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You may not think of her name (though who doesn’t love an eyebrow-raising pun?)

5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pussy Galore started out as a secondary antagonist but Bond’s charm turned her to the good side and the rest is history. Bond Girl is a female figure supporting James Bond in films, novels, or video games. 3.

In our brief time with her, we witness her professionalism, her flaws, and her charm. Dr. Swann is a combination of a couple of Bond Girl tropes: the crime daughter, the medic, the pacifist.

The complete list of all James Bond girls in chronological order, from over 50 years of the James Bond series. She does little else in the film besides seducing Bond and then being duped by him. Some of the characters are over-qualified for the role of a Bind Girl. One of the many highlights of the movie was Tatiana Romanova, the blonde straight-faced Soviet Intelligence Officer played by Daniela Bianchi. They are famously beautiful and infamously ill-fated. Conversely, there are a few examples of Bond Girls who have fleeting courtships with 007 and may only appear in one scene but still count. I’m willing to bet a tin of my best caviar that when you think of Bond Girls, you think of Honey Ryder. Actress | Goldfinger. Like Holly Goodhead, Scorupco’s Natalya should also be credited for saving humanity as much as Bond is. He also has a license to bang. Can this woman be any more classy?!?! Halle Berry had just won the Oscar when cast…

Very hot. Ursula’s character is unaware of her own incredible beauty. Every Bond Girl Ranked - Worst To Best. She’s not a bad start as far as the franchise’s women are concerned, but there’s a reason we all remember her bikini more than anything else about her.

Another surprise! Bond Girls rated Best to Worst. She showed everyone that she still got the chops when she was cast in Spectre. Appears in: Thunderball. Neither does Judi Dench’s M. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to sorting the “girls in Bond movies” from the Bond Girls. Despite a lack of skills, she will always be the original Bond Girl, the one that paved the way for others to follow. Share Tweet Pin. They provide the X-Factor the suave James Bond movie would sorely lack if it is without one. Look, Fields is something of a dichotomy. She prefers to kill men by breaking their backs while making love with them. We wish we’d known Log Cabin Girl long enough to at least know her name. Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova. Related: No Time To Die: Incredible Details You Missed in the James Bond Trailer. The form collects name and email so that we can add you to our newsletter list for project updates. Here are the 10 hottest Bond girls, in order. In the process of cataloging every woman who might qualify as a Bond Girl, we decided to cast a rather wide net that resulted in 55 women in total, but even this required some cuts. All that to be a damsel in distress. James Bond: No Time To Die Release Date Pushed To 2021, Ms. Marvel: Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah To Direct Disney+ Show, No Time To Die: Incredible Details You Missed in the James Bond Trailer, Superhero Toys: Malaysian Man Creates Realistic Scenes Using …, 7 Heart-Warming Illustrations Of CoVID-19 Warriors As Superheroes, 10 Ways Female Characters Get Screwed Over in …, Body Paint Artist Uses Bodies as Canvas, Reveals …. Maybe it was that ridiculously derivative name that gave her a spot on this list. One interesting fact about her – Blackman’s character is said to be based on the real-life of Fleming’s romantic interest – Blanchette Blackwell. None of the Bond Girls that came before could have boasted of getting under the skin of the legendarily thick-skinned James Bond.

In the source material, Pussy Galore is actually a black-haired lesbian who leads a team of cat burglars. 3. James Bond has a license to kill. She was raped when she was a child. Appears in: The Spy Who Loved Me. An assassin for SPECTRE, Fiona becomes the trusted mistress of a NATO pilot in order to steal a vessel containing two atomic bombs. Daniela Bianchi is a former Universe Contestant. Bond Girl is sometimes a victim who is saved by Bond, a partner agent, or an enemy of Bond. Appears in: Goldfinger.

License to Kill was the most underrated Bond movie of all time. Check it out! Appears in: Diamonds are Forever. Her attempt to flirt by gnawing on a chicken leg is less of a success, but you can’t argue with the results. Barbara Bach is stunning in The Spy Who Loved Me. Ruby Bartlett writing her room number in lipstick on the inside of a kilt-wearing James Bond’s thigh is one of the hottest things in the entire Bond franchise. Both quirky and charming, Ekland’s Mary Goodnight remained as the recipient of some of the harshest punishments in the movie. Played by: Lana Wood 4. Hey, remember when they covered a girl in gold paint in Goldfinger? In her brief moments, she’s charmed by his cheekiness and doesn’t last long when trying to uphold professionalism. Lupe: here’s hoping you find someone who treats you right. She kills with pleasure. Appears in: A View to a Kill. Horror movie junkie, fan of Old Hollywood, defender of Grease 2. And she was super hot. She’s bumbling, grating, selfish, and causes more harm than good. When asked about her status as the oldest Bond Girl, Bellucci claims that she does not consider herself a Bond Girl but a “Bond Woman”. Played by: Léa Seydoux While Tilly ultimately winds up on the receiving end of Oddjob’s lethal bowler hat before Bond can make a move, the spark was there. Had she not been killed by gold paint suffocation, Jill had real stellar Bond Girl potential.

Some Bond girls are there to simply bounce off Bond (quite literally in many cases), while others steal 007’s thunder completely. Three of the girls on this list were from Dalton’s films, and he only made two Bond movies! Also, her name invited a lot of Santa Claus puns. Even if said woman is an unwitting sleeper agent trained to unleash a biological weapon on all of Britain. Caroline, an MI6 psychological evaluator sent to check up on Bond, is yet another example of a Bond Girl who just isn’t given much to do. Elliott Carver, a media magnet, wants to enact a regime change in China. Played by: Emily Bolton In Goldeneye, she was pretty much responsible for saving the world from a digital catastrophe when he programmed the hijacked Soviet Goldeneye project to crash and burn.

Her English would come out with a distinct accent that was not Russian so the movie hired Barbara Jefford to voice her lines in From Russia With Love. He didn’t stand a chance. She has Italian roots. As a Russian spy (don’t even start!)

Appears in: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Barbara Bach was born Barbara Ann Goldbach on August 27, 1947 in Queens, New York City, to Howard I.

At around 50, Bellucci was the oldest Bond Girl, a record she holds till date. You know, because it’s the late 2000s!

Played by: Gemma Arterton In short, she doesn’t count. Britt Ekland is one of the most famous actresses of her time. Nice work if you can get it! Pola Ivanova. You do not go any crazier than that.

Teri Hatcher is very hot. Barbara Bach. Even still, there are characteristics that are difficult to put into words: maybe it has to do with a spark between them and 007…maybe it has to do with how the camera looks at them. Yet another Bond Girl with abilities that James Bond actually found useful while trying to save the world, Izabella Scorupco excelled as Natalya Simonova, an IT Professional caught in the middle of a larger conspiracy. The hitman Scaramanga captures her and forces her to remain in a bikini at all times. Yeoh is known for her martial arts prowess and her character uses those to its fullest. She’s a doctor and a psychologist, not a female action surrogate by any stretch but hardened and capable in her own way. Bond Girls are romantic and/or sexual partners of James Bond.

Jane Seymour. Only if the 007 had listened!!

Very cool. When she spills blood, she has a grin on her face which looks almost like she is having an orgasm. When Wai Lin fights, it is like she becomes an angel of death. In From Russia With Love, Daniela Bianchi plays a Russian sent to seduce James Bond. Even when she messes up, there’s something kinda fun about her in a screwball-y way. Appears in: Quantum of Solace.

And that earns her a lot of points. Game recognize game. She did not need to.

Not even given a name in the film (Martine comes from the novelization), “Log Cabin Girl” is pretty blink-and-you’ll-miss-her.


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