importance of hijab in islam
The concept of Hijab in Islam is very much progressive in past few decades. Women with shawls and veils can breastfeed anywhere without calling attention to themselves, while baby is protected from dust and flies. So, looking only at these two advantages affirms the idea that by taking off their hijab, women become belittled and marginalized, and social crimes are really caused removing it. The other valuable privileges they have are the right to earn their own money, to buy and own property, to be educated, entitlement to family inheritance, to be treated with love, to vote, keeping their maiden name, to be able to worship in a mosque and to divorce. Without the changing in the sayings all the Muslim world would have to follow the Hijab Properly as mention in the … Enter valid first name and last name with at least one space. Neither does the hijab prevent a woman from acquiring knowledge or from contributing to the betterment of human society. I also assure you that I am ready to interact with you about this topic through my e-mail, which I will provide you through a personal e-mail message. Allah is Aware of what they do. In other words: does it have any effect on the society as a Whole? It is first and foremost a commandment from Allah. The clothing should be loose, so the body shape is not revealed. According to Naheed Mustafa, a Canadian Muslim, “In the Western world, the hijab has come to symbolize either forced silence or radical, unconscionable militancy. Christianity, as well as Islam, figured how important it is for a woman to wear hijab. They forced the tribes to wear clothes as mark of civilization. Hijab does not mean hiding your beauty nor does it make you less beautiful in any way. It puts the woman in control of strangers’ reaction to her. In Islam, however, it has a broader meaning. The first Muslim person to be martyred in Muslim history was a woman by the name of Sumayya, the wife of Yasir and the mother of ‘Ammar. Because my appearance is not subjected to scrutiny, my beauty, or perhaps lack of it, has been removed from the realm of what can legitimately be discussed.”4. They choose to cover because they … When the weather is hot people will recognise a Muslim lady due to their attire and may think that they are at risk due to to the way they are covered up. The other important advantage is for the woman herself who is used to sell her body as if she is a kind of goods that have particular price, not as a woman who has enormous feelings, dignity, and special social status. Hijab in Islam in some sense is the main identification of a Muslim woman. Hijab in Islam in some sense is the main identification of a Muslim woman. One might have observed that Muslim women are gaining the finest education. Note that she also specifically mentions the salwar, kameez and jellabas that are used by Muslim women in the East. AN . On the contrary, the practice of displaying pictures of almost naked women in the commercials, billboards, and in the entertainment industry in the west is a true symbol of oppression. Unrecognized Email or Password, please try again. A Muslim woman is free to wear any kind of modest clothing, as long as it meets the standards and is not too revealing. Islam’s code of modesty extends to all aspects of one’s life, including attire. The visual barrier hides something from sight, it allows the women to retain their modesty, morals and freedom of choice. • Hijab protects women from such men; it symbolizes that she has been sanctified to one man only and is off-limit to all others. One often wonders if the ‘primitive tribes’ of the last century were not more civilized than the rest of the world. Download Free Hijab In Islam Verse 59 of chapter 33 quoted previously gives a very good reason; it says, “This is more appropriate so that they may be known [as Muslim women] and thus not be harassed [or molested].”.


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