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"[8] Facebook anti-vaccine activist Larry Cook also called the pandemic a "plandemic,"[9] among with former deputy assistant secretary Gellin, and Khali Raymond in a Google Books book. TikTok and Instagram blacklisted the link. Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 #DEBUNKED!! That "If you've ever had a flu vaccine, you were injected with coronaviruses". Initially, he is also unsure whether to make a continuation or not. "[63] After media reports regarding the interview emerged, SBG received substantial criticism, resulting in Sinclair delaying the television release of the interview by around a week. [55] Mike Rothschild of The Daily Dot calls it "not as good. [48] Specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring, writing for BBC, worries that its "Slick production means videos often look quite credible initially - before promoting totally false claims. In recent days, “Plandemic” has continued to circulate among a receptive group of vaccine skeptics, right-wing media and conspiracy theorists of every stripe, signal-boosting nefarious narratives about the pandemic among pro-Trump lockdown opponents and anti-Chinese-government outlets like the Epoch Times. [10], Willis claimed via the Ojai Valley News that "Because of [Mikovits'] direct connection with [those] involved with the pandemic, [...] I reached out to her for advice. The website of Elevate Films showcases a documentary about the healing power of psychedelics, a commercial for the Nevada Board of Tourism and a PSA about composting featuring Rosario Dawson, as well as a trailer for a yet-to-be-released crowdfunded documentary about a man who found a supposedly cursed bone in an ancient Maya burial chamber and was diagnosed months later with bone cancer. "I will reach a point -- and it’s coming to that right now -- where I’ll have to get some small donations from some friends who care that are close to me. "[62] SBG distributed the interview to its local stations, and also released the interview online, with an on-screen graphic of "Did Dr. Fauci create COVID-19? “And of course there’s been tons of it. "We knew the branding was conspiratorial and shocking. While Willis agreed to answer all of the questions, they have not received some kind of reply from him. In 2006, he and Salamanca co-founded the nonprofit Elevate Foundation to help boost filmmakers making a positive impact on the world, and under its … [38] “I’m open to the possibility that we just release information as it comes,” he said. When asked whether the video would be suffice to be called a propaganda, which is "information [...] of a biased or misleading nature" as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, he opines that although he thinks there's no misinformation in the video, the definition fits. Despite what many assume, Willis insists he is not a member of “the anti-vaccine crowd” — a group that over the years has included a number of prominent Hollywood celebrities. But I will not sell or profit from this film in any way. Willis says he met Mikovits, who has a high profile in the anti-vaccine movement, a year ago through mutual friends and was impressed by her. Sean Connery dies at 90, Scottish actor played the original James Bond. The total cost of the film, he says, came to less than $2,000. Very nice: Sacha Baron Cohen donates $100,000 to ‘Borat’ babysitter’s church. Les vidéos sont supprimés de YouTube et des réseaux sociaux tel Facebook[3],[4],[5]. "[10], Scientists, medical doctors and public health experts condemned the film for promoting misinformation and "a hodgepodge of conspiracy theories".


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