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Join us in person at the Akasofu Building, located on the West Ridge of the UAF Campus in Fairbanks, or online. Feel free to bring your lunch and join the gathering in person or online to learn more about Alaska climate and weather. During the interior cold snap of the last week of 2019, when the temperature dropped well below -50°F in many places, I was eager to see what the new state-of-the-art ERA5 reanalysis would say about the minimum temperatures. We are part of the NOAA RISA Program, which supports research that helps build capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate change. Objective Comments and Analysis - All Science, No Politics As for raw temps, only 2 days in last 8 years were colder (1/18-19/2017). The unusual cold spell is largely over for much of Alaska now, as the core of the chilly air mass has finally migrated to southeast Alaska and western Canada; British Columbia and Alberta are now in the deep freeze. Weather whiplash: Alaska is off to a frigid start in 2020 after record warm 2019 Average temperatures over a 45-day period between late December and early February in Alaska. To the great surprise of many observers and prognosticators (and I fall into both camps), Alaska is having something of a cold winter, at least since mid-December. The tools and techniques for making monthly and season scale climate forecasts are rapidly changing, with the potential to provide useful forecasts at the month and longer range. January 24, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm AKST. January 2020 National Weather Service Alaska Climate Outlook Briefing. Every winter is a little bit different, and the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that Alaska Winter of 2020 will be filled with mild temperatures and lots of snow! Thursday, January 23, 2020 - Alaska Weather - Duration: 27:41. — Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49) January 7, 2020 The coldest conditions relative to normal have been in the southwest of mainland Alaska, and in this area there was really no break between the first and second cold waves. Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists - Duration: 9:59. This feature, and the associated cold air, bears some relation to the Arctic vortex that delivered last week's interior cold snap; it appears that a lobe of the Arctic air mass settled down over western Alaska, and the clash with North Pacific warmth farther south set up a stormy situation yesterday. There's still plenty of winter left, and it may yet turn around, but so far it's a very distinct and striking change from recent winters, which were of course much warmer than normal. I've used the ERA5 data on previous occasions (e.g. © 2020 Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy The Alaska Statewide Temperature Index, a real-time metric of relative departure from normal, saw it's most anomalous cool reading (an index, not temp) since August 30, 2015 (1,590 days). International Arctic Research Center We are also part of the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Initiative to improve readiness for extreme events. ACCAP is part of the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. 7:30 p.m. on 360 North and 5:30 a.m. on Alaska Public.\r\rFind more information between Alaska Weather shows on\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\rAnd daily afternoon map briefings (normally out by 4pm) at\r\rFor more information about Alaska Weather, head to\r\ror contact Contributions by Richard James and Rick Thoman. In the past few days the harshest cold in Alaska has been in the southeastern interior, where Northway has reached -50°F for five days in a row; this is the most since January 2009. See How to Join a Webinar for instructions on participating through your home office or at a satellite viewing location with others in your community. We work with these and other partners to create realistic climate adaptation strategies across Alaska. We will review recent climate conditions around Alaska, review some forecast tools and finish up the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for the coming months. Objective Comments and Analysis - All Science, No Politics,, 2160 Koyukuk Dr (physical) For instance, as of today Bethel has … Speaker: Rick Thoman, ACCAP. Unusual cold has settled in over Alaska in recent days, and most of the state is now seeing significantly below-normal temperatures; and given the date on the calendar, this is pretty cold. Wendover Productions Recommended for you. (WeatherBell) Temperatures near or below -40°F/C have developed over a wide region, and the colder spots are around -50°F from the interior North Slope to the Yukon Flats to the western interior. 27:41. Alaska Weather 141 views. Another wave of Arctic air has affected northern and western Alaska in the past few days, leading to extremely low wind chills in some places (-70°F and below in a few northern spots), and cementing this month into the solidly below-normal category for temperature in many locations statewide. The tools and techniques for making monthly and season scale climate forecasts are rapidly changing, with the potential to provide useful forecasts at the month and longer range. Notice of Nondiscrimination, UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS | ALASKA CENTER for CLIMATE ASSESSMENT & POLICY, VAWS: JPSS and GOES Satellite Training and Data Resources for NOAA and non-NOAA Users. The weather has been wild in western, southwestern, and south-central Alaska in the past few days, as an upper-level trough has deepened over the eastern Bering Sea and western Alaska. PO Box 757245 (mailing) Fairbanks, AK 99775-7245. University of Alaska Fairbanks, UAF Troth Yeddha’ Campus The Farmers Almanac Predicts Winter 2020 In Alaska Will Have Mild Temps And Above Average Amounts Of Snow. Alaska Weather is a production of Alaska Public Media and the United States National Weather Service-Alaska Region.\r\rAlaska Weather meteorologists are:\r\rDave Snider - Alaska Weather TV Program Leader\rDave Percy - Assistant TV Program Leader\rPerry Dehne \rKimberley Hoeppner \rDavid Kramer\rMike Ottenweller \r\r#AKwx is produced daily at 5:30 p.m. on UAFTV and on the ARCS system. UA is an AA/EO employer and educational institution and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual.


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