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I built this?" Said Double D smiling as everyone started to laugh hysterically as the bartender just glared at them and looked back at Double D kindly. "Good... You may leave now..." Said Salem as Oceanica nodded his head turning around and signaling to the two corpses. Ren attempts to both kick and shoot Tyrian, but he dodges. (BANG!). Only around thirty more minutes passed until Ruby looked up noticing a village nearby.

Yelled Rolf as he jumped back in and started pummeling the monster with the three shoes forcing it back to the cliff over the lava river. Failure: It was all just a dream. Failure: A.

Along with those Grimm creatures I've been running into... You guys come from here, do you know anything about the Grimm?" Eddy beat him up for this. "What do you want?" "From what I gathered from some of the people I have observed over the years of my existence, I can conclude that many of them never take advantage of what they have. After the last blast Double D fell to the floor as EKRJ and RNJR stared in horror and shock as Kevin asked. Bei der Produktion der Studios a.k.a. "Hmm? But the fireworks were awsome, so they didn't ask for a refund. "Oh my gosh, my tavern!" "Who the heck are you supposed to be?"

Asked Jaune. Getting into much more comedic and cartoon mischief, much like RWBY Chibi. They kill people because they like it." Asked Salty Sam as he chuckled a little.

"What do you think?" "Right!" Not to mention their sharp teeth, sharp claws, and their ability to climb up any surface! Use: Ed, Edd n Eddy Season 7 Episode 5a: Light, Camera and Ed! Said Tyrian as Eddy stand in front of Ruby with his Swordfish out. "Holy water, cutting off they're heads, blowing up their heads, extreme fire, stab them through the heart with a wooden stake! Use: Ed Abuse, Overview: A Party at Eddy's house - you pay to get in. And nobody has to get hurt." Said the warthog Faunus with his finger in Double D's face. Yelled Rolf as he reached into his pocket and the armless vampire looked over at Rolf with a confused look. "TAKE COVER KIDS!" Said Double D in a warning tone. I recognize you! Okay, I just wanted to be sure..." Said Penny as Double D took notice of his A.I. "Nope, it's called soap. "No, I only matter to you." Failure: The graphics in the games were horrible(Ed made them) causing the kids to demand a refund. Without a weapon?" As the Eds work with Team RWBY trying to get themselves home wacky antics and exciting adventure ensures. Also, according to Kevin "The Party was Suck-ish". Eddy yells at Ed only to find himself on the run with his fellow Eds because the Kids are angry that their best clothes got covered in pies. Said Jonny as Jaune drops the map and all nine go running into the village, with Nora and Jonny leaping onto the wall and to a rooftop from there.


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