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The Chargers are downright awful. Winston will surface at N.E. A long-time Bay Area radio presence, he is currently the morning sports reporter and Saturday sports show host for AM-860 WGUL in Tampa. Until then, I’m hoping he chooses the LAC & saves the Glazers from another Licht grasping at straws FA signing flop….Your not buying TB12 at 37…Your buying age 43 season & beyond. Yucs to Bubs.

It really isnt that hard, until they give me a reason not to be. I live in St. Pete and love Tampa and all of Tampa bay. -what QB wouldn’t want that to work with and we’re talking BRADY. Maybe. But boy does this seem to be becoming a reality.

Come on guys time to get on board. We’ve been on this first and will more details on Brady’s next moves #theBig8 820 AM and on our ap. All Rights Reserved. Go Bucs!!! While we wait can we have a countdown of all the great times the Bucs have been left at the altar? Brady gives us instant credibility…won’t it be interesting to learn later in the year if Shaq and JPP considered this in their signings. I agree with you attention needs to be paid to cap balance…but the talk of Brady limited shelf life harming us doesn’t jibe with me. Brady is then coming South.

too exited to sleep tonight…….

crazyBuc- it doesn’t make sense….He isn’t mobile, we don’t have a great oline, its a downfield passing attack and his arm isn’t what it used to be, he is a California kid, he just opened a Hollywood business, he is an uber celebrity, and because we are the Bucs. need the jersey’s to come out so I can get a brady jeresey, Also Eagles release Jenkins.

Who is the offensive leader?

But lets also all be very clear and understand it is Super Bowl or bust from here on out and we will deal with the future in the future. What a Pathetic group I think the PC way it was expressed is that JW is “excitable” AKA choker.

10 Against Bears Stay tuned. But then again, I never thought Orange Twitler would be POTUS. Really, it only needs a good right tackle. The Buccaneers make a lot of sense for a lot of reasons, and if you’re wondering why, you can click here to find out. If this happens, I’ll support him 100%. Brady has forgotten more about offensive football than Arians will ever know. He later added that Brady instructed his agent, Don Yee, to “get the deal done” with the Bucs. He’s great at knowing when to let players go.

If that’s not enough, a report out of Boston is now reporting the same thing. The Bucs have to get their TEs back involved in the game, that should be a boost. Bye Bye Brady. They are so annoying!!! I will for sure, and I hope we are winning ball games. Didn’t even mention Bowles had them boys dominating down the stretch.

Or a spawn of one of the 2?? 11 Against the Saints

TB in new Bucs Uni’s!!!

If true, then another losing season is on the way. is the official Web site of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Since he is so experienced, it may take him at least two years. I feared you were going to become a hater/troll if we gave up on Winston.

He is not going to ignore that task. hehehehe. Smith didn’t. It’s nice to say you got TB on your team, but come on, a 43 yr old version?

This is going to be a NIGHTMARE for the bucs. Not how it works, Jack. Too many skilled players that play well in this system. I bet he learns a ton working with Tom this year.

Mike Smith still sucks but there’s no doubt he was moreimpressive in his 5 game stretch than Bowels was. But watching the games I did, at least parts of many games, I saw repeatedly that Brady would drop back and have no one to get the ball to.

Hope y’all ready for Sunday Night Football.

Sources say… lmao c’mon man you all and your “source’s”. Really some are starting to post like jerks. Endorsements will come From announcements to doors opening to puck drop, Steve and the stage talent will amp up Lightning hockey night from the start. So you people are pissed that I supported my QB and called things like I saw them. you are hilarious my man… takes balls to use credible and media in the same sentence….

The Sonya Bryson Voices of Hope Foundation strives to lend a voice to those who can't speak, or sing, for themselves. – 34 to Saints. That’s why I can’t believe how blind some folks are calling this a short term plan. Sonya Bryson has been inspiring Lightning fans as our semi-regular Anthem singer since the 2013 season. Many observers have said Donovan Smith takes some plays off, he won’t be able to do that with Brady because Tom is going to get respect from these players. Wow!! And yet the moron BS artist talking heads say they are closer to winning than the Bucs, who were a field goal kicker away from 9-7, and fielded a top ten overall defense. Greg's fun, energetic style anchors our in-stand promotions and on-ice activities. Tampa Bay Lightning and are trademarks of Lightning Hockey L.P. NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. He’s a fantastic guy too. Didn’t JP say Stoops was gonna coach FSU? The Pats Oline coach is the best ever how will Brady do without him? One thing I will never deny is you are a true die-hard. Subtract JPP’s $13.5 mil and we’re down to $52.5 mil, of which Brady’s gonna eat up more than half.

At least Cameron and O.J.


), plus paying for all our draft picks ($8 mil minimum), PLUS trying to land a veteran Safety & possibly several other veterans.

Original podcasts, and the shows you missed, on rewind!

We’ll just disagree. Tbbucs3 I’m not interested in arguing five game stretches. OJ has been an enigma to me…clearly talented but yet to find his stride. Good message, but the messenger sucks balls.

i know where you’re coming from….i support all bucs players….VHG got beat, he was still my guy….JW threw 5INTs he was still my guy…. Told you fools. If this deal is finalize then: Jimmy…this organization spent a ton of time and resources to help Jameis become successful. Which one are you? I am fair at all times but you people just were to busy trying to make up cute names to actually read what I typed. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The news that many have been waiting for has reportedly arrived. So if true we gonna have a good defense, new uniforms, T Brady one of the top offensive in the league and I am sure Arians will bring in a young QBS and let him sit behind Brady a year or two which should put this franchise in very good shape for the next 10 years, Rough couple of days for the #WinstonDefenseForce, boldnewera – Good point, but remember the Bucs arent done. a criminal or are you a pervert? More Hope, Please Brady sign up It will be good.. America’s will be playing in Tampa after all? If true…It’s smells of desperation. 3) LAC can offer TB12 =/better opportunities/weather/marketing & money to Tampa…Plus access to his new production company….& better draft slots to fill perceived OL/WR defiencies.

“Still doesn’t make sense to me.”

On the broadcast, Peterson said the following: “Two sources earlier said deal is almost done. I did not however watch him closely, but I’ll have to fire up my NFL Gamepass and do that if he actually signs. The Project Management Institute of Tampa Bay (PMITB) is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-art practices in project management. Would need better O line for that.. Pats play by play guy Dale Arnold has stated Brady will sign with Tampa. No matter where Jameis goes, I wish him well.

So Brate is now a luxury…Perriman is also a luxury…so am I right Perriman and Brate will free up 8 million? I despise him that much. Brady to the Bucs will be announced tomorrow morning.

The entire team will play better with Brady at the helm. Hattip, Ndog Says:

Talk about a challenge!! Sigh… It was nice being a Bucs fan while it lasted. That’s roughly $10 mil OVER what transition tagging Winston would’ve cost (IF we’d been able to do that). The TV says it’s between Tampa Bay and the Chargers. JP Peterson Host of The JP Peterson Show on 98.3/96.7FM/820AM Tampa Bay 3-6pm

Ndog, you do realize that if Brady throws picks, we have to determine if they were really his fault. It was terrible to watch last year. Never thought I would root for Shady Brady.

If this is true my new favorite QB is Tom Brady, Brady will come out in uniform like that kid in the Little Giants movie. But Joe said the Bucs weren’t a finalist to land Brady? how will i sleep tonight? You see this is what happens with a HC like Bruce. According to award winning reporter JP Peterson, the Buccaneers will be signing quarterback Tom Brady and make that announcement Wednesday.


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