lotto max prize

The prize pool on Lotto Max and MaxMillions is pari-mutuel, which means it changes depending on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are in each tier.

When the LOTTO MAX Jackpot exceeds $50 million, MAXMILLIONS draws will occur. program please refrain from taking this survey. 48% of Lotto Max sales are dedicated to the Prize Fund. Prize Breakdown will be available soon. please call the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-888-795-6111. Canada’s largest legal online Sportsbook. These additional sets of numbers must be matched exactly to win; no subsidiary prizes will be offered. BCLC has continued to take action to address the risk of money laundering.

You receive three seven-number Selections for $5. The number of MaxMillions prizes on offer also depends on the volume of ticket sales once the Lotto Max jackpot reaches the $50 million threshold. Looking for an exciting opportunity? 48% of Lotto Max sales are dedicated to the Prize Fund.

BCLC will post these results with a full prize breakdown as soon as this information becomes available. Download it on the App Store and Google Play. The minimum Lotto Max jackpot is $10 million, and this jackpot will be carried over to the next draw if it is not won. See the chart below.

The Lotto Max jackpot prize will be shared if there is more than one winning selection. To win or share a MAXMILLIONS prize, you must exactly match all seven numbers on one line of your ticket; there are no subsidiary prizes.Any jackpot or MAXMILLIONS prizes not won will carry over to the jackpot (or MAXMILLIONS prizes, if applicable) for the subsequent draw. Bet $5 for your chance to win or share the jackpot! grow. MAXMILLIONS prizes will be shared if there is more than one winning selection. MAXMILLIONS and the jackpot will continue to grow until the jackpot reaches $70 million. The numbers for the last six Lotto Max draws can be found here. Play 1-25 draws. Lotto Max is the nationwide lottery game with more chances every week to become a millionaire.

The New Horizons Conference has become a hub of thought leadership in the responsible gambling industry. **The fixed prizes for 3 of 7, 3 of 7+Bonus and 4 of 7 are payabl… Join Now ». We value your feedback and want to ensure we are providing our users with a great experience during their visit to Tickets can be purchased until 9:30 pm CT, 8:30 pm MT and 7:30 pm PT on the date of the draw. GameSense Advisor available via PlayNow live chat from 8am - midnight PST. The Lotto Max jackpot prize is carried over to the next draw if they are not won. The balance remaining is the Pools Fund, from which all other pari-mutuel shares of prizes are paid. *The EXTRA number(s) is valid for the same draw date(s) as the host game listed at the top of the ticket. Tell the retailer how many draws or mark the number on the slip. Ask for a LOTTO MAX Quick Pick or select seven numbers from a field of 1 to 50 on the slip. Once this happens, only MAXMILLIONS can grow.That means each line of numbers will have additional chances to win! The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

TBA. When the funds allocated to the 7/7 prize category exceed $50 million, the 7/7 Pools Fund shall be divided into (a) a main Jackpot prize of $50 million, and (b) a variable number of $1 million prizes. GameSense is here to help keep gambling a safe, fun source of entertainment. For a number not shown, leave it blank, and the retailer can enter any number from 1-25.


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