magee clan tartan

1731-1750 William Mcgregor (the Preacher) married Sarah Molly Flowers

He took his mother’s maiden name, Campbell.

The McGee surname has also been long associated with County Antrim, because of the peninsula at Lough Larne, known as the Island Magee which was part of their early Ulster territories.

Great grandfather was killed age 29 going to relieve General Gordo at Khartoum but his brother Robwrt went on to become Major General Sir Robert Porter. 1635-1686 Donald Glas Steward MacGregor married Margaret Campbell We are descended from the MacGregors on my mother’s side.

My boss is a Campbell and he too is the same as any other Campbell. It was the immediate family, followers and descendants who were known as the ‘Children of the Mist’ – not the whole of Clan Gregor.

Funny how a person can know nothing about a part of their culture, but feel it in their soul their whole life.

Ann Gordon I have just started my McGregor heritage. So I guess you could say we’re fans of the Gregor/McGregor/MacGregor clan . My father let me with he thought there were 6 or 7 generations. My great Grandfather 7 generations back was William Gregg who was born in Scotland and moved to America in 1680. Clan Gregor, also known as MacGregor, is one of the oldest clans in Scotland. [email protected] (note the 2xg). John Blacklow was a descendant of Blacklaws from the Blacklow Hills in the Scottish Border country. As the son of a Laird, Rob Roy was well educated in reading, writing and swordsmanship. Magee Clan Scarf  The Magee Clan Aran Scarf is a wonderful item of Magee heritage which will be cherished by the wearer for generations to come. We live in wirral merseyside uk. So proud to be a descendant of Rob Roy McGregor and to be able to pass down our family tree to my children and future generations. He knows the history and knows I dislike him.

In the 16th Century, a feud between a MacGregor and a Campbell erupted into a fierce war, when Grey Colin Campbell murdered the brother of Gregor Roy. Today, Clan MacGregor still has a clan chief, and a strong heritage with descendants all over the world. 883-940 Causantin II Macgregor married Malvina nic Domnhaill, daugther of Chief of MacKinnon Clan

Tartan Centre. I visited Loch Lomond last year and was very excited to visit Inverary Castle and see some of Rob Roy’s personal belongings there.

I was wondering has anyone changed their name ba. She married John Orr. Very proud to be from this clan☺️, I am a Grigor my son is Leny Grigor, 9 years of age. We visited Loch Lomond for boat trip and saw the land owned by the McGregors and a McGregor still lives there his name is Fergus McGregor. It was very helpful!
Ewan McGregor in Cannes, 2012. I have been to Australia three times. It was this novel which catapulted a much-loved folk hero into wider fame. A wonderful history of clan MacGregor! His daughter, Sandra, my mother moved to Grey County close to a hamlet named Rob Roy.

Mac Aodh means ‘son of Aodh’, a popular personal name meaning ‘fire’. I cannot trace family tree back into Germany. 1800-1836 Jehu Jay McGregor Married Sarah (Sallie) Dodson my great great great great great grand father is Rob ROY MacGrigor. I descended from William Gregg, ‘the immigrant ‘ who was part of William Penns Colony in Delaware. Its an honor to be apart of this cite. The Scottish Magees arrived in Ulster during the plantations. Meanwhile, his wife and children were thrown out of their home by the Duke’s men. I have always been proud of my family name. They tried, by fair means or foul, to wean other MacGregors away from their allegiance to their clan in favour of Clan Campbell. Legend says he spoke both Gaelic and English. Photo by Andrewmckie / CC BY-SA 4.0. . Though Rob Roy offered to pay at least some of the money back, the Duke declared him a thief and had him bankrupted.

The most famous of Irish sweaters is the Aran Sweater. My Great-Great Grandfather was Peter McIntyre, his Grandmother was Mary MCGregor, there are McDonalds, McFarlanes, Campbells sprinkled through our tree, my Grandmother spoke of us being related to Rob Roy and I would like to find where our Mary McGregor (b1750?)

However it was probably necessary for Gregor of the Golden Bridles to assert this as he was not himself in the direct male line of the previous chiefs (it is hard to say just when this motto was adopted – though the original coat of arms (with a pine rather than an oak tree) was adopted c1085). So with their allies from Clan MacFarlane, the MacGregors marched out to face Clan Colquhoun in the infamous Battle of Glen Fruin.

Ann Marie Heuser-Barnes (mother maiden name McGregor)01/09/17 - 04:41. Things had got severely out of hand. Now working on filling in with hard evidence.

Canada. I am researching my Petrie family and have discovered that they are originally from the MacGregor clan.

I’m from Canada and my 4x great grandmother was Margaret McGregor from Balqhidder Perthshire. I still have my relatives living in ireland today. This far I have the McLeish’s (also McLish), MacPherson’s and Straughan’s (also Strawn), nailed down and continue to search for the link to Rob Roy MacGrwgor. Your “researched” tree is nothing without a paper trail from the start, chances are you may find some disappointment). I have a family oral history that says our Eingarnter ancestors from Bavaria were MacGregors that fled the proscription. William was a teacher who became a headmaster and then inspector of schools. Still looking more into the full linage.

It is really exciting to be able to trace my family history all the way back to Scotland. My relative recently took a dna test which showed that he belonged to the Mc Gregor line but our last name is Brown but seems to disappear in our genealogy, do you know if this last name was used in the name changes from McGregor? Many Scottish McGhees arrived in Ireland as part of the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century. This same John McGregor was the piper at the Alamo. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. I’ve reached the end of my Whyte lineage that’s trackable and provable. 1772-1833 William Mcgregor SR married Mary Wylie, and Amelia Permelia Clark The Royal house of Siol Alpin dates to the 800s and Prince Gregor of the mid 800s. Very informative, iv been trying to research my family however i cant go past my fathers father because the guys seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth and all i know is his name. Our clan in the upper peninsula of Michigan celebrate our lineage every year with our very large direct family usually around 100-300 Scottish clan members come together annually to celebrate our ancestry and I honor the namesake my father gave to me!

There are so many that emerge from the clans of Scotland and, occasionally,the good guy(s)win! Karen Koivu ( maiden name Buckberry)30/09/20 - 16:40. Hello, my Grandmother used to often talk about our Scottish origins, she was a McIntyre, her father was born at Stuckendroin on the banks of Loch Lomond but left to start a new life in Queensland Australia.

My 6th Ggrandfather William McGregor came over from Scotland in the mid 1700’s and settled in North Carolina I am delighted to find this site.

Exciting to find out that I am a Macgregor. I am also researching my family tree. I have track my Wife’s paternal line back to Those who worked for the clan would take the surname, and those who needed protection would pledge themselves to the chief and accept the clan name as their own.

Iam Looking For Information on My 6 generations Great Great Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother Walter Mc Gregor and Margaret McGregor (Martin) And There Daughter Mary Stevenson (McGregor)My Great Great Great Grandmother Died Mar 26 1894 Menstrie Clackmannannshire Married John Stevenson Had A Son Robert Stevenson 1843-1908, Frederick Ludwig Stettner Jr10/01/19 - 05:44.


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