knd father vs grandfather

JavaScript is disabled. Welcome to the forums! Or couldnt he teleport Grandfather into the pocket dimension, causing a ring-out? That's most likely a plot power seeing as how he never used that again. First question in every fight involving FMA Father: Can someone put the calcs of KND(Or feats) ? One day, his son, Monty Uno, discovered the Book of KND, led an uprising of children and defeated his evil father by erasing memories and powers. I'm not sure, but between HIM seeming to be ageless and showing many feats of decent tanking and power I don't see what Grandfather seems to be able to do. KND - Father vs Grandfather Demotivational. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Father: And GrandFather vs Flame Princess and Ice King They fight on an empty earth to either death or incap. He is able to pump his will into other objects, was my point. He also doesn't have any defense against Him's various mindfuck abilities. He also used eye beams against the Gangreen Gang. HIM can just teleport, so its more an idea of Around the world in an hour vs simply teleporting to his position.

A mix of PIS and CIS is the only reason Him ever loses to the Powerpuff Girls, really. At times he manipulates the stars other times he just fails. Well, if you were father, wouldn't you be scared?! I'm doubting speed is going to be too big a deal to someone who fights the PPGs on a routine basis. he was just done for the day just fuck you, fuck him,fuck this,that her,they,it i have been bullied,disrespected and neglected by you for the last time i'm getting my fucking ice cream and staying the fuck out of this. Jackie-SugarSkull Hobbyist Traditional Artist. He shrugged off a full fledged beating while they were bloodlusted or very close to it and didn't have a scratch on him.

Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! Now you're stretching it. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Grandfather as well as his minions show a resistance to beam like attacks too. Still it's pretty big and bigger than anything Him's tanked before. When he was getting angry he was enough to intimidate him, so he probably has the DC at least in base. The control weather and going into dreams however he does.

Most disappointing moment in cartoon history. Grandfather moved around the world in less than an hour taking control of Kids Next Door bases like a virus does to your computer. And while Grandfather tanking the colony drop is an excellent feat, the base wasn't nearly as big as the moon. Shoot, that's pretty much how his introduction in an episode is done. As I said before that move in the birthday bash was a plot device.

The Fathers apperance was the coolest villian apperance in history , it puts slenderman to shame and reminds me of handsome jack. Also Grandfather is pretty genre savvy considering how he was able to figure out his victory was not complete even after eliminating the Kids Next Door. You are using an out of date browser. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He's already shown that he can make himself completely imperceptible to them and hypnotize them into doing whatever he wants. JavaScript is disabled. That big monster, that the girls fought at the beginning of the episode, was his minion. So not so much on best scheme then. He can also control the perception of others. Yep.... and given the fact we later find out Father can turn into a dragon well..... is it wrong to want a giant monster fight?

He did that because the rest of the team used it to beat the girls in the beginning. Also if Him attempts to get physical with Grandfather he's only screwing himself over. Makes no difference, though. You must log in or register to reply here. Yet they were the only ones who weren't affected when he made Townsville batshit crazy. Yes he does. Reply. Welcome to the forums! KND father should stomp in 2nd scenario at least. Grandfather's villainous scheme was having every kid in the world making tapioca for him. Dude grabbed Toiletnator in a matter of seconds. Him's best feats include moving the sun with a gesture, turning the entire world into a hellish wasteland full of zombies, reviving the Rowdyruff Boys, and mindfucking all of Townsville. The last one is arguably his best feat for size increasing too, as his head and arm were bigger than Townsville when he did it. Take a second to look at our.


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