megi lamp

Please stay tuned. Megi adds magic to any room! The AI-powered electromagnetic field controls the safe operating temperature of the lamp and automatically detects any approaching conductive material in advance for auto power-cut. Megi Lamp with the unique elegant design and ambient light which amazes your home visitors and perfectly suits your home interior and with the Auto-catch feature which prevents the Bulb from falling or breaking. Easily brighten or dim the lamp with a single touch on the base or by using voice commands. Megi is a next-generation intelligent home device that adds convenience and style to any home. Our busy lives and daily responsibilities are a heavy burden that we all carry. It’s more than a lamp, it’s an incredible sight and an interesting conversation starter. Qi Lamp – Beautiful Colorful Wireless Charging Lamp For Your Smart Home, Samsung Galaxy A Quantum With Quantum Encryption Technology, RENPHO Smart Air Purifier with Wi-Fi & Alexa Control, Amazon eero 6 Faster And Better Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6, Gazer Projector Brings Breathtaking 360-degree Experience, Proscenic T21 Revolutionary Air Fryer with Alexa control, PrinCube World’s Smallest Absolute Color Printer, PlayLearn Gorgeous Sensory LED Bubble Wall, PE Impressive Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor, LUMI MARK II Perfect Camera & Phone Mount, Lexon Tykho 3: The Adorable Personal Speaker, LaCie SSD – High Performance External SSD Supports Awesome 540MB/s Data Transfer Speed, Apple Latest Announcement at WWDC about the TVOS, WatchOS, iPadOS, Snore Circle – Smart Anti-Snoring Kit To Improve Sleep Pattern, LightCam – 24×7 Smart Security Camera hidden under Lightbulb. We will include you in the newsletter of our VIP club! Its powerful integrated voice-control system lets users turn on/off the lamp or brighten/dim the light with simple commands. However it is after all a scientific technique that uses the power of magnets. Megi is the innovative elegant levitating Lamp which uses he Maglev technology to elevate the lifestyle in your home with the new unique lamp and the light illuminates the room using induction. Save 45%. Leanshelf is a Tech Media Platform for showcasing globally happening technology related news, events and product reviews. Megi has three different brightness levels which can be controlled by either voice or by tap, Megi emits the natural light imitating sun with the patented eye protecting anti blue light technology. It is powerful enough to use in your living room, dining room, or kitchen and with its dimmable design, it is soft enough to be used as a nightlight at the bedside. Get Megi Dimmable Floating Lamp at the best price! As the name implies, Megi inspires memories of magic, mystery, and fantasy. Megi is the world’s first lamp that has three different brightness levels to offer for the different scenarios to be recommended to use, the Megi Lamp can be controlled by either voice commands or in the traditional way using the sensitive touch button. Most popular smartphones by country: Is your Phone on the list? For an additional $49, you can get Megi Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb. The LED light is powered by induction as the lamp floats in mid-air without wires.

© 2016-2020 Equonix Tech Lab Private Limited. I’d give Megi Floating Lamp a 5/5 and am still in awe with its “Introducing Megi, an awe-inspiring floating lamp powered through the air like magic. Megi, an industrial designer specializing in smart furniture, announced the launch of a levitating lamp with a sleek metallic design, 3 levels of brightness and voice-controlled features for modern home Illumination.

Megi is the levitating lamp with the Maglev technology using the magnets with auto-catch protection to keep the Megi safe all the time. Get Megi Dimmable Voice-control Floating Lamp Family Pack at the best price! The Megi Levitating Lamp is available for 129$ in the early bird sale for basic version and 149$ for pro version. Get Megi Dimmable Floating Lamp Double Pack at the best price! Bring Megi home now!”. Switching light modes in your room can be done with ease. Get Megi Dimmable Voice-control Floating Lamp Pro Family Pack at the best price! Get Megi Dimmable Voice-control Floating Lamp Pro at a better price!


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