irwin and mandy

Though Billy is friendly towards him, Mandy treats him dominantly, and this angers and irritates him to the point where he constantly fantasizes about killing both of them.

He then shows his more sinister side when enslaving all of the people of Endsville and zombifying them. He is a selfish old man that calls Grim "Skeleton-Man" or "Big Dummy". In Keeper Of The Reaper, he did state in court that when Mandy was born, wolves came and tried to take her as their own, but he sometimes wonders if they were right to stop them. Phil is Mandy's father. Harold resembles his son in appearance and personality, sometimes displaying even more stupidity than Billy himself.

He gets angry at people for wanting to do things for him. Billy, Mandy, and Grim are the main protagonists of the series. He gave Nigel an L-shaped pen mark (which Nigel thought to be a scar) when he was young, referring to Harry Potter's lightning scar. His long scythe is the source of nearly all his supernatural abilities, and possesses many magical capabilities and qualities; although he is still capable of using some incredibly powerful magic spells without it, these instances are quite rare. Voiced by John Vernon and Ronnie Schell (for Order of the Peanuts). He's a young whiny wizard from Weaselthorpe House at Toadblatt's School of Sorcery. In multiple instances, Gladys is seen attacking Grim to protect her son. Grim was born around 137,000 years ago at the time of the Stone Age and speaks with a Jamaican accent. She seems to have grown up in The Dozens, as she has a mastery of "yo mama" jokes. Despite his physical strength, he is frightened of Mandy because of her toughness and cynical attitude. Mindy shares a rivalry with Mandy, whom she looks down upon and considers to be unattractive and inferior in comparison with her. He appeared in the pilot, "Meet the Reaper".

Tom Kenny was asked for the role of Billy, but he declined. At times, Pud'n can also be a terrifying force and show his dark side. She wears a red-striped sweater and gray pants. She is shown to be quite sensitive about her appearance as she is driven to tears by the cruel words in Billy's poem, which further enrages Sperg, showing that he really loves his mother. He however has no control of him whatsoever, which often terrifies him. However, he does form a close friendship with Billy, Mandy, and Irwin later in the series, and even showed a little affection towards Mandy and asking her to the school dance. Irwin's father insists that their unusual pairing leaves "a lot of questions that don't need to be answered."

[1] Her accent and behavior are prone to sudden shifts, from a stereotypical valley girl to a refined British woman, parodying Madonna's change in image over the years. He is often overconfident and holds a deluded self-image, often taking credit for things he did not do (like Mandy's sabotage of rival house Gunderstank's efforts of winning the house championship).

This was a parody of the fact that two actors portrayed Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films (when Richard Harris died, the role went to Michael Gambon). Mr. Snuggles has brown fur and black spots on his back. Grim, Mr. Reaper, Bonehead, Loser, Bag of Bones, G-Man, Grimmy (when younger), Dick (father), Judy (mother), Dracula (paternal grandfather), Tanya (paternal grandmother), Melvin (elder brother), PoppinLockin (Maternal Grandfather), This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 14:24.
Earl (father), Amanda “Mandy” is a 8-year-old hard-working girl with a sinister, manipulative nature. This very rare darker side of his personality was finally explained in the series' last episode called Heartburn. By losing a limbo contest to Billy and Mandy after they cheated, Grim is fated to be their "best friend" forever. After sending the first three students to Gunderstank, he sends Billy and Mandy (who threatens him should he touch her by saying she's "in the mood for calamari") to Weaselthorp. He also bears a rather uncanny resemblance to politician Ron Paul, in both appearance and speech, who may have also influenced the character. Ironically, Sperg's mother is shown to actually be a highly attractive woman with dark hair and a more realistic face than other characters, however Principal Goodvibes' face does in fact melt when he sees her, though it is implied that this is due to her attractiveness. Boogey is Grim's rival in scaring people, but usually fails in doing so.
However, he lives in a house and is a next-door neighbor and a good friend of Billy. Harold is also known to be afraid of Santa Claus. Irwin is secondary character or also a main character in the show. Gladys (mother), Harold (father), Aunt Sis (paternal aunt), Nergal (paternal uncle via marriage), Nergal Jr. (first cousin), Jeffery the spider ("Son"), Lesie Uglio (Perhaps long lost twin Sister).

Mindy is the queen bee of the school attended by all of the child characters featured in the program (and is always shown in her school clothes regardless of being outside of school).


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