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;-) Overall it’s a more sophisticated scent to Britney’s “Fantasy”… but somewhat similar. Britney Spears Perfumes & Fragrances With the success of her first 2004 fragrance “Curious”, Britney’s perfume line extends through to 2016. Apparently, the fantasy was hidden in an orange grove, as many customers reported being overwhelmed by the citrus notes in this fragrance. These eye drops are used to treat…. He’s the co-founder of Beer Money Films, an indie production company. What is Kamagra? Which do you think is the best? Launched in the year 2009 in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden, Circus Fantasy is a keeper. A good scent for a teenage girl, for sure…I’m not sure about a twenty-something like myself, though. It’s not Chanel No. It is amazing!! Rating: 3.4 Stars / 3 Reviews Now, (oops, she did it again!) A bit sweet for me these days but I still have a bottle of it about. Curious Britney has a very intriguing essence to it, just as the name suggests. Mohammed A Jabir (5 stars): My grand babe loved it! In terms of scent, the developed, saccharine notes Circus offered up were probably more enticing, however, it doesn’t quite live up to the icon status of its pink predecessor. And it didn’t even have a tagline! Britney Spears has been dropping wildly popular perfumes since the early 2000s. RIP Sean You will always be the best James Bond. It doesn’t smell dated, and is honestly due for a resurgence. The scent lasts beautifully on the skin and smells nice throughout the day. Amazon reviewers did not go crazy for a perfume that evoked a night at the strip club. Writing is my hobby and my first love.It is a big stress buster. It’s hella sweet. It's got this almost subtle vanilla smell with a really sweet smell to it which I really like. Marilyn080 (3 Stars): This is ok. Not very strong or lasting at all. (Or it might just be that Amazon aggregates the reviews together. Celeb endorsed perfume was a beacon of the 00’s. I have smelt testers of her other perfumes, I agree that her perfume range is actually decent quality. It’s great. While some complain that the floral notes make the perfume feel a little immature, most buyers report that Curious gives them buoyant, sexy “Oops…I Did It Again”-era vibes. The fragrance is on the note of night orchid, crème brulee, tonka crystals, black vanilla bean on the base of musk and sandalwood. Entire contents Copyright © 1997-2020. Can’t deny it’s taunting powers. Spears has been building her perfume business since 2004. A well-regarded, if indistinct, entrant into the Fantasy line, some found this scent so intimate, they couldn’t really smell it. I recall it smelling differently in the store. Love the bottle of midnight fantasy, colour gorgeous! I love it so much I look forward to using it every night, it’s really fresh and invigorating. 10 Amazing Benefits Of Rooibos For Skin, Hair And Health, Best Tinted Lip Balms Available In India – Our Top 10 Picks, Best Weight Loss Centers/Clinics In Bangalore – Our Top 9 Picks, Best Weight Loss Clinics In Hyderabad – Our Top 10 Picks, Top 10 Most Loved Belly Henna Designs You Can Try In 2019, 15 Best Natural And Organic Perfumes For Women – 2020, Best Charlie Perfumes For Women - Our Top 10, How To Make Your Own Perfume At Home – 15 Easy Methods, Best Pheromones Perfumes Available In India - Our Top 10, Best Versace Perfumes For Women - Our Top 10, The Top 11 Annick Goutal Perfumes Of 2020. To celebrate, we’ve ranked all of Britney’s perfume lineup — excluding the limited-edition fragrances like Circus Fantasy, Fantasy Twist, Fantasy Rocker Femme, and Curious In Control, which may still exist at your local discounter but aren’t permanent fixtures of the Britney Spears fragrance museum and thus, too elusive to include here. I love the bottles and would especially like to try Midnight Fantasy 5/5 stars. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"style","amp":false,"article":"britney spears fantasy perfumes ranked best","article-tags":["Britney Spears","Fantasy","Noughties"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"2"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-3610208552"} ); She earned a reported $12 million for Curious, which was the largest debut in sales in history, breaking Elizabeth Arden’s record for first-week gross for a perfume. It's a fresh, berry scent that has notes of floral. Will buy them if I like the smell but not simply because she is a celebrity. One of the more successful Fantasy spinoffs, likely bolstered by sharing a name with her 2008 platinum album, this scent is well-liked. A fragrance that is completely on a fruity and gourmand note, Hidden Fantasy was launched in the year 2008. Britney’s relationship with K-Fed relationship was buzzing, and Britney was sitting comfortably at the top of pop throne. Playlist. Tagline: “Do you dare?”. Are you looking for the medicine Aurogra 100mg which in available online in USA? FragranceNet and are trademarks of, Inc. and are Registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. I had a teensy bottle that stayed put in my school bag for that post-recess freshen up and one that sat in the bathroom. }. Karyn Pape (5 Stars): Reminds me of cotton candy, Rating: 3.9 Stars / 435 Reviews Her first fragrance, Curious, with its tagline, “Do you dare?,” and bonus CD single “Someday (I Will Understand),” stomped the competition to become the No. Yes, Check out aurogra…, Careprost Eye Drops is widely used product for growth of Eye lashes. Please give you valuable feedback. You’ve probably owned one or two in your life, or thought about buying them when you’re bopping around Kohls. But those who opted to “unlock their rock ‘n roll side”—whatever that means—weren’t disappointed. Brit has just released the flanker to her 20th fragrance, Private Show (named after her jam of the same title), called VIP Private Show. You ready? So without further ‘ado, the five best Britney Spears perfumes, according to our beautyheaven members…. I have used curious and fantasy. This is highly addicting, an amazing weapon. I have never tried Britney fragrances before but reading this article makes me more likely to try them. I don't know about the perfumes but the bottles are beautiful. (“Honestly, this one is really great,” said my fragrance enthusiast boyfriend.) It’s like a mix of fruit punch, and plastic……just not appealing. One of the worst-reviewed of Spears’ perfumes, this scent single-handedly brought an end to the Radiance line. I love dining out and exploring new places as it gives me a kind of adrenalin rush. Waste of money – would like to return it. Have you tried any Britney Spears perfumes? So woodsy and intense. Her first fragrance, Curious, was introduced in 2004 and became a runaway best-seller. Shiloh (5 stars): I love all of Brit’s perfumes. Click Here To Check Price: 2: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray perfume 3.3 oz / 100 ml. This scent is so iconic that Spears dropped an anniversary edition in 2013, and sales are still roaring today. It is also considered to be a love potion in a magical bottle. Molly P (5 Stars): My favorite 2000s perfume. The weird green color may not have helped either, as it gives off definite laboratory vibes. I would suggest the original “Curious” which has a soft pleasant scent, but this one is far from it. }. Its purple bottle offered an alluring, mature and in some ways, intimidating vibe. I used to always use Curious, I loved it! Tagline: “What’s your island fantasy?”. Do I love Private Show? Kind of like Britney’s cover of I Love Rock N Roll or her short-lived Kabballah phase. Kathryn Stewart Macdonald (5 Stars): Silly little scent , berries and iris, musk you won’t be noticed for wearing this cologne, you will become part of a meadow, but you and those near you will be aware of it. An indenpendent and nature lover. It’s not bad, even if it didn’t spark any romantic lust in my man. RELATED: What do Justin Bieber and Britney Spears have in common? Now, (oops, she did it again!) Yikers (1 Star): Smells like an old lady going to bingo. Tagline: “Aloha From Hawaii – xoxo Britney”. (Trick question: They, like Britney, have always been cool. It’s a Frappuccino of a fragrance, perfectly befitting the Queen of Starbucks. Justin (5 Stars): Personally, I hate the smell, but my sister and daughter love this smelly crap. Curious is my go-to perfume! ), Dino (Naughty – 5 Stars): It reminds me of something from childhood, a first love, innocence, warmth, sensuality. One of the more recent additions to the Fantasy family, and I have to say, it deviates from the aesthetic of the previous bottles with its frosted finish. Is it available at any chemists as I don't want…, I’ve literally owned all of these fragrances... lol.


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