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Gumball asked for forgiveness, but Anderous refused and pulled the trigure on his gun. Because as of now, Elmore's shoulders know lie in the hands of Gumball. But then one day, Anderous appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the village, and killing all the people. Then he asks why, but she said that he would tell him later.

As they passed by the statue, Gumdrop asked his dad what it had been like to be a hero. A teaser trailer was released online on February 12, 2023, and was shown before the screenings of My Little Pony: The Return of Queen Chrysalis in theaters. Dan Russell as Richard, Gumball and Anais' father, Darwin's adoptive father, and Nicole's husband.

Back in Elmore, Anderous made some troops to search for the Wattersons. The "Rise of the Bacteria" scene is used for the mid-credits scene, while the "Weird Like You And Me" scene is used for the post-credits scene. Then Penny walked toward him to ask Gumball something. And before he woke up, he also told him that Elmore was in his hands, then went away. Infuriated, Lord Bob tries to disfigure Elmore into the Void and uses the Universal Remote to close the portal. Ignoring him, he prepared his army to attack. It was used by the legendary hero long ago to defeat the dark demon lord. Ignoring Dark Gumball and betraying him by trapping him in a sphere, he prepared his army to attack.

People, fighting people, it was just like the war 1,000 years ago. However, after Bocquelet announced his departure from the show following the sixth season, he stated that he doubted a film would be made. He later added that he had two ideas, one for a potential theatrical film and one for a potential direct-to-video film. Distributed by

Kyla Rae Kowalewski as Anais, a 4-year-old rabbit who is Gumball and Darwin's brother, and Richard and Nicole's youngest child and the only daughter. As they easily sneeked there, Gumball had aplan all figured out. Darwin was married to Carrie, who had two sons and two daughters; the sons Greg and Bunker; and his two daughters, Marmalade and Mi Amore Aidar. The gang use Superintendent Evil’s lab as a secret base. Years later, Gumball and Darwin (now adults) was married to Penny and had two sons and one daughter. Country And before the message ended, Anderous showed a room, where one person was in. The evil helmet he created, Dark Gumball, appeared in front of him. The sons were Reginald and Gumdrop. The home media releases use the Warner Animation Group 10th Anniversary logo before its opening logos. Then Gumball asked who he was. Darwin feels worried about the coming event and Rachel feels bad for him. When Gumball had returned, he saw an empty battlefield, filled with nothing but the citizens of Elmore. The Blu-ray and DVD releases include deleted scenes and the shorts of Looney Tunes Cartoons. They try to call Darwin and Rachel, but they are asleep. Gumball had no choice, he had to fight him. None of them were breaking a drop of sweat. Everyone was shocked in horror as they all saw Gumball get shot, and fell to the ground. Gumball saw and looked that his family were caught and brought them for them to see something. In it. Richard suddenly saw a wanted poster of them behind the manager and warned everybody about it. As he headed to the basement, he saw some guards standing by a familiar looking door. He had felt very happy to see that it was all over. But Gumball always knew what it was like to be a hero, and always will. He knew that his family and friends were the most important thing to him. Everyone had rejoiced and said that they should a special party for Gumball. The person said that he was just inside his own head. Christian J Simon as Darwin, a 10-year-old goldfish who is Gumball's adoptive brother and best friend. What if Viacom and CBS didn’t demerge in 2006? He used the power of the sword to seal Anderous' life into the Sword of Elmore. United StatesUnited Kingdom Later, when Gumball had his "army" ready, he hollered out Anderous' name. debuted in 1963? Chi Chi’s Mom warns everyone that she has detected the heroes in a part of the Void. Flying theme is played when Janice is flung out of the Void and into Elmore. They grabbed the guards' guns and headed out. So to make sure that nobody suspected, he quickly toor it down to make sure no one would notice. It headed on digital on January 5, 2024, and on Blu-ray and DVD on Febuary 17, 2024, 8 days after the release of The LEGO Movie 3: A Powerpuff Adventure. As the person told him who he was. Later, she helps Gumball and Darwin to escape from the Void.

What if The Gumazing Gum Girl! What if Chris Columbus moved to Disney until 2017? And especially, he started to search for the spellbook for some reason. With accuracy, Gumball quickly took out the guards, and pressed on. As they passed by the statue, Reginald asked his dad what it had been like to be a hero. So he and Anais decide to take the case, even though Anais strongly disagrees with Gumball. An idea all of a sudden came over Gumball. A spin-off film titled Young Love: A Nicole Watterson Story is in development. Read the transcript • Trailer transcripts • Credits • Home media • Soundtrack • Production • Trivia • Gallery

He flies them to his headquarters and on the way, Johnald Bites-Alot tells the gang that he has no memories outside of The Void. Warner Animation Group's first film to be based off Cartoon Network media. Miss Simian then says that they have to evacuate the school and everyone runs out, except Rachel, who was sucked into the void but no one remembers her. What if WarnerMedia (through AT&T) approached NBCUniversal ten days after The Walt Disney Company? But he could not do it alone, so he recreated the evil helmet that Gumball threw into the crusher(back in The Helmet), thus, creating a dark form of Gumball, an evil form of Mabel, an evil form of Darwin, and ressurected Jealousy. The Wattersons had barely escaped, and were the only ones to escape from Elmore. The E.T. She said that the clue was somewhere in a snowy place.

She said she didn't know where it was, but she did know about a clue of where it is. And especially, he started to search for Nuttels for some reason. They were all very disappointed because not only that there is no one left to defeat Anderous, but had also lost someone very important to them. Elmore remained in peace after the hole that leads to the void closed and Rob is gone. She was located at the basement of Elmore Junior High. said Skydancer, (he was almost dead) she gave a potion that she borrowed from Twilight that will give Gumball more strengh. This will be one of Cartoon Network movies to be in theaters for a long time since the Powerpuff Girls Movie. The Emoji Movie 2: Expressionless Halloween, My Little Pony: The Return of Queen Chrysalis, What if YouTube was formed in 2000?/YouTube (channel)/List of 2005 YouTube videos, What if YouTube was formed in 2000?/YouTube (channel)/List of 2007 YouTube videos, What if YouTube was formed in 2000?/YouTube (channel)/List of 2006 YouTube videos. He had figured that they had escaped, so by going to their house, he gathered up information there to where they might be found. Warner Animation GroupNew Line CinemaCartoon Network Studios EuropePerfect World Pictures The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie was theatrically released on November 10, 2023 by Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures, in 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, and 4DX. The Wattersons and Martha all sobbered as they went back to their house. Anais showed Gumball a job well-done music video of a brown fish dancing and singing. A fierce war was about to start. As so they did... 20 years had passed since the time Gumball had sealed away Anderous for ever.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She said it was a long story. The Team find themselves in The Void afte… He said that he loved her, and also said that he always loved her ever since he meet her. A poster for Alligators on a Train from "The DVD" can be seen in the background of Funland.

Then he struck the sword to the ground, sucking the demon into the Void, taking Lord Bob with him, sealing him and destroy the Void forever. Animation by Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, a hero appeared out of nowhere, defeating the demon lord and restoring peace to the land. He also released Elmore of its slavery, because he knew that nobody could stop him. He went through the door, and saw that Martha was there. Anderous said in the message that he would kill the entire city if he didn't come back. He had figured that they had escaped, so by going to thier house, he gathered up information there to were they might be found. One day later, the team find themselves in The Void after the school was sucked up ("My Amazing World"). In Elmore city, somewhere around 2014, begins with Mr. Small telling about an old legend passed down in Elmore. Darwin said that he would take care of him, so Gumball went on until he encounter something else. Mabel, Anais and Darwin went with him. Gumball told his family to gather guns and everyone in town. And before the message ended, Anderous showed a room, where he kidnaps Penny, by gagged and tied her to a chair. Anderous said in the message that he would kill the entire city if he did come back. Dark Gumball tried to stop him, but Martha stopped him, and told him that he had to fight her if he wanted to go on. Then they arrive at Bites-Alot HQ. Aboard his ship, the Van Shopkeeper and Rob fuses themselves into Lord Bob, who both reveals the existence that Lord Bob is the true identity of the Van Shopkeeper and the interdimensional version of Rob; abandoned for years underneath due to his darkness in his heart when he plans to rule the universe with the remote's power, Lord Bob actually wants to destroy Elmore.

Mabel told everyone to calm down, as so they did.

All of a sudden, Nicole threw something at the guards. Darwin tells Gumball that he wants to have a sleepover with Rachel. They lucky enough to find a hotel to stay in for the night.

The LEGO Movie (2014)Storks (2016)The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)Smallfoot (2018)The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)Scoob! Then they attempt to kiss each other until Gumball and Anais find them. It took them hours, but they managed to reach the top. As the bullets hit, Anderous felt nothing, as if his body was made of steel. Dark Gumball had given his good counter-part a message. Ben BocqueletJames LamontJon Foster What if Disney acquired BOTH Pixar and Studio Ghibli back in 2006? After failed survival skills, Rob enters the Superintendent Evil's lab and turns himself, Masami, Sarah and Penny into humans, but Penny turns against Rob because he chooses to be the bad guy and Gumball's enemy. Gumball became angry, and accidently trauded down the mountain, towards the car the family had parked. On September 29, 2018, during a Q&A with the series director Mic Graves at Cartoon Network UK's 25th anniversary screening, he confirmed that a script for The Amazing World of Gumball movie is in the works.

Everyone at the festival starts to celebrate with joy, just as the people 1000 years ago did.

(2020)Tom and Jerry (2021)Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)Batman Beyond (2021)The LEGO Batman Movie 2 (2022)DC Super Pets (2022)The LEGO Monkie Kid Movie (2022)The Billion Brick Race (2022)My Little Pony: The Return of Queen Chrysalis (2023) And while they were there, Gumball started to ask his mom about the story he heard yesterday. It was where Martha was hidden. He was mad with his mom that she didn't tell him before. He said that everyone loved Rob, and also said that Gumball always loved Penny ever since he meet her. She comes in and says that she has been in the Void for eight years ("Who I Am"). Then the final clash had begun.

They had helped him throughout his life, and helped him came over many trials. They rush to the door and see that a paranoid Rachel is there. Even with those gifts given to them, Gumball still believes that Johnald is up to something. The film's worldwide theatrical run was preceded by a short film based on The LEGO Movie taking place after The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part titled Live Stream: A LEGO Short.


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