batman: arkham asylum characters

To solve the riddle, the described object must be visible on-screen and must be "scanned". Frank also keeps a flask on him, so that he can drink on the job. The iOS version of the game features the Arkham Origins skins for Batman, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Joker and Bane, as well the Arkham Knight skins for Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and the exclusive character Arkham Knight. Batman leaves the Morgue and finds Scarecrow's gas had him believe something that wasn't real, finding a fallen security guard where he had seemingly found Gordon's corpse earlier. Double Batarang - Can target two enemies at once. Joker taunts Batman by saying "You are going to need a new sidekick..." which is reference to the story of Jason Todd, the second Robin. It places Batman under the influence of Scarecrow's fear toxin, causing him to hallucinate and all the enemies to be seen as skeletons. Bane says the "Bruja" drained his Venom. Interview tapes. He travels back to the Botanical Gardens, where Ivy states that while she originally thought that Titan was hurting her plants, it has actually made them much stronger. The major consensus among critics was the game lacked innovation and series advancement, many of them citing the similar gameplay and atmosphere of the game before, but that it still had an interesting and engaging story. After being forced to contend with more gun-wielding thugs, Batman enters the Arkham Mansion through the air ventilation system. Game Wiki; Videos (20) Images (1145) Forum (338) News; Some of the items are initially inaccessible and can only be accessed after Batman has collected a specific gadget. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Many actors involved with the games reprised their roles, including Kevin Conroy as Batman, Troy Baker as the Joker, Martin Jarvis as Alfred, and Nolan North as the Penguin. Batman: Arkham Asylum Characters. Despite the chaos, several villains assisted in delivering her safely, but one of the prisoners killed Ingrid with one of Batman's batarangs. Batman is attacked by a mutated Blackgate prisoner. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Batman's explosive gel can detonate targets with one blast, blowing apart structurally weak walls and knocking down enemies with debris takedowns. Journalist Jack Ryder broadcasts news reports on the unfolding siege which may be heard on shortwave radios inside the institution. Three voice actors, who worked on the DC Animated Universe series of film and television, reprised their roles for the game. With that, she says that they will now grow together and summons a colossal Titan plant through the floor, and bonds with it to fight Batman. As Scarecrow stands on the edge, Croc jumps out of the water and grabs him. News choppers are flying all around Arkham, cameras fixed on the roof of the Center. It was also acclaimed for its polished combat and stealth gameplay, as well as selection of gadgets at Batman's disposal and the extensive comic book lore and easter eggs planted all over the map of Arkham Asylum. She informs him that the only way to create an antidote is to use some rare spores which can only be found in the sewers - directly inside the lair of Killer Croc. Batman Arkham Asylum "Dr. Amadeus" Trailer, Batman Arkham Asylum "Game of the Year" Trailer, Batman Arkham Asylum Easter Egg - Arkham City Teaser. This time, I break you!" Auto-detonating Explosive Gel - Explodes when an enemy gets near. He quickly defeats the henchmen and follows a trail of pipe tobacco, left for him by Gordon, to the western section of the island, where Joker's men have also managed to take control. It is a prequel to the game and is written by Alan Burnett and illustrated by Carlos D'Anda. Heroes. This causes a large vine to block the door and force Batman to use the vents to navigate his way out. The plot features key moments in Batman's career, such as his first encounter with the Joker, and the beginning of his partnership and friendship with James Gordon. Special moves such as "Silent Takedown", "Ledge Pull", "Glide Kick", "Corner Cover" and "Inverted Takedown" (must be bought with XP first) are best employed in this style of combat. [19][21] The game was shut down in 2017. Basil Karlo was an actor who upon discovering that a remake of one of his classic horror movies was being made went insane and began killing the cast and crew, wearing the mask of the film's villain Clayface, until stopped by Batman.

Arkham City is the first game in the series to introduce side missions, each focusing on different villains whose schemes Batman must thwart. While contending with various inmates taking advantage of Arkham City's lawlessness, Batman must uncover the secret behind a sinister scheme, code-named "Protocol 10", orchestrated by the facility's warden, Hugo Strange. Using a scanner in his cowl, Batman follows an alcoholic vapor trail left by Boles's bourbon through the Transfer Loop. [11] In December 2016, Jason Schreier from Kotaku revealed that the title has been cancelled, and WB Games Montreal shifted their focus to the next Batman game, which was later revealed to be Gotham Knights. Joker Teeth: The Joker has scattered a lot of "chattering teeth" toys, often in groups of two or three. After a fierce battle, Batman flees the Boiler Room by means of his grappling gun as the ceiling, weakened by the fight collapses on Bane, burying him under a pile of rubble. The developers have come up with a CSI style for forensic puzzles because Batman is the "World's Greatest Detective". Egghead is an arch-criminal created specifically for the 1960's Batman TV show: a technological genius but recklessly impatient, his theme is trick eggs and "so bad they're good" egg-based Puns. Batman ventures into the sewers and, despite frequent attacks by Croc, gathers all of the required spores.
It contains the remastered versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City from Batman: Return to Arkham and the premium edition of Batman: Arkham Knight. Batman is incarcerated within Arkham City, a massive new super-prison established by Quincy Sharp, the now mayor of Gotham City, who was also a side character in the first game.

It is advisable to play these encounters in "Detective Mode", which allows Batman to see the position and status of all opponents, even when they are hidden by walls. The Wal-Mart regular and Collector's Edition's of the game came with a code for an armored Batsuit for use only in the challenge maps.

To fulfill the challenge, a certain number of teeth (5, 10, 20) must be destroyed. Auto-detonating Explosive Gel - Explodes when an enemy gets near. He was played by various actors including Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Richard Epcar, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix. Batman: Arkham Asylum puts you behind the cowl of the iconic Dark Knight, fighting his way through Arkham Asylum to stop the Joker from enacting a sinister plot that would have grave consequences for Gotham City. She is known for her Jester-like aesthetics, childish behaviour, and psychotic devotion to the Joker. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatric resident at Arkham Asylum, where she met the incarcerated Joker. After another brief confrontation with more convicts, the Joker deactivates a security gate, allowing Batman to follow after him despite Commissioner Gordon's observation that it was most likely a trap. The guard informs Batman of the armed Blackgate Convicts on the other side, and Batman defeats the thugs, after which he rushes to where the Batmobile is parked and Harley Quinn's thugs are trashing it. Seemingly drawing strength from each death he tended to go for overkill in his murders which followed a ritual of skinning them. After Arkham City's success a prequel called Arkham Origins was released on October 2013.

Batman Arkham City uses the same overall game design as Batman: Arkham Asylum, though Arkham City is a noticeably larger area, and uses the sandbox game design. Identifies himself only as 'Guard 38'. Security barriers prevent Batman from entering certain areas. Joker sent threatening emails to Young, who was prepared to resign from Arkham to get away from the high probability of seeing him again. Batman moves to a small connecting tunnel in between Arkham East and North.

In the first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009), the Joker comes up with an elaborate plot to take over the eponymous Arkham Asylum and trap Batman inside with all his incarcerated foes, while he is working on another, more sinister plan involving a super-steroid called "Titan". The series has received widespread critical acclaim. It also features voice acting, with many actors reprising their roles from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Bruce Wayne/Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) - Batman is the main protagonist of the game. "[22] It was released for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on April 25, 2017. [17] It plays similarly to Arkham City Lockdown, and follows the same storyline as the console and PC versions of the game. Through a slip of the tongue from Harley, Batman learns that the Joker has a secret Titan production facility inside the Botanical Gardens. After battling past Ivy's plants while heading back into Arkham Mansion, Batman learns from Aaron Cash that the only way to access Croc's lair is through a pathway in Intensive Treatment. Single-player
Batman can easily sneak up on thugs and perform silent takedowns even in a room full of armed enemies.

Quincy Sharp considers himself to be the the reincarnation of Amadeus Arkham, and makes frequent reference to the history outlined in the comic. At first, Ivy refuses to help Batman (declaring that she'd rather watch him squirm), until he warns her that every plant on Arkham will suffer unless she cooperates. The Arkham Knight costume for Batman also appears in the iOS version of Injustice 2.

The sequel includes other Batman characters that weren't in Arkham Asylum as well as some of the same characters in speaking roles such as Catwoman, The Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth, Victor Zsasz, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, Mr. Batman can easily sneak up on thugs and perform silent takedowns even in a room full of armed enemies. She is immune to all poisons and chemicals. [56] A board game, titled Batman: Arkham City Escape, was made available by Cryptozoic entertainment in May 2013.[57]. [58] An Arkham City skin is also available for Harley Quinn; however, unlike the other Arkham City skins, it must be unlocked through the iOS mobile app version. He contacts Oracle, instructing her to investigate the bombs while he tries to subdue Joker and the other inmates. After defeating two of the Joker's men attempting to make renovations to the Visitor's Center to better suit the villain's taste, Batman finds a nervous guard attempting to hide in a watchtower, who informs him that the escaped convicts have seized the Medical Facility as well. He tells him that he does not have long left. After defeating them, he proceeds to the far side of the room and up the ladder to the raised hallway, at the end of which the Dark Knight finds Frank Boles dead, strapped to a stretcher near the exit of Intensive Treatment, having been double-crossed by the Joker (who may have simply done it for amusement/out of boredom or for the hell of it), thus ending the trail Batman followed. Walking through the guards' locker room, Batman overhears Jack Rhyder's broadcast announcing that Joker has threatened to set off bombs across Gotham if any law enforcement is seen approaching Arkham Asylum. These can be unlocked later in the game. Upon finding Sharp in the security tower, Batman finds that Harley has locked them in. After heading through a locked-up cave outside, Batman glides down to a secret Arkham-based sector of the Batcave which he installed beneath the island's surface years ago. More or less cryptic clues describing specific locations or objects.


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