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Horizons has a very positive campus environment in the center of Paris. Managing the fast-changing rules of world business. The positive feedback and support enabled me to research and understand the complexities of international business and management. Students take business courses alongside their independent research in the area they want to specialize in. International rankings and admission details to graduate programmes like masters, MSc, MBAs and summer courses at Université Denis Diderot: Paris VII and other business schools and universities. After a lot of hard work I graduated with a DBA in International Business which changed my whole life positively. This course facilitates the student’s ability to write, review, edit, and format an original paper to meet the publication standards of an academic journal. You can access to your account of Horizons University here. The course also focuses on the issues, challenges and obstacles raised by Global Communication, especially in the context of politics, journalism, science and business. The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, and perform personal research on selected topics. The staff are very helpful and make the best effort to lead us in the right path. Globalization has increased the interdependence of the economies of nations around the world, but this interdependence does not imply all differences in economies have vanished. Internships Graduate Jobs This course examines the world’s economy from a global as well as various local perspectives. I'd get my own independence, and i'd have the chance of being surrounded by all the people from the city and not just by students. I always participated in the activities, in addition to exchanging information with the professors, since it is thanks to them that we acquire the knowledge to enter the job market. We uses cookies to deliver services, personalize content and ads, and analyze our traffic. The tutors, truly professional and dedicated, encouraged me to move further and pursue my goals. You can contact the university via phone, Skype, or come and visit the university in Central Paris. I started thinking in a different way whittled me to create something new that is beneficial to myself and to the employees in my department. I strongly recommend Horizons University to all who aspire for quality of education and want to open new horizons for their career. Leonardo Grants Horizons University takes pride in empowering its students with the opportunity to further their education. It is taught by experienced, knowledgeable and friendly lecturers and professors. They have broadened my knowledge and understanding of education. And the University Services do not help much. AccreditationThe Horizons University DBA is accredited both by an American accrediting body – ACBSP – and an European accrediting body – ECBE. The Global economy is made up of many different actors, some international such as the World Bank, IMF, WTO and large multinational firms, others national such as national governments and some local. DBA674 -  Quantitative and Qualitative Methods. Privacy Policy Its aim is to show students the various aspects of E-Commerce and how it influences the consumer behavior around the world. All in all, I advise all students who have the ability to complete their higher education, to do so and never surrender. Moreover, the self confidence I gained from this achievement gave me the ability to improve myself quickly. The Horizons University DBA has a focus on International Business for exactly this reason. Don't try to take tough classes in a forgeign language/abroad- you need time to experience culture and travel. Thank you so much for giving me all the resources I need to make my dreams in Paris come true. Horizons University has been granted in June the re-accreditation of all its business degrees by ECBE, March 20, 2020: Horizons University receives accreditation for its MA in TESOL from ACCREDITAT. Both recognize Horizons University’s commitment to continuous improvement, and focus on student learning outcomes. The Doctorate in Business Administration at Horizons University is a research doctorate, where students make a contribution to both theory and practice, with a focus on the application of research, to real life business problems. The elective courses allow students to deepen their knowledge in their research topic in International Business, helping them become experts. This course allows students to exam human resource management from a global perspective as well as from various local perspectives. Demonstrate ability to prepare and conduct an oral presentation on thesis proposal. Students will be expected to design a business research proposal, formulate basic and secondary research questions, develop a strategy for data collection, develop a literature review, create a model of the expected results or outcomes and finally to formulate ways to operationalize their study with stakeholder involvement. Making the world smaller with a bigger impact. You can go at your own pace and control the speed through the whole process. Marketing offers I would like to express a great thank you for being given the opportunity to study at the Horizons University. Horizons University is the winner of the Prestige Award as Education Professional of the Year in France. Its aim is to show students the various aspects of global communication and how it is influenced by history, language and culture. iAgora Blog Was learning French a key decision factor? • The Horizons University team: The Horizons University team is here to help our students succeed in their degree, and achieve their academic goals. The course broadened my perspectives and made me discover its importance, especially because I come from a technical background. Universities in Paris take the top five spots, but institutions in Lyon, Marseille and Montpellier also feature in the top 10. I have no hesitation in recommending this phenomenal educational programme. This includes students for whom education would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographic, financial, political, or any other number of limitations. This course focuses on the development of the Dissertation Proposal under the supervision of a Doctoral Faculty member. Horizons University completely changed the way I thought about getting my graduate degree. The staff team are attentive and responsive. The course focuses on international organizational behavior and human resource issues and practices in transnational organizations. It was a great pleasure to complete my MBA at Horizons University. Suhair Mahmood - (MBA graduate - Canada) Look into bus trips. After few months following graduation, and because my current employer values my degree, I was promoted to the Accounting Manager position which also meant an increase in my salary. On September 28th, 2020, Horizons University held its graduation ceremony in one of the most prestigious venues in Paris. The staff are very helpful and make the best effort to lead us in the right path. We are fully available to answer to your questions and queries. Try to find a job you like. Contact Us, All job opportunities Starting my postgraduate degree in TESOL with Horizons University, I expected to get a high-quality education, but little did I know that studying here would become a life-changing experience for me. Programs / Courses: BBA, Master's, MBA, & DBA Degree Courses offered all year round. Emphasis is on corporate and business level strategic analysis, strategy formulation and implementation. Students will be introduced to various research approaches and learn what strategies, methods, and techniques are in use. Most people keep to themselves/their friends. The course also focuses on the issues, challenges and obstacles raised by E-Commerce, To view our Business Program Statistics click here: https://huparis.edu.eu/section/about-us/statistics, Copyrights Horizons University - All rights reserved, DBA in International Business Communication, MAIED Master of Arts in International Education, Certificate in Cross-Cultural Communication, Certificate in International Entrepreneurship, https://huparis.edu.eu/section/about-us/statistics, Bachelor’s degree in Business or equivalent; Master’s degree in Business or equivalent; 3+ years working experience -, Evaluate resources to assist in developing thesis proposal, Write a proposal for a thesis/dissertation. Find extracurricular activities. This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of effective cross-cultural management and the challenges that are likely to be faced while working internationally. The Administrative Institutions are the worse, they help you but they refuse to speak other language, just the french. GO out. Advertise your school. An introduction to a range of quantitative and qualitative data collection and methods of data analysis. My expectation is now very high for my future studies. What our doctorate students say about the Horizons University DBA program, “This program will help me in my long term plan of setting up my ownconsultancy, specialised in the field of Supply Chain Management”, “I chose this program because it will enhance my career development inInternational Business, General Management, and Entrepreneurship”, “I chose this program because I aim to share my knowledge, and to teach at a high level”, “I chose the program because of its flexibility, and because it gives methe opportunity to do research in my area of interest”, (DBA in International Management Specialization). Through the core courses students learn about strategy in the international business environment, how the global economy works, and how to communicate in an international environment. Through the core courses students learn about strategy in the international business environment, how the global economy works, and how to communicate in an international environment. The best university in France is Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris, a collegiate university formed of 25 research and higher education institutions in the Paris area and three national research institutions. It definitely broadened my horizons. Put yourself out there. Learn French I feel like the whole program was tailored just for me and had one-to-one attention each step of the way. The Horizons University DBA is designed to help students reach their objectives of becoming experts in a given business field, and becoming competitive employees in the global marketplace. iAgora provides university reviews and ratings by international graduates, Erasmus and exchange students. Learn English Cours de très bon niveau donnés par des chercheurs reconnus. Publish job offers, All language schools The course is designed to exam both the overall global economy and some of its individual components. About iAgora The Horizons University DBA has a focus on International Business for exactly this reason. The teachers and staff are wonderful too. Therefore a deep understanding of international human resource management is essential for international organizations for successfully motivating and managing the most important of all resources, human resources. This course is part of our DBA in International Business.


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