japan religion percentage

Acknowledgment of the overriding culture and the imperative of participation pervades life on a subconscious level and acts as a determinant of attitudes and actions.

Most Japanese I know say they do not believe in a deity or profess to follow any religion. Even though they may not be very knowledgeable about other religions, Japanese are very respectful of them. It is perfectly clear that Jeff was referring to "organized religion," which is not in the least insulting. When one person's religion is different from your own, you say they are not religious - you call it spirituality and superstition. Growth of religion is the spread of religions and the increase of religious adherents around the world. The fake Christian minister is just there for show, it has nothing to do with the ceremony in a Western sense. This includes 209,373 Filipinos, many of whom are married to Japanese nationals, 210,032 Brazilians, the majority possessing some degree of Japanese ancestry, 687,156 Chinese and 565,989 Koreans. They express a conviction that the force and wonder they sense are real, just as real as planets or pain, that moral truth and natural wonder do not simply evoke awe but call for it.

Personally, I am quite happy with the fact that Japan is not under the effect of other main stream religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc...). In Japan too, when you do hear contempt for religion, it tends to be towards the actively proselytizing groups. Tell that to the Emperor.". Factbook > Countries > Japan > Demographics. Nearly all known traditional denominations of Christianity, including Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity are represented in the country today.. Christianity was introduced to Japan by Roman Catholic Jesuit missionaries who arrived in Kagoshima in 1549, led by Francis Xavier. The majority of Japanese adhere to Shintoism, a traditional Japanese religion focusing on rituals and worship at shrines. From my understanding, much of the structuring of society and 'morals' are strongly influenced by Confucianism, but this never seems to be pointed out. To say that the doctrinal religions that came from the Middle East (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are Western ignores the fact that the largest Islamic country in the world is Indonesia. Most Japanese will tell you they have no relegion. Not that I mind. In 2013, more than 20 percent of the population are age 65 and over. A Japanese wedding ceremony is the joining of two families, thus the emphasis on all the friends and gifts; both are showing their power and clout to each other. Perhaps ask some Japanese people what they think about some of the more extreme groups to have risen in Japan over the years, they are likely to be very critical of those groups. So is Japan a religious country? Who are we to judge what "real" religion is? Japan 1,535 Belgium 1,500 Australia 1,449 Suriname 1,217 Ireland 1,000 RĂ©union 981 Yemen 229; See also.


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