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at parts i thought was funny not bad parts. Sean was hired to protect them. Well let me tell you something dude. 0:42. NC: You think it says that on his business card? As it turns out, Alex and Kate are two highly mischievous brats who vie for their often-too-absent father's attention by wreaking havoc in the household via elaborate and rather vicious pranks and booby-traps, with their specialty targets being the nannies he has assigned to take care of them (Alex Sr. is a widower). I caught this movie on HBO early morning one day, so I decided to give it a look. But as mediocre as his talent is, he is somewhat fun to watch. Thinking that he is a new (albeit unusual) replacement, they find a new target in Sean. EddiesInTheWater 6,813 views.
This movie is so funny, and Hulk Hogan is a crack up. External Reviews Pro Wrestling is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It actually didn't totally stink! This movie should have one an Oscar for most unique concept, or perhaps the worst idea ever. Much like his stunt brawling, his acting skills was pretty mellow and standard. I did not know hulk Hogan I just thought he was a really really big man. Mason's kids; Alex and Kate make Sean's job harder because they want to get rid of him by setting up 'Home Alone' style traps so Sean will leave. Metacritic Reviews. I love that scene where Burt tells the story of how he saved Sean, the music in that scene is so kool and it's funny. I'm not so sure if too many people know about this movie including wrestling fans. At least. moments in it to be good. When the lasting image of Mr. Nanny is …


The vital information for this project is stored on a microchip. Despite a valiant effort, Sean is overpowered and Burt is taken as well, giving Thanatos an unexpected revenge bonus. It deserves at least 5.9/10!!

Anyways, the filmmakers must have took a sick day if they didn't notice that in editing.

Mr. Nanny Length 84 minutes Date released October 8, 1993 Mr. Nanny is a 1993 romantic comedy film starring professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. I wonder if he ever got caught by the police. Now, you might not know why this produces nausea until I lay down the plot for you. Hulk Hogan is no great actor. That is not "totally" an excuse, but you can't view this movie in the same way you'd view "Citizen Kane." Disturbing. Seinfeld - Behind the Scenes ... IS HULK HOGAN FREDDY KRUGER OR MR. NANNY? I recently saw this movie on TV, and even though it's 10 years after release, the power of this film is undiminished. But the first impression when you hear of "Mr. Nanny" is instant nausea. I was a kid and a wrestling fan at the time, and Hulk Hogan in a movie? Thanatos: I desire your new computer chip.

but it's not a very,very bad movie. But I loved it when I was little, even the villain was funny to an extent. One hell of a funny movie! When Sean (Michael Keaton) met the kids, things really did get hilarious.

The old VHS tape are even worst with its tracking issues. It's painful to watch. One of the best things about it is when he suffers all that torture. Mr. Mason is developing a new anti-missile system and a man by the name of Tommy Thanatos is after the microchip that has the information. Tampering with a motor vehicle is a federal offense. After the Mason family is kidnapped, Sean does whatever it takes to get them back. His soft side is evident when he has to kiss the doll and sing corny songs. Nanny." Not good, but not that horrible--just plain watchable, that's it, This movie takes a lot of risks, but still has the fundamentals. 1: Hulk Hogan as a babysitter wearing a tutu. The pressure is too much. They could had killed harmless drivers or pedestrians with that recklessly. i mean why can't people just enjoy the film and if you don't like it then quite simply change the channel!! Watch it with a ten year old on a rainy day; the kid will laugh, you'll smile at their laughter, and you'll kill some time until something good comes on TV. It was not impressive. In Mr. Nanny, the combo was prowrestler and a babysitter. The movie was fun. My opinion of the movie has definitely faltered since I watched it back in grade school, but at the same time it maintained my interest for the entire hour and a half. To add onto that, the whole flashback connection with Armstrong with the villain is very far-fetched. Apparently, it has information on a gun that can shoot any kind of missile imaginable. To add onto that the acting from the child performers were not that good. Even with the Family Double Feature with the other Hogan flick 1991 'Suburban Commando', the footage still looks washed out with a lot of aliasing and shimmering.
The film's weakest link is the disgustingly over-the-top performance by Buster Poindexter's David Johansen.

It really does look like it aged badly on DVD on its own. Hulk Hogan is no master thespian, but it's funny to see him take a lot of pratfalls involving a series of booby traps (he gets smashed on the head with a bowling ball in one scene). Rewatching this reminds me how good the nineties actually was; if only I could turn back the clock. October 26, 2020 Monday Night RAW results, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship,

I mean if your expecting an oscar winning film with hulk hogan the you can get to mars. Probably the most mind blowing thing for me was reading that a lot of the Hulkster's on screen time was adlibbed, and that some of the most poignant lines in the film weren't actually in the script. A former professional wrestler is hired to be the bodyguard/nanny for a couple of bratty kids whose inventor father is being stalked by a rival.

It only got about 3.0/10! Mr. Nanny aint that bad. It's hard for me to say which part of the torture was the most hilarious. You expect it to just be good. These pranks could had cripple or killed Armstrong. Makes me wonder if he wrestled as him overseas in Japan or something.

Infact, I'm still laughing. Mr. Nanny was truly rough stuff. Better to stay away. | A winning combination in that movie. As a kid, I thought of Hulk as the unstoppable guy, and he was pretty much the unstoppable guy. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved this movie! They really goofed there. A true modern classic. At least in that movie, the Hulkster had a talented actor like Christopher Lloyd to feed off. In summary, these children are just awful unlikeable brats. Not only that, but the lyrics felt repetitive simpleminded over exposition dumps. This is one flick I can't recommended even if you're a diehard Hulkamanic. I highly recommend MR.

Before I wrap this up, I must say that the performances were top grade and the cast was perfectly chosen. But it is neither the inventor nor the chip Sean has to guard - he is to look after the two Mason kids: Alex Jr. (Robert Hy Gorman) and Kate (Madeline Zima). Sure, it was funny to see a serious action star (the one from the very first "xXx" film) get in a big mess with several wacky children, but "Mr. Nanny" takes the cake as a very funny "man of the house" type of film!

Another thing that didn't work for this movie is the soundtrack. One of the best things about it is when he suffers all that torture. It may be quite experimental, and thus not for everyone's tastes, but it features a tour-de-force performance by Hulk Hogan reminisent of his unforgettable RIP Thomas. The working title of the film was Rough Stuff, and David Johansen (who plays the villain) also recorded a song by that name for the film. Sometimes you expect a certain something from a film. | Awards Mr. Nanny is a 1993 romantic comedy film starring professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. So every smart ass reviewer can just take him in the right context or not watch anything by him if they expect him to actto an oscar winning standard. but this is a perfect movie to make fun of,and laugh a lot at things that are not meant to be funny,and it's not hogen's worst movie.

i laughed twice in this movie. Oh, and this reminds me--the Hulk can act outside of the ring! Wow! Even without a stupid shiny metal plate. The running gag of his house getting evicted felt a bit unrelated. If you dont believe that this movie is a comedic jewel watch the scene were Burt(Mr. Jefferson, movin' on up) try to show the little boy how to defend himself against bullies. This movie is SO much better than the Vin Diesel movie "The Pacifier." Hulk Hogan is awesome and hilarious as Sean Armstrong, who is an ex-wrestler who is soon hired by Alex Mason, Sr to protect his kids. When Sean (Michael Keaton) met the kids, things really did get hilarious. Many of them were so dangerous that whole scenes were censored in VHS versions around the world like the ones in the United Kingdom. Even though I thought that the kids (Robert Hy Gorman and Madeline Zima) were absolute brats at first, I still enjoyed their performances.

Even with that, in the end when Sean and the family are really getting along, these children are trying to kill him by sabotaging his ride. Image no.

Anyway i've had my little rant, i love films like this! The unscrupulous and vain Tommy Thanatos (David Johansen) is after Alex Sr.'s chip, and he will not stop at anything to get it. In truth they're quite deadly and sadistic like electrocuting him while he takes a shower or choking him while he was lifting weights.

Good stuff, they are! Taking about weird surreal cameos. So just don't. One of the funniest family movies out there. While he does hate children, he quickly bonded stereotypical with them by helping the children with their over clichés problems such as poorly dealing with Alex's lunchroom tormentors by allowing him to bring a taser like weapon to school rather than talking to the bully's parents. While the 1990s over the top unrealistic cartoony booty traps slapstick pranks on Sean are play out as laughs. Nanny!" Not long, and not hard, but I laughed all the same. Thanatos - Duration: 0:42. Could had been cut in editing.


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