alone now at least.. From overactive let down to over supply, green diapers for the last week, and now the beginning stages of a plugged duct; this growth spurt comes at not the most convenient time. Hi mums, my bub is 6 and a half weeks now, almost 7, and for the past 2-3 days he has been feeding every hour nearly during the day, mostly in the mornings. Follow your baby's lead. This blog gives me hope of that.

Remember to increase your water intake and breastfeed on demand when your baby is going through a growth spurt. I’m glad that this helped! It is so hard to understand when you are a first time mom.

As they get more effective at nursing they nurse for less time and less often.

You might notice an increase in night feedings when things are less exciting. During all of this chaos, I have found myself in doubt and fear, more often than not! All babies will go through growth spurts instead of it being slow and steady through the year. bit strange but enjoy it. *hugs* you’re doing great. Thank you so much. Nailed it completely. This is fantastic. Thank you for your beautiful story.

Although, it might feel like they’re going to last for a life time. Plus, your body was designed for this! I can see why so many women give bottles, convinced that their supply is low. A thousand thabk yous. You are a real life-saver. You nurse frequently to keep me there with you. And so did mom and dad!

You and your infant have gone through a lot of changes and growth in the past few weeks, and this one will hold a lot of new, exciting developments for both of you—from possibly heading back to work to growth spurts.

I’m exhausted and in tears several times throughout the day and have no help.

Six weeks is hard! A lactation consultant provides answers to common questions. I was totally dismissive of anyone who suggested low milk supply thru those endless feedings and fussiness and I am so glad of it as I ebf my boy now 3 mo. Your baby may be … It is exactly what I need at this exact moment. Today *seems* to be better. Moms Ultimate Guide: Foods To Avoid while Breastfeeding, Demand Feeding vs Scheduled Breastfeeding for Newborns – …, Milkology: All the online breastfeeding courses reviewed. If your baby is still producing enough wet and dirty diapers, then it is usually a sign of a growth spurt and not low milk supply.

What a beautiful letter to your daughter!

Signs Your Baby is Hitting a 6 Week Growth Spurt: Fussier than usual Extreme crankiness Increased hunger and feedings Baby wants to be held more often

And I am blessed to have found your article.


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