federal senate elections
Below is a chart over time of our best estimate of the most likely number of Senate seats each party will win, surrounded by a range of other plausible outcomes. Analysts generally favour Democrats’ chances of taking control of the Senate, to which each of the 50 states elects two senators to serve six-year terms in staggered elections every two years. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18, 2020. The president, meanwhile, can veto that legislation. The numbers on the left side of the table reflect how many vacant seats were originally held by each party, while the numbers on the right side of the table show how many vacant seats each party won in special elections. © Copyright 2003-2020:  Scott Elliott, All Rights Reserved. Democrats have high hopes that Mark Kelly in Arizona and John Hickenlooper in Colorado will unseat Republican incumbents in those states, while Republicans are optimistic candidate Tommy Tuberville will defeat Democratic incumbent Doug Jones in Alabama. Customize your map by changing one or more states. Such a victory would represent a sweep for the party, as the House is widely expected to maintain its Democratic majority. Election Projection. ^ Excludes AZ & GA seats with special elections in 2020. All Rights Reserved. Of those, 341—175 Democrats and 166 Republicans—were from one of the two major political parties. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations to Ballotpedia are fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Twelve seats held by Democrats and 23 seats held by Republicans are up for election in 2020, including the Arizona special election and the Georgia special election. Hover over a state for more information. Republicans won two seats in the 2018 elections, bringing their majority to 53-47 at the start of 2019. Incumbents not seeking re-election in 2020, States holding both gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections in 2020, Annual Congressional Competitiveness Report, 2020, Staff Writer Marielle Bricker gives an overview of the 2020 United States Senate election. Of the 16 seats, four have Democratic incumbents and 12 have Republican incumbents heading into the election. The following map displays the 2020 Senate battlegrounds shaded by the incumbent's or most recent incumbent's political affiliation. In 2018, 527 candidates filed with the FEC to run for U.S. Senate, including 137 Democrats and 240 Republicans. PRESIDENT TRUMP 231 -75 BIDEN 307 +75. This majority fell to a 52-48 split in 2017, and with the special election victory of Alabama Sen. Doug Jones (D) shrinking the Republican majority to 51-49 in 2018. PRIVACY The original election projection website, since 2003, This year, I'm relying more than ever on readers to support Election Projection. Republicans lost control of the Senate in 2007 following the previous year's midterm election. The Senate changed hands again following the 2014 midterm election, and Republicans held a 54-46 majority in 2015 and 2016. He needs Republican voters to come home in order to win a second term. A total of 33 of the 100 seats are up for regular election. Additional data from U.S. Census Bureau and POLITICO reporting. The party has ambitious goals for 2020 with two Senate seats and the state's electoral votes up for grabs. Communications: Kristen Vonasek • Kayla Harris • Megan Brown • Mary Dunne • Sarah Groat • Heidi Jung We analyzed every Senate race to determine who we think will win in 2020. List of U.S. Congress incumbents who are not running for re-election in 2020, States with both gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections in 2020, Special elections to the 116th United States Congress (2019-2020), South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District, North Carolina's 12th Congressional District, Pennsylvania's 2nd Congressional District, Montana's At-Large Congressional District, South Carolina's 5th Congressional District, Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District, Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional District, Ballotpedia's Polling Index: Congressional approval rating, United States House of Representatives elections, 2020, delaying the congressional candidate filing period, Ballot access for major and minor party candidates, Congressional incumbents not running for re-election, Cooperative of American Physicians IE Committee, https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=United_States_Senate_elections,_2020&oldid=8179413, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing, 3 (2 Democratic gains; 1 Republican gain), 3 (2 Republican gains; 1 Democratic gain), 21 (11 Democratic gains; 10 Republican gains), 9 (6 Republican gains; 3 Democratic gains), 04/21/2020 (offices with option to pay filing fee) &, 04/24/2020 (congressional and judicial offices) &, 06/24/2020 (declaration of candidacy due), 3% of votes cast for governor in the last election, 1% of votes cast in the last general election, 3% of total votes cast for governor in the last election, not to exceed 10,000, 1,000 signatures from each congressional district, 1% of voters eligible to vote for the office in the last election, 1% of voters or 25,000 voters, whichever is fewer, 0.5% of votes cast for the party's candidate for governor in 2018, 1% of annual salary plus administrative fees, 5% of total votes cast for successful candidate in the last general election, 2%-4% of votes cast for all of the party's gubernatorial candidates in the last primary, 3% of all votes cast for governor in the last election, 1.5% of all votes cast for governor in the last election, 1% of votes cast in the district for president, 1% of annual salary multiplied by term of office, 5% of active registered voters in the state, or 10,000, whichever is less, 1% of all votes cast for Democratic gubernatorial nominee in last election, 1% of all votes cast for Republican gubernatorial nominee in last election, 1% of all votes cast for governor in the last election, 12/9/2019 (declaration of intent); 6/25/2020 (final filing deadline), 1% of all votes cast in the last election for the office being sought, 2% of all votes cast for U.S. Representative in the last election.


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