batman: the animated series figures

If it were more expensive, I might be more frustrated by the flaws than I am, but the package is simple and straightforward and I have a stylish Batman: The Animated Series figure that looks great in my display case. A man. Combat Belt Batman is ready for action with firing grappling hook, launching missile and capture cuffs!

(with Firing Wrist Rocket & Pivoting Engines!) Offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT. It’s a refreshingly small haul compared to my Berserk “Figma” toys that come with so many extra hands that they have their own mounting rack in the box. First, you have to get it out of the packaging.

Batlinks included different versions of Batman, Firewall Robin, and Virtual Joker. (with Transforming Cape Glider!)

His light-up eyes give a piercing stare at Batman. Transform cool Dick Grayson into crime-fighting Robin with high-tech radar vest and gear! DC Direct first arrived at the idea of creating new action figures in the style and spirit of the classic Batman: The Animated Series after seeing the continued demand for their bestselling action figures based on the series.

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And while the paint job is overall good, there is a bit of bleed here and there, such as on the right side of his cowl.

With his flapping wings and tow rope, Man-Bat is a fiercesome foe! Force.

The media landscape is more complex and unpredictable than it’s ever been.

Most of the action figures in this set included different versions of Batman and one Robin figure. The figure goes for anywhere from $16 to $20 depending on where you look. Both shows focused on your favorite Batman characters from the comic books including Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, The Joker and much of the rest of Batman’s gallery of rogues. Swapping out hands and tools is easy, and plastic is flexible enough to make bending Bats’ hand around the tools easy without the figure feeling weak. Robin has an adjustable turbo glider which can drop missiles on villains below! (with Chopping Arm Action and Ninja Weapons!). The Batman: The Animated Series action figures have really grown from their initial launch with Kenner in 1992. Force. The DC Collectibles line has already announced a Batman Beyond 3 Pack (Including Batman Beyond, Aging Bruce Wayne, and Ace the Great Dane) set to be released in January 2017. Notable in this run are the including of Mad Hatter and the Creeper!

The first wave of figures included Robin, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Lightning Strike Batman uses his gliding cape to strike terror into the villains of Gotham City!

After the Mission Masters set Hasbro started making figures for the Batman: The Animated Series spin-off TV show, Batman Beyond. The figures included in this set were Golden Armor Batman, Gotham Defender Batman, Gotham Knight Batman, Rapid Switch Bruce Wayne and Arkham Assault Joker. He’s not going to be doing yoga poses anytime soon, though.

There is no debating the fact that I grew up an Atari kid.

Watch out for Scarecrow with his fierce thrashing sickle that really spins. The thick rubber cape looks appropriately animated, and I appreciate the proportions the figure is built with.

With Body-Slam Arm Action and "Venom" Tube. With Firing Turbo Missiles and Sky-Scan Radar Gear. The commercials on Saturday Morning Television hooked me and in the late 70s, I was begging my mom to take us to Sears and bring one of these bad boys home.

In a place where murder and crime run rampant, a light in the dark has been sparked and begins to grow…

“We are following up on the original toy line that we launched,” explains DC Direct Creative Director, Jim Fletcher. Batman better keep an eye on the Penguin! I’m also not sure how I feel about how this figure handles the bat symbol on Batman’s chest. The History of Batman: The Animated Series Figures, The Adventures of Batman & Robin: Crime Squad, The Adventures of Batman & Robin D.U.O. I’ve done my best to untangle it here but I also wanted to use this article to discuss the new figures coming out currently. Their figures showcased many different versions of Batman Beyond, but didn’t include many of the other characters from the series.


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