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through the myriad of monorail rides which immerse you in fa, Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel The Netherlands, Whether riding the dream flight attraction of elves, unicorns and trolls, or preferring to dance around a ballroom alongside a feasting king, every Efteling attraction is a unique serotonin factory. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. The rattle of a wooden roller coaster gives me chills all over my arms. By clicking on "Subscribe", you sign up for the Efteling newsletter and agree to the privacy statement. All the below information was gathered and experienced during that time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The pages you visit may therefore not function as they should. It turns the house upside down! As you might have read in my Efteling Theme Park guide, I absolutely adore this family fun theme park in the Netherlands. Want to know more? During my last visit to the Efteling, it was the first time I used the boarding pass for the Python. Efteling (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɛftəlɪŋ]) is a fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands.The attractions reflect elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, fables, and folklore.. If you’re between 1.10m (3.6 ft.) and 1.20m (3.94 ft.) you must be accompanied by an adult and ride in the middle. Read more: Efteling Theme Park Introduction Guide. You have to wait for the big drop but eventually, it will happen. Get the app to check waiting times at the roller coasters. The first half-hour after opening, the rides have only 5 to 10 minutes waiting time. It was very, very short and without a dragon, it has no sense at all! He was so greedy, he even set sail on Easter Sunday, which was forbidden. Thumbs down the rides you don't think should be on this list. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. What more amusing than a day at the fun park? The Efteling theme park started in 1952 as a family-friendly park in the Netherlands. Anything is possible in our world of wonders. In the past, 1.5 hours waiting were not unheard of, but now, you can exit the nearby Joris and the Dragon or Flying Dutchman, see if there is a slot available at the Python and book it via the app. Thanks to the Boarding Pass you will not have to wait longer than 15 minutes for the attraction. Head straight to the area with the roller coasters when the gates open. The Flying Dutchman is a combination of a water coaster and a dark ride in amusement park Efteling in the Netherlands. But as always, all my opinions are my own. The number of people entered can walk through the turnstile using the same Boarding Pass. Especially useful for groups of uneven people as one has to ride alone anyways. I thought that the Pakt would put some money and imagination into all that but it was done like in a supermarket. magical place to visits. I give the Vogelrok a 3-star rating for thrill-seekers. The Flying Dutchman is a combination of a water coaster and a dark ride in amusement park Efteling in the Netherlands. Check if the single rider line is available and an option for you. With playgrounds and a fantasy forest for the little ones, gentle rides for the not-so-little ones, and scream-inducing rollercoasters for the adventurous, this magical kingdom really has something for everyone. Please note that you are using an outdated browser. Sadly, as of 1 September 2019, the Bob rollercoaster at the Efteling will be closed down and dismantled. The speed is exciting and the sound and other effects are pretty amazing. But then since it is a theme park based in Northern Europe and like the UK probably gets more bad weather days than good ones. 4D film adventure Fabula. Wow, with 6 roller coasters, the Efteling is not a roller coaster theme park but still has enough to attract thrill-seekers and keep the adrenaline pumping. I give Joris and the Dragon a 4-star rating for thrill-seekers. The new ride (symbolica) was often busy, so we waited till closer to closing time and we were able to wait only a few minutes. An overnight stay at Efteling always includes unlimited access to the park! Find out everything about Efteling. It is more an exciting “wooooo” as you whoosh around the track. This is a fantastic theme park for the whole family, there is lots to do and there is great rides with mostly short queues. For the littlest ones, the whole family or real daredevils. It is perfect for speed chasers. The Efteling is my life, I’m planning to work there. I hope I convinced you it is. It’s not so much scary as you don’t actually go upside down, but it can cause some dizziness and it’s just a thrill to see the room revolt and experience the weird sensation in your stomach. Blinded by greed, he cracked the altar and looted the place. Only the team that wins will be rewarded! Don’t want to enjoy the fairy tales at the fairy tale forest? Above all, one day they closed many attractions like Van Laaf ride, boats, trein "because of the rain". Stap in deze Efteling onride aan boord van de spannende waterachtbaan De Vliegende Hollander! written without any style. Prepare your visit well and get the most out of your Efteling day! I give The Baron 1898 a 6-star rating for thrill-seekers. Have a look at all the attractions. Not majorly exciting but it does give you a nice thrill. Efteling Theme Park - Best Rides 2019 / Efteling POV Rides - … With shaking knees, trembling hands and a full bladder, I only dared to ride in the middle of this Efteling roller coaster. You have to be at least 1.20m (3.94 ft.) tall to ride the Python roller coaster. Experience enchanting moments. The free Efteling app gives you all the latest information about restaurants, shows and attractions. You can visit the attraction without a Boarding Pass after 4.00 pm. On several occasions, the ride makes me bulge my eyes and scream a little, but mainly it’s just uncontrollable laughter. Any questions? Dat wordt bijzonder. Dark ride Symbolica. If there is one spot left, you can jump in and take it. Strap in, let’s go for a ride! It evolved from a nature park with a playground and a Fairytale Forest into a full-sized theme park. Help the king to free the empire from the dragon and ride against the beast to defeat it with water or fire! This steel Efteling roller coaster reaches 65 km/h (40mph) but doesn’t go upside down. Update your browser for a better, faster and safer visit to the Efteling website. If you’re still looking for an exciting ride at the Efteling, but want to mellow down a bit, there is still plenty to do. First the anticipation of what happens in the dark. You’ll plummet to the ground from 37,5 meters high before you finish the ride with 90 km/h (56 mph). Learn more about Naomi by reading her full story, Hidden History that Will Blow Your Mind Domus Aurea in Rome, Amazing Appian Way Bike Tour Rome – Cycle on the Via Appia Antica. What I like about the Bob is the nostalgic theme of the Swiss Bob Sleigh. Guests who make use of the wheelchair entrance do not need a Boarding Pass. Them thumbs them down. The Dutchman flies around the track in an exciting pace and some of the drops and turns are quite scream-worthy. When the rain stopped - many hours before the closing time, the staff did not open the attractions back. I found this Efteling roller coaster too scary for me. The Flying Dutchman roller coaster has a baby switch system so parents don’t have to re-queue while watching the baby. A very unpleasant incident largely covered in the belgian press happened to friends of mine and finished with court proceedings and two, This was my second visit at this place and unfortunately the last one. The Bob Sleigh Ride is built in traditional Swiss theme with a wooden boarding platform. I first was. The roller coaster is perfect for bad weather, as the Efteling park is open 365 days a year. I give the Bob a 2-star rating for thrill-seekers. The newest roller coaster of the Efteling opened in 2015 but takes you back to the mining industry in the region of 1898. You can quickly see which ones have the longest waiting line and if you can use the single rider queue. Be at the park before it opens. I love Joris and the Dragon. In addition, you will receive a free personal video and will have a chance to win a €50 gift card (drawn monthly). For the littlest ones, the whole family or real daredevils. Not sure if the Efteling theme park is exciting enough for you? Disclaimer: I have been going to the Efteling since I was 6 years old. You do get a bit of splash here and there, which might make people shreak too. The boat follows a track of 360m with rapids, waterfalls and tumbling water. Receive our newsletter once or twice a month. With this story in mind, you embark on your seat and ascend to a great height. Once he came home to his own mansion, the lady was standing on top of his house, waving her arms and putting a curse on him and his house. Can you guess what I think of the Python? His gang, the Buckriders, pillaged a local Abbey where the lady of the Abbey tried to stop him. An overnight stay at Efteling always includes unlimited access to the park. They was teching younger staff instead of serving food for more than one hour. The single rider queue can always be used without a Boarding Pass. Enter the house of Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen, the headman of a local pack of thieves who got cursed. The food is fantastic with great prices and nice staff who speak many langua, Fantastic fairytale theme park with something for everyone. Then just walk over to the Python and in less than 15 minutes you’re dropping, looping and turning in the corkscrew of the Python. Everyone can ride the Swinging Ship, only children shorter than 1.20m (3.94 ft.) need to bring an adult to accompany them. All the queues are socially distanced, park is spotlessly clean, staff are friendly and helpful, rides are a brilliant mixture for, This is a fantastic theme park for the whole family, there is lots to do and there is great rides with mostly short queues. Nodig je familie en vrienden uit om samen van de attracties te genieten, chat met elkaar en deel je ervaring. Are you traveling to the Efteling?


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