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And really, that’s what this book is: a breezy, grand entertainment. This book is a case study in the axiom that Batman is a character that can work in any type of situation, be it a hyper-realistic detective story to an interplanetary science-fiction adventure and anything in between. This title goes from strength to strength. Batman: Universe began as a crazy crime caper, which in turn led to forays into Gorilla City and Thanagar, and now finds Batman and Green Lantern in the old west, trading barbs with Jonah Hex. Batman: Universe is one of the most entertaining books on the stands, and one that I look forward to reading each month for the sheer thrills it provides. View full history. I just hope DC would have an emergency eject button in case it doesn't end up as good as all Bendis fans would hope. And then there are the action scenes. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Especially with that grim cliffhanger.

It wears its intents right on its sleeve, in that it is simply meant to entertain. Read Full Review, Nick Derington is offering some impressive visuals in this issue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Really enjoying how Bendis and Derington portray Batman. A good advertisement for DC and the Batman universe of characters! 3 was closer than... Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Still don’t really care, no rules no stakes. Read Full Review, Batman Universe #4 is a fun-filled adventure and a pleasant romp through time and space. No, he’s not sticking to the streets, and there isn’t a lot of detective work besides some cursory investigation and problem solving. Bendis’ best work in DC so far.

Oh and also Bruce and Hal dress like cowboys. As an entertainment, issue 4 here does not disappoint. Great art, fun story. No, it’s just an item that a bad guy wants, so the good guys need to get it before him. It’s silly and ridiculous, with its tongue planted firmly in cheek, sending up Silver Age weirdness while paying loving tribute to it at the same time. In taking Batman from the streets of Gotham to the old west and back again, I’d say that so far it’s successful in proving that true.

While it may not be a story that’s meant for everyone, it’s definitely a book that is meant for someone, even if that someone is me. Overall: This is an entertaining romp that makes Batman and Green Lantern cowboys and also has a fight with a bunch of ninjas.

Batman: Universe 1 released in fastest, recommend your friends to read Batman: Universe #1 now! The dialogue is sharp and snappy, and the visual storytelling is absolutely amazing, from the pencils to the coloring to the lettering. Read Batman: Universe Comic Online. It seems that the timing between James Gunn signing on to The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. With Batman Universe #4, two-thirds of the way into Batman Universe, I can safely say this team-up adventure is easily the best comic Bendis has written in years, and maybe one of the best of his career. Following the theft of a priceless Fabergé egg, the Riddler leads the Dark Knight on a wild hunt after its true owner: Jinny Hex, descendant of Jonah Hex! His Superman is too busy celebrating himself (Bendis), while this book celebrates the universe of characters he is writing. Batman: Universe, by contrast, has Batman, Green Lantern, and Jonah Hex hunt down Vandal Savage in an old mining town and then, after Hal mysteriously disappears into thin air, Bruce and Hex have a showdown with a bunch of ninjas.
Part 4 last edited by njg5595 on 10/09/19 03:42PM View full history Batman and Green Lantern have followed the trail of Vandal Savage back to the Old West-and right into an encounter with Jonah Hex! But this one isn't grounded at all... it is just fun. While it may not be a story that's meant for everyone, it's definitely a book that is meant for someone, even if that someone is me. Highly recommended. » Another solid hit! I would also want the groundedness that bendis displayed with Daredevil if he were to do a run though, mixed with the fun adventure that this had. If you’ll allow it to take hold of you, Bendis and Derington’s story is crazy, comic booky goodness that serves as a pretty solid thesis for Batman working in pretty much every situation. Originally published in BATMAN GIANT #9 and #10.

Oh yeah there are also ninjas. Fabergé egg doesn’t carry any sort of symbolism or deeper meaning.

The CW has announced when we will finally see some new episodes of its various series that have been delayed due to the pandemic. No, it’s just an item that a bad guy wants, so the good guys need to get it before him. Nick Derington is great. Delightful. Oct 29, 2020 Tim Geraci The Batman Universe Bat-Fans 0. I can also understand why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Comic Vine users. Again, not your usual dark and gritty Batman but Bendis delivers his own unique take and it’s a blast. So, yeah, this book isn’t necessarily “everything a Batman story should be,” but it’s a great example of what a Batman story can be. That palette shift really helps set the fight apart from the bookending sequences, similar to how shifting aspect ratios in a film can reinforce the action on the screen.

It does show that Batman is focused and driven, and he’s willing and open to working with other heroes to defeat evil and find radioactive Fabergé eggs and what have you. Fun story, entertaining action, and good dialogue, and the art that I just adore. Batman: Universe #4 - Part 4 released by DC Comics on December 2019. That being said, it is still an excellent issue and the book that marks the end of the arc.


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