katharine hepburn death cause

That is an absolutely insane comment,idea etc...no Janet Shannon never crossed my mind...smfh. The Great Kate: What a wonderful gift, your life was to all of us. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE FONDLY REMEMBERED AND LOVED FOR YOUR BEAUTY AND GRACE TO THE GOLDEN SCREEN. Ms. Hepburn was a phenominal actress and I am Proud to say that I am a Connecticut Resident such as Ms. Hepburn was. i will always miss her. It only has to be worked for and earned. I don't want to say good bye, but see you soon. Glad someone mentioned this--I looked on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Know-Where-Going-Katharine-Biography/product-reviews/B0048ELDTQ/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar) and the book is roundly panned. One year today we lost a wonderful woman...it's been difficult accepting such a great loss. WITH THE LOST OF MS HEPBURN AND GREGORY PECK. A truely wonderful evening...I felt Kate was with us tonight! Share to let others add their own memories and condolences.

Thank you for all you have done and accomplished in your too short of a life..you could live forever and NEVER be too old to be enjoyed for your talents you shared. She will be greatly missed and forever loved by everyone. A real Lady for sure. A true Hollywood icon, who fully deserved the nickname ‘First Lady of American Cinema’. Never again will there be someone like her....Ms. Hepburn, the world is a much lonlier place with you now gone. But the other Hepburn, Katharine, remains to be the only woman ever to win four Academy Awards (Ms Streep is on her heels with three).
Are you entertaining GOD with your gift? Love, from one of your dearesr fans.. Rich Bonoan. 25 years later I still mourn the death of my partner and soulmate. You brought joy to many. THANKS for being a class act, the sophistication one gave us was natural. Oh what a wonderful lady,you'll truly be missed.Rest in peace.

Thank you ! Miss Katharine was a wonder, strong, beautiful woman.

I only wish we had more like her. One day he entered the employee lounge and found Ms. Hepburn sitting there having a cup of tea. God Bless. THE ONLY TREASURE THAT WE STILL HAVE LEFT IS MR. BOB HOPE.

What a beautiful woman! I'll stick to other sources before (or without) reading this one. Rest in peace Katharine. Ms. Hepburn once helped me through a rough time in my life. In a documentary about Katharine Hepburn, her brother Bob recalls being at home with Mrs. Hepburn when she received the call from New York that Tom was dead. I do admire Hepburn she learned andworked hard.. After reading the comments, I saw the one about Charlotte Chandler's biography. Classy lady & Beautiful and love all you movies. Your persona gives me strength and your films keep you alive in my heart. She will be greatly missed. One's beauty and acting abilities was that of a true MOVIE STAR.....YOU ARE MISSED....THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. She will be missed so very much, but she will always be in my heart. As for Katherine's brother!! Please allow 24 hours for your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content. Someone once wrote, "Success lies not in what we start, but in what we finish." She will be missed by many and forever loved. She was wonderful on the screen. All I can truly think to say, is how I wish I could have known her as family or friend. Her independence, strength of character and her strong physical presence are an inspiration to all. We love her as "Miss Eula Goodnight " in Rooster Cogburn...and the Lady, when she spun her horse around and galloped back to get in the last word to the Duke. With Love,RoseMarie. I LOVED WATCHING ALL OF YOUR MOVIES,YOU ARE TRULY A MATRIARCH AND GREAT ACTRESS OF YOUR ERA. We think she was a great actress Watched lots of her movies.No other with her style.Will be missed by millions.Condolences goe out to the family. I don't know.

The sadness of losing such a classical and elegant, yet stern and forceful woman will forever be felt as a great emptiness in the hearts of those of us who totally loved her greatness.

Having said that she was a terrible actress until her later years and shegot it. I will truly miss you. You made me smile,cry and laugh all at the same time. Katharine would feel the consequences of this less formal schooling when it came to preparations for her entrance to her mother's alma mater, Bryn Mawr College. No events have been scheduled at this time. Katharine Hepburn, the quintessence of the stage and screen star and a brilliant, legendary, indefatigable American icon who defied superlatives while personifying grace, wit, craft, and class during a six-decade career, died Sun., June 29, at her home in Old Saybrook, Conn. She was 96. To read the outpouring of love and admiration for this wonderful woman is so very heartwarming. Tom's death changed her life irreparably, shaping her into the independent woman the world would come to admire. She was such a gracious and unassuming person as well as a beautiful and talented performer. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Katherine Hepburn for sharing your life with all of us and giving so much enjoyment. MY CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY! Her example of true love was rare these days, as was her independence. Thank you Ms. Hepburn, for your movies. Godspeed. Thank you Ms. Hepburn for gracing us with your presence. My prayers of comfort to the family of a woman who brought laughter and tears to the world. The world has lost a wonderfully talented person. ALL of your movies were (and still are) beautiful works of art. home for more information. My mother just lately told me that I was named after the late Katharine Hepburn. To have been able to have met her would have been the fulfillment of my ultimate dream and to have seen in person the beautiful and graceful woman she was both on and off screen could only have been a true heavenly reward. The world was blessed to witness your great talent and love for acting. Brilliant actress. She was right. thanks for inviting me to sign the guest book. She will be missed by many people. Thank God we can still enjoy her movies!! she made the world a much better place . ", By the late '30s, Hepburn's cinematic star had fallen almost as fast as it had risen, and after suffering a string of flops—and maybe in response to her tempestuous, authority-defying personality—she was dubbed box-office "poison." I don't know her attraction to an alcoholic Tracey but she seems to have been a good friend. She was there visiting someone in the hospital. SHe was watching one of her films and loved the creativness of her name. We loved her as " Queen Eleanor" in Lion in Winter, when she said, " Dear,dear! She was down to earth and never thought of herself better than the next person. May you now be happy with Spencer...no greater love has been seen nor such devotion....I remain your most loyal fan forever. THE LAST OF THE GREAT ACTIST OF THE GOLDEN ERA OF HOLLYWOOD. At least, that's my take. . Now rest in peace for a job well done. DEAR KATHARINE. Thank you for having been you and for the legacy that will remain. I love Katharine, her humor, her acting and especially her devotion to Spencer. . What a great, successful,actress, that I wish I had met and befriended. 29, 2003. Peace be to you.

Queen of Hollywood I f you say Hepburn, nine out of ten people will say Audrey. . They spoke for quite some time. Her dad was a doctor/surgeon, but she was no heiress. Dear friends and family of Katherine. OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (AP) – Her backyard acting blossomed into a career for the ages: Four Academy Awards, 12 nominations, 60 years of stage and screen brilliance, a … I feel as though I just met Kate tonight as I went to the book signing and reception of our author A.Scott Berg...Kate Remembered! You were a SPECIAL LADY and a GREAT ACTRESS you will be missed by all.
I bought the Katharine Hepburn collection on DVD, you are still one of the greatest of all time. You've always had a special place in my heart since I was a child watching every movie you made. I was lucky enough to have seen all your movies.


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