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Per Mia's request not to talk about Michael, Tina avoids talking to Mia all day. As Mia exits the Plaza she stops to address the paparazzi, specifically targeting Mr. Taylor and correcting things she previously said in her interview with Beverly. God!" Come on, please. Lana and Trisha get Mia to skip class so they can get Starbucks and they ask if she is dating J.P. now that he's saved her life. Mia asks Helen and Mr. Gianini what they are doing for Valentine's Day.

As Lilly signs off she tells Mia that if she doesn't want a party she should make sure Grandmère knows that. You talk to him much? Mia tries to tell Lilly she doesn't have to get her anything, but Lilly tells her she doesn't want to fight anymore. This makes Mia even more angry and she yells at Michael for just expecting her to wait around while he's off in Japan and Michael gets really quiet and asks her what she means. : Michael doesn't seem surprised but asks her if she's sure, which confuses Mia. Mia calls Phillipe when she leaves the embassy and he has the translation of Amelie's journal and her portrait sent to the loft. Grandmère takes Mia to an apology tea and gives Mia permission to host a slumber party. If I may be so bold, I would like an audience with Your Highness. Mia goes to school the next day and is surprised to find that her uniform does not fit anymore.

Mia carefully enters her princess lessons, but Grandmère tells her that the film crew is gone as Phillipe called her, so she arranged for Andy Milonakis to have a Royal Sweet Sixteen instead. She sends it out to get published under the name Daphne Delacroix, but she receives numerous rejections. Lana and Trisha run into Mia in the locker room and Lana thanks Mia for agreeing to speak at Domina Rei and apologizes for their not getting along over the years.

Tina asks what Mia is going to do about senior prom as she will need someone to go with and Michael clearly isn't going to. Mia tells Lilly she will run as long as Lilly promises to tell her if she and J.P. have had sex. Mia suggests that Michael name his band Skinner Box and Michael reveals that Mia's secret talent is writing. Grandmère confronts her about her behavior and tells her that if she wants to keep Michael she needs to play hard to get.

Lana tells her she felt the same way about Josh but she got over it and Mia will too. Kenny and Mia go to lunch and Mia begins to believe he is getting over her as he orders dumplings with meat in them, after giving it up when they first started dating. Everyone piles into the limo for rides home and Michael stops Mia before they get in and tell her that she looks really nice in her dress. Phillipe is in town for a UN summit and asks Mia what's wrong.

Mia tells Lilly she is just covering the story for Gretchen and is trying to stay out of her family's way. Lana cryptically tells Mia that she "knows" and to meet her.

Mia Thermopolis The girls tents are separate from the boys tents which Mia is concerned will make finding a place to make out with Michael more difficult. Mia apologizes again for trying too hard to be a party girl.

Mia helps Lilly, Tina, and Peter shingle the roof. Mia is woken up the next day by Rocky jumping on her, having been let in by Mamaw and Papaw, but Helen ushers them out. He e-mails Mia trying to explain why he didn't tell her about Judith and says he kind of expected her to wait for him since part of the reason he is going if for their relationship and he asks her to call him back. Martha Stewart, who was attending the wedding, overhears and pulls a glue gun out of her bag turning some menus into a crown and some stir sticks and ivy into a want - turning Mia into a beautiful Glinda. Over the summer Mia helps to open the Royal Genovian Health and Wellness Center, an idea she had after the global recession caused Genovia to lose tourism money. VII: Party Princess, The Princess Diaries, Vol. Mia is certain that everything will be ok with Lilly and J.P. Michael gives Mia her present - a Segway-like Human Transporter that he built himself. Grandmère calls and can tell something is wrong and is annoyed that Michael is one of "those" people who thinks events are stupid. : Before school Michael IMs Mia and tells her he'll be waiting with Lilly when she picks her up to talk to her but Mia calls Lilly and tells her she can't take her to school. Mia begs her dad to let her stay in New York for the summer, but he reminds her that she signed a contract. J.P. tends to like or dislike everything that Mia likes or dislikes, which her mother dislikes. :

The next day Hank stays home from accompanying Mia to school, but halfway through the day Lilly goes missing again and when they resurface Lilly refuses to tell Mia where they were or what they were doing. Mia Thermopolis

She tells Michael that she is getting published and he toasts to her success. : Mia doesn't think she's changed but J.P. points out that she eats meat and hangs out with Lana.

Lilly tells Mia that J.P. broke up with her because he didn't feel the same way about her that she did about him. She gives Mia an envelope from Michael that contains a note telling her he loved her book and a back-up copy of her manuscript on a Hoth Leia flash drive as a birthday present. She recalls a time she visited her grandparents in Indiana and mistakenly fell in a cistern and how she feels like she's at the bottom of that hole again. Ms. Martinez stops Mia after class to tell her she didn't know Mia was upset about her grade, but that she should be writing about something more substantive than pop culture, which causes Mia to be late to French. J.P. tries to make excuses but Mia tells him the point is that he lied, and admits that she lied too, about her college admissions.

Starting shortly after she discovers she is a princess she stands up to Lilly, defies her parents, and fights back with Lana. Grandmère reveals that she has arranged for Mia to be interviewed by Beverly Bellerieve on TwentyFour/Seven Saturday. Mia has a part-time job at the Falcon Sports Center for rock climbing and attends Grove High School with her best friend, Lilly Moscovitz, and her brother, Michael. Mia goes to Grandmère's to get ready for Domina Rei, and Grandmère is upset about her nail polish and her insistence on talking about Amelie. Mia promises Tina she'll talk to J.P. about prom and she ends up going with the group to go dress shopping. Nicholas Devereaux Five years later, Mia is preparing to assume the throne and officially become Queen but finds her title threatened and is thrust into an arranged marriage, otherwise, she will lose the crown. While Mia is in the bathroom she hears Grandmère screaming and comes out to find the restaurant in utter chaos as Rommel has escaped and been mistaken for a rat. Tina tells Mia that she and J.P. were on the cover of the post, as a couple (even though they aren't one). [9], Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia. Mia slams her book shut with Lana's hair in it as Lana turns away, pulling out a great deal of hair. Mia cries into her burger and Boris pats her on the shoulder and tells her she's doing the right thing. : Mia tells him that she already has plans and he feels bad because he's never had a girlfriend on Valentine's day and wasn't prepared.


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