how to keep a potted christmas tree alive all year

Conifers need relatively little attention when it comes to pruning for health reasons. Here are a few ideas you will find floating around the internet. With our selection of tree care products you can give them the attention needed for strong growth and maximum production, not only at planting, but for a lifetime. Potted trees are carbon neutral and renewable, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice than artificial trees. The other problem is digging the hole. A week or so adjustment period should be enough. Place your tree in a spot away from heating units, fireplaces, excessive sun or drafty areas. (2), August They’re less a fire hazard when inside the home and once out they provide all the beauty and CO2 reducing benefits, no matter how tiny, to the environment. How can we help you? Unlike cut flowers that mold easily, large trees probably won’t be as susceptible to this. Moreover, you can easily plant them in the garden when the season is over or simply, grow one in pots and reuse the tree next year. (4), December The middle of winter isn’t the ideal time for putting trees in the ground. I would assume the chances of keeping a living tree alive go up the more humid the climate, and the higher the growing zone. Overwatering can be absolutely detrimental to a potted Christmas tree. They will send the growth signal to the tree.

Theoretically, if it’s in a container and you keep it watered, it should work. Vary heights by positioning on over turned pots. so choose your size wisely. Ideal for adding nutrients and organic matter to improve plant growth and soil structure, releasing their nutrients slowly and breaking down naturally to improve the fertility Dig your hole early, before the ground freezes (okay, okay; it may be a little late for that in some locales this year). A three-or-four foot tree is better than a six foot tree.

(3), August Basically, after buying the tree, you store it cold, recreate the conditions of a short winter thaw when you bring it inside, then recondition it to cold and outdoor planting. #93588 Planting a potted tree, the one your kids were around when they opened their gifts, is a great family activity. The biggest thing to keep in mind for potted trees is good drainage and a large enough pot for the root system. Home Improvement Contractor N.J.D.C.A. A fertiliser that is often overlooked, but all good lawns need an Autumn/Winter feed as well as the summer feed most of us do without question. — is not an impossibility. More about us. They are more easily handled and 2 or 3 lit up in a small group is excellent. You might not be choosing a fresh tree like you think. If you find your tree is suffering from broken branches or is starting to drop its needles you may need to move it to somewhere less busy or even transfer it outside. A 100% biodegradable landscape fabric that's perfect for hundreds of uses. However as the main purpose of a Christmas tree is to be decorative it is important to keep on top of any new growth to make sure you are maintaining that classic Christmas tree shape. Waldwick, NJ 07463 . Two important things to note before you head to the nursery: Potted trees are significantly heavier than cut trees (think 150 pounds for a five-foot tree!) Gradual temperature changes are best so a garage that’s warmer than the outside but cooler than your living room is ideal. However, fresh trees don’t really need sugar to stay alive longer. In between all the holiday baking, turkey roasting, and gift-giving merriment, take a minute to improve your knowledge of potted Christmas trees and the care they require. This organic based powder fertiliser, is an excellent alternative to Growmore. Brush up on your holiday horticulture before you bring a live tree home.

They are so pretty! What’s not to like about a live Christmas tree? Fir trees snap easily. Privacy Policy When you’re ready to stick the tree in the ground, take off the plastic wrap (if it was used) remove the burlap or carefully break the soil ball out of the container. Assuming you intend to keep your real potted Chrustmas tree outside in the garden after Christmas, visit your local garden centre and ask for advice as to which type of fir will be best suited to your local climate. Truthfully, there is very little scientific evidence that additives will enhance your live Christmas tree. We dug up a tiny Christmas tree a few years ago, and we kept it in a pot during the Christmas season. Great tip. The holidays are on the horizon, and with them comes the endless stream of tree decorating tips. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 18 Best Christmas Tree Ribbon Decorating Ideas, Christmas Window Decorations for Every Single Room, 29 Christmas Crafts Your Kids Will Love Making, The Best Christmas Garland Ideas for Your Home. Until spring, keep the tree in the garage and insulate the pot with mulch. Water, cool temperatures, and making sure to pick the right tree are the best bet! We don’t have real Christmas trees, never have, doubt I ever will, We used to always have one growing up, but have used fake ones for awhile. This is the time it naturally emerges from dormancy. When it comes time to choose your Christmas tree, how do you go about choosing one?

The question is: do they work? All Rights Reserved. Fill the hole with mulch and protect the soil with a tarp until you are ready to plant your tree. Another issue you might encounter is using too small of a container. Rather than having to burn a candle or find another type of artificial pine scent, you will get it safely and naturally from your Christmas tree. Potted evergreens are especially prone to drying out. (4), September Used as a non-chemical fertiliser, poultry manure pellets vary in analysis, but typically contain 3% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphate, and 2% Potash, as well as trace elements. of the soil. Keeping the tree next to a cold window is always a good spot. Also, PVC production results in unhealthy emissions of carcinogens. Make sure your heat vents aren’t turned in the direction of the tree. Remember: you have a root ball or container to consider when figuring height. Potted trees can only spend a relatively short amount of time indoors (think: 7 to 10 days) until they begin to adjust to the interior temps and lose the hardiness needed to brave the elements once replanted.

Make sure it’s recently dug or grown in a container. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

There’s a number of good sites on the web that discuss the planting of potted Christmas trees.


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