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0:00. Go to http://scufgaming.com and use APPAREL SHOP – 5% OFF ► https://linkedthreads.com/kosdff - Double kill: Killing 2 enemies in rapid succession. Also known as. Posted in: Uncategorized. CIN – https://goo.gl/Hx0q2M It means that you’ve been eliminated by an opponent within seconds without hope of a fight back. Commack, NY 11725. Slang for wrecked. CS:GO – THE YOUNG DINK MASTER!! The all-rounder talks about his love for gaming, how he makes time for it while keeping to his training schedule, and the effect it has had on his cricket career. LOST – http://goo.gl/NHQ2JR FUYA – https://goo.gl/lm8aIk TEAM KALIBER #tKAllDay


If you hear someone say "I dinked him. - Dropping (a weapon): To give a weapon to a teammate, who cannot afford one. A player is called God or Lord when they hit an insane shot or get multiple kills or clutch the round. - Dink: A headshot that is survived by the hit player. dinked Term used in Counter-Strike that means to be shot in the head, but not killed. View Entire Discussion (7 Comments) More posts from the csgo community. Counter-Strike has a steep learning curve, and the terminology can be a huge factor in how well you adapt to the in-game culture.

a move used by pro players where they quickly press left-right-left-right buttons to peek around a wall and spot enemies, or to bait a shot. prefire practice), Zeus’ed: a player is killed by the Zeus x27 tazer. CT (Counter-Terrorist): the defending team on a bomb defusal or hostage map, Clutch: a situation where a lone player wins the round when they’re outnumbered, Crossfire: a situation in which players look at the same entrance into a bomb site to stop, Comp: a 30-round competitive game typically played in Matchmaking, Counter-boost: when a player is boosted into a position that’s common for an enemy team to use, Counter-strafe: an instance in which a linear movement is stopped by pressing the opposite key (e.g. ————————————— TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/KOSDFF YOUTUBE ► http://www.youtube.com/TeamKaliber Having been a top gamer in CS:GO for many years, we asked him to share his in-depth knowledge about the game, including. A "Dink" is an headshot that doesnt kill the target and leaves him very low on hp. When HP is 0, the player is dead. KOSDFF’s DISCOUNTS!!! Drink GFUEL! ( Log Out /  This is done to possibly throw off the aim of an opponent targeting an area close to the wall. SHARP – http://goo.gl/k7dBBs W), Support: a player whose role within a team is to hold bomb sites for the majority of a round and to throw assisting grenades, such as a flashbang, for better chances of winning a round, Swag7: another term for the MAG-7 defensive shotgun, T (Terrorist): the offensive team on a bomb defusal or hostage map, Tagged: a word used to describe a player whose health is exceptionally low (e.g.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A technique used by pro players of throwing a flash that an enemy will spot easily and avoid, but then quickly tossing another flash that will blind the enemy so you can kill them. ————————————— This player is usually relied on to get the kills for the round.

The other grenades include the flashbang, the smoke grenade, the molotov/incendiary grenade and the decoy grenade. HAM – http://goo.gl/cnZJWQ

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. SCUF GAMING When a player intentionally hides from opponents so they can avoid being killed and retain their weapons for the next round. —————————————

You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. The " dink " part of this work comes from the sound a bullet makes when it hits a helmet. When a player is killed and immediately signals the position of the enemy to their teammate so they can avenge the death.

TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/TeamKaliber Leave a comment. Tagged: Comedy, Commentary, cons..., gameplay, gaming, guide, KOS, KOSDFF, Let's Play, Modern, TeamKaliber, tKAllDay, tutorial, Walkthrough, xbox 360, xbox one, xKOSDFF. 159 Commack Road The pro gamer explains which gaming equipment he prefers and why you should invest in good gaming technology. Go to http://www.kontrolfreek.com and use ANDIMGONE – http://goo.gl/Dei5Wh SCUF GAMING – 5% OFF ► http://scufgaming.com, Subscribe to my VLOGGING Channel for DAILY VLOGS!! ——————————­————– Looking for the most elite controller ever created? share. the promo code “KOSDFF” for 5% OFF!! 5.9k. Here he reveals the terms you are likely to hear – both Indian and international – if you tune into an Indian gamer’s stream of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My favorite rush on office. At times, it can be very challenging to learn all of them if you’re a newcomer to CS:GO. When the MAC-10 SMG is used to rush at opponents and take them by surprise. Short for overpowered. This is a dictionary guide to almost all slang used within the intricate world of Counter-Strike. A and D, W and S); used to set a player’s velocity to zero for the most accurate aim possible, Cyka Blyat: a Russian insult (“whore bitch”) commonly spoken as a meme, Default: a standard strategy used by a team at the start of a round, Dink: a headshot that may or may not kill a player, DM (deathmatch): a free-for-all game mode commonly used in a warm up routine, Drop: a player gives their teammate a weapon when they have no money to buy for themselves, Dry-peek: a situation when a player aggresses another without the use of a flash, Eco: a round that involves a team collectively saving their money because they have insufficient funds for better weapons, Eco-frag: a player gets a kill with a pistol against a better-equipped player, Economy: the system of buying weapons for both offensive and defensive sides, Entry-frag: a player gets a kill while entering the bomb site on offense, Exec: a team clears out the site on offense with the use of grenades and coordinated pushes, Exit-frag: a kill attained by a Counter-Terrorist on a Terrorist when they leave the bomb site after the bomb explodes, mainly done to hurt the enemy team economy, EZ (easy): a term used to describe a situation or team as easy, commonly used in an unsportsmanlike manner, Fake: an act of deception against an enemy player or team to increase one’s chances of winning, Flick: a player quickly aims towards a target and kills them, usually performed with an AWP sniper, Force (buy): a player or team buys weapons even when their money is low because a round win is essential to winning the game or gaining momentum, FPL (FACEIT Pro League): a region-based CS:GO league where professional players practice in matchmade games on FACEIT’s third-party platform, Frag (top/bottom): a player who is either performing the best or the worst in the kill column on their team, Full save: a round where a team must not spend any money whatsoever because of their extremely low funds, Gamble stack: a defending team sends more players to a specific bomb site that what is normal, despite the chances that the attackers go to the other bomb site, GG (good game): a gesture of sportsmanship typed into chat after a game, GH (good half): a gesture of sportsmanship typed into chat after at halftime, Glass Cannon: a player wields the AWP sniper without kevlar, GLHF (good luck have fun): a gesture of sportsmanship typed into chat before a competitive game starts, Grief: an act that involves a player intentionally losing the game either to purposely lower their rank or to troll other players, Hand cannon: a player wielding the Desert Eagle pistol, HF (have fun): a gesture of sportsmanship similar to GLHF, HS (%): a percentage of a player’s headshot kills compared to kills without headshots, IGL (in-game leader): a player that creates strategies for their team before or during a round, IBP (iBuyPower): a computer manufacturer who previously sponsored the infamous North American team who was banned from Valve Majors for, I’m feeling thank you: a phase popularized by Space Soldiers’ Can “XANTARES” Dortkardes during an, Jiggle peek: a movement performed by quickly pressing ADAD close to a wall to bait out a shot from a player holding an angle of the map, Juan Deag (One Deag): an enemy is killed in one shot, usually a headshot, by the Desert Eagle pistol, Jump throw: a set grenade is thrown by aiming at a spot on the map and jumping, KQLY: a player kills another while jumping. source. Suite 335 Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. ( Log Out / 

WEB ► http://www.teamkaliber.com Derived from the sound of a bullet hitting the helmet. http://www.youtube.com/KOSDFFVLOGS, SUB THE TK HOMIES!! TARGET PRACTICE with the “WORST CSGO TEAM EVER!” Posted by csgodouble on February 16, 2016.

CHECK OUT MY TEAM!! The sniper rifle is called the AWP. hide. GFUEL – 10% OFF ► http://www.gfuel.com/kosdff Have you tried to explain aspects or words of a niche TV show to someone who has no conception of what it’s about? Ankit Panth, one of India’s top gamers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, explains how an amateur can get better at the game. Change ), CSGO-Hunt.com – Free CS:GO Skins Inventory, CSGO DOUBLE|Kur*a sem,Kur*a tam|Mitch a Morty, CSGO-Hunt.com - Free CS:GO Skins Inventory / csgohunt.


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