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]Eddy: "Oh no you don't!" "Eddy: [interrupting] "C'mon! Suddenly, Ed trips on his untied shoelaces. [On Jonny's tray is set a plate with three beans and a dab of butter. Or I'm telling Mom about your dresser drawer. "[Edd stops and pours himself a glass of water. Have pity!" Come to papa!" Edd: "Gentlemen, the bus taking us to the Jawbreaker Factory is scheduled to depart at 7:45 A.M. Are you happy now, Eddy? Get it off! C'mon branches, do your stuff! ]Ed: "Come again! Quick! ], [Jonny and Plank are on a pretend plane with several stuffed animals, being tended to by Jimmy and Sarah. "Edd: [holding out his magazine] "Um, excuse me, Sarah, would you have a more current issue? ]Eddy: "Hey Kev, what'd I tell ya. It's getting away! [He tosses Edd skywards. That's me, Krazy Eddy. Edd: "I think that was the last balloon, Eddy." "Jimmy: "Oh goodie, revenge! "Eddy: "Boy, Ed, who'da thought? I did everything my dad does. "Ed: "What's it look like, Eddy? "[Kevin is happily riding along when one of the wheels come off. "[Eddy holds up the balloon, and the hairs hit his arm and tangle around it. Get it! Ed and Eddy fight over the balloon. This is my backyard, and if you don't leave–"Ed: [running past Jimmy] "Balloon! "Jimmy: "You leave Sarah alone! ]Edd: "It's only a matter of time before our lone wanderer's pliablilty becomes an issue, Eddy. Rolf is busily cleaning his cow. Oh, a violation. "Get it off! Ed Edd n Eddy: Sewer Rat Balloon Bash (Cartoon Network Australia, 2000) - Duration: 4:56. "Ed: "Your turn, Eddy. Eddy watches happily. The final balloon hits Eddy in the face.] "Eddy: "It's mine Ed! "Eddy: "What's with him? Edd: "Onward, brave latex composite!" "Bingo. Pop it! "Eddy: "You idiot, just grab it! Edd is sweaty and tired from the short run. I lost it! "Sarah: "No! 4:56. ]Eddy: "Pop the balloon! ]Edd: "What are you doing!?!? Eddy starts to fall. ], [Eddy looks over fences, trying to glimpse the balloon. [He lets go of Eddy, and Eddy floats up to the balloon's level. But the balloon's toast!" [Ed continues blow up the balloons and give them to Eddy.] [Edd's net is caught on his foot.] "Ed: "It is an alien probe from outer space! "I got it. It stops them in their tracks. "Eddy: "No. "Ed: "It's a bag!" "Ed: "What'd ya do, Double D? [He runs through the house. ]Eddy: "Yep, and at no extra cost. "Jimmy: "I'm trying, get off my back! [Kevin pulls the full balloon from the helium container.] "Jimmy: [attempting to pop the balloon by sitting on it] "My tushy's too small, Sarah! ]Eddy: "She didn't even make a grab for it! [Kevin throws a pedal at him. "[Kevin peels out on the bike. It is 7:30.] ]Sarah: "Eddy, you, idiot! That's all! "Eddy: [fighting] "Gimme it, Sarah! We got a customer here! Why don't you take her for a spin Kev, while Krazy Double D–that's this guy, Krazy Double D–gets the boring paperwork ready. That's him, Krazy Ed." "I found it! Bath, I need a bath!" I'm filthy with sweat! ]Nazz: [walking up] "Hey guys, what's up? Eddy: [trying to claim victory] "You're finished now, Kankers!" "Ed: [running after it] "Let's capture it! "Ed: "To fleece the masses! "Eddy: "Let go of that balloon, it's mine! ]Rolf: "Mama! Edd, meanwhile, sidesteps the third. ]Ed: "Cow. "Ed: "Aw, come on, Sarah. ]Ed: "Chicken! "Oops. There goes another one. "Hello, balloon. ]Eddy: [dazed] "Hello! Pop it, pop it...that's it, that's it! "Get back here with my balloon! "Edd: "Heavens, Ed, what's that devouring your leg? I'm too smart for you, balloon! "Edd: "I got it, Ed." [The spokes are really kitchenware. Boundless, devoid of direction, nudged by a gentle breeze into the unknown. All I'm gonna do is pop it!" [The sound of a call button interrupts him. ]Jonny: "That's lunch? How come he sells stuff? Ten hours of hard work! ][Kevin watches the Eds run by and laughs evilly. "Edd: "Well it certainly couldn't be that we manufactured the bike from HAND ME DOWN KITCHENWARE! ]Eddy: "MAYDAY, MAYDAY! [He jumps on a swing and grabs it.] "[The balloon floats into the sky, and Ed notices it. I got it." "Sarah: "Get lost! Sarah: [offscreen, scared and banging on the door rapidly] "Ed! "[Edd, exhausted, collapses into a chair. "Ed: [despondent] "Float, little friend, float! "Ed: [pointing skywards] "Look, a balloon! [He tackles Sarah and Jimmy. Get it! "Let's just remember the joy it brought to us." ", [The balloon drifts into the lane and out of view. [She and Jimmy walk off laughing. "Rolf: [in pain] "Never again will Rolf store house keys in his trouser pockets. ], [On the plane, Jimmy is wheeling a baby carriage down the aisle. ]Eddy: "This better not mess up my hair, Ed." ]Eddy: "Go, baby, go! In this episode, the Eds venture recklessly all around the Cul-de-Sac to catch a loose red balloon. [He throws the unsuspecting girl at the balloon. And it's all ours! [The balloon drifts over Rolf's farm. ]Jonny: "I got three nuts in one shell, Plank. ]Ed: "Balloon, mister!" Anyways, for the drop back to Earth, please place our neato oxygen masks firmly over your face. [Ed has somehow managed to get the bag stuck on his head. Eddy comes close but rams into a fence at the end of the path. "Ed, Ed and Away" is the 10th episode of Season 3 and the 62nd episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Get it! He he he! [He stoops over to place Eddy on top of Edd's shoulders, creating a tower. "Eddy: "I wanna pop it!" "[The Eds hit a pig. "Edd: "We'd have to sprout wings to retrieve it from that height. Get off my back." [He flicks the balloon away.] precisely." "[The Eds run into a chicken. [He laughs evilly. Don't panic! "Ed: "Forget it, it's yours. ]Ed: "Uh oh! ", Sarah: "Pop it, Jimmy, before they show up! ]Kevin: "Out of my way! ]Eddy: "Stupid balloon!" We'll have to go around. ", [The Eds exit and stare at the high-flying balloon. ], [The balloon drifts over Rolf's farm. [The swing falls away, and he plunges to earth. The Eds enter, chasing it. "Eddy: "Let's get a slingshot. [Edd checks his watch. "Sarah: [deftly keeping it away] "Gimme gimme never gets! "Gotcha! "Edd: [ranting] "It's the same thing, day in and day out! Bunny. "Edd: [bringing up the rear] "You two mind your p's and q's now.


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