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Norwegian Spruce Trees For Sale. "value": "20 - 40 Feet" }, The Picea abies, is an evergreen better known as the Norway spruce.

{ //Structured Data for Product Orders typically ship out within 2 business days. has a Shopper Approved rating of ] "value": "Full Sun" Norway Spruce was grown as a … We've gotta protect good ole' Mother Nature, after all.

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Its narrow shape and tight branching, coupled with its exceptionally fast growth rate of nearly a foot a year, means this particular species will settle in and quickly improve your landscape in any situation. The Norways tall and narrow shape also makes it an ideal choice for bordering properties or creating windbreaks in especially windy areas. The design of the tree’s branches also aids it in maintaining its conical shape under a load of snow. As a testament to its hardiness and ability to withstand cold climates, it is often found at up to 6,000 foot elevations. "name": "Growth Rate", "image": "", { "value": "Moderate"

… "description": "The Norway spruce is a coniferous evergreen often used as a decorative tree, as a windbreak, or as noise abatement. The tree’s branches and compact formation help ensure that it can endure heavy winters with a lot of snowfall, as well as surviving extremely cold temperatures. Adding this elegant and shapely conifer to the landscape of your property, whether residential or commercial, will bring you a lot of enjoyment. © 2020 Brown’s Tree Farm. } "name": "Mature Form",

"value": "Pyramidal"

adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; Information on some of the other popular varieties of trees we carry... Information on Colorado Blue Spruce trees. 4.7/5 Their bright green needle-like foliage gives way to a deep blue-green color as the tree matures. "value": "Adaptable" It can tolerate acidic soils well, but doesn’t grow well on dry soil. Once your order is placed online, our magic elves get right to work picking, staging, boxing and shipping your trees. The Norway Spruce is a pyramidal tree that can grow to a height of about 60 feet in cultivation.

"@type": "PropertyValue", You’ll be able to create your own personal winter wonderland.

Wholesale Norway Spruce Trees (Picea abies) The Norway spruce is a coniferous evergreen often used as a decorative tree, as a windbreak, or as noise abatement. It has dark-greenish blue needle-like leaves and in the wild is commonly used for reforestation. "height": "50 - 80 Feet", The Norway Spruce prefers moist soils and has a high tolerance for both alkaline and acidic soils.

"name": "Mature Spread", Wholesale Balled & Burlapped Spruce Trees, Wholesale Balled & Burlapped Arborvitae Trees & Hedges, Wholesale Balled & Burlapped Hemlock Trees, Wholesale Ornamental Trees For Landscaping, Wholesale Fast Growing Hedge Trees For Privacy, How to Care for Your Living Christmas Tree. Not only is it the most disease-resistant out of all the spruce trees, but it can also tolerate a wide variety of different soils both in terms of soil consistency (clay soils, sandy soils, etc) but it can also tolerate a wider range of acidity as well--provided the soils are moist and watered. based on 14997 ratings and reviews. The short & sweet answer is: "United States Department of Agriculture Restrictions." adroll_currency = "USD"; As such, it's no surprise that the Norway Spruce is one of the most widely planted Spruces. "value": "2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7"

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The Norwegian Spruce tree is also the fastest-growing spruce tree, even growing up to 3 ft a year for it's first first 25 years or so! The Norway Spruce is also an ideal choice if you are interested in starting your very own Christmas tree business to run during the holiday months. "@type": "PropertyValue", Outside of its natural habitat the Norway Spruce is prized primarily as an ornamental tree in urban and suburban gardens with limited space, as well as on commercial properties where landscaping space can be minimal. Norway Spruce varieties love the cooler temperatures of the higher zones, up to zone 7, but can also enjoy the warmer zones, down to zone 2.

The tree typically reaches five feet within … "@type": "PropertyValue",

"name": "Soil Type", However, the low branching and their tight structure of dense needles do make the Norway Spruce a wonderful solution for creating windbreaks, or a wall of natural privacy along a property boundary, by grouping them together or in a line. {

While we wish we could serve everyone, it's for the safety of native species and helps prevent the spread of invasive disease & pests. Norway Spruce.

You will receive email notifications along the way on the progress of your order, as well as tracking information to track your plants all the way to their new home! "@type": "Product", All of our orders ship via FedEx Ground!

All rights reserved The Tree Center 2020. All rights reserved. You may have had a smaller specimen in your own home at one time or another while you were growing up.

You will want to be mindful not to place other plants too closely to the Norway Spruce as its diameter may prevent those plants from growing in the future. "@type": "PropertyValue",

"alternateName": "Picea abies", "@type": "PropertyValue", Nursery containers come in a variety of different sizes, and old-school nursery slang has stuck. { Even though the spruce can grow to heights of 50 feet or more, the tree still has an impressive spread of up to 25 feet in diameter, with multiple branches full of soft inch-long, … It will also tolerate harder clay as well as soft sandy areas. Norwegian Spruce trees thrive best in Zones 3-7. }, Their strong branches are able to withstand heavy snow fall and endure temperatures as low as -30F. Norway Spruce requires very little maintenance both in nature and in landscaping practices. Norwegian Spruce trees thrive best in Zones 3-7. In ideal locations and with minimal care, the Norway Spruce can be expected to live for well over 50 years. Larger animals like deer and antelope do not seem to bother the Norway Spruce. The Norwegian Spruce tree, or Norway Spruce tree (also commonly referred to as the European Spruce) is a large evergreen tree that can grow quite tall, typically higher than 160 ft. "name": "Sun Exposure",

{ { The bright green new growth gives way to a darker blue/green color as the branch matures. It can tolerate acidic soils well, but doesn’t grow well on dry soil. Imagine your children’s eyes as they light up on the first day of snow and see the beautiful Norway Spruce covered in a gentle dusting glittering in the morning sunlight. The tree typically reaches five feet within seven years. While the industry-standard terminology is to call the sizes "Gallon Containers", that doesn't exactly translate to the traditional liquid "gallon" size we think of. We measure from the top of the soil to the top of the tree; the height of the container or the root system is never included in our measurements.

Wouldn’t it be great to bring that holiday cheer to your very own yard? Given it's tall, hardy nature, it is also ideal as a windbreak. "additionalProperty": [ You'll find we carry young 1-gallons, up to more mature 7-gallons ranging anywhere from 6 inches to 6ft.

Because of the Norway Spruce’s dense foliage they do attract a multitude of wildlife, including birds and other small animals. The Norway Spruce traces its origins to the high, cold mountain ranges of northern Europe. The Norway spruce is a coniferous evergreen often used as a decorative tree, as a windbreak, or as noise abatement. A row of these large, fast-growing evergreen trees will quickly create a living green …

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If you are a celebrant of these holidays you can get many years of visual enjoyment from this tree. As you can see, the Norway Spruce is a prime choice for areas that may not have the mildest conditions; this can help make your landscape planning much easier. }, Their minimal maintenance and speedy growth rate can yield beautiful specimens and earn you a healthy return. },

adroll_pix_id = "T5DEBSDHVFG4FA3KSLHHKJ"; If your home sits on a large property and feels too exposed to the road, Norway Spruce will give you some welcome privacy. If you’re looking for an eye-catching tree to make the most of limited space this is one that could suit you perfectly. It’s suitable for cold climates and will thrive even through the harshest winters in the USA. },

Even though the spruce can grow to heights of 50 feet or more, the tree still has an impressive spread of up to 25 feet in diameter, with multiple branches full of soft inch-long, slightly curved needles. }, adroll_version = "2.0";
The Norwegian Spruce tree, or Norway Spruce tree (also commonly referred to as the European Spruce) is a large … "name": "Norway Spruce Trees", Norway Spruce were once used as masts on sailing ships. { "name": "Moisture",

If you have any questions about this tree, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-329-0140 and one of our trained specialists will be glad to help! Whether you are placing it along your property’s boundary to create a dense privacy wall, or using it to enhance a smaller country garden that is lacking a large focal plant, this tree will fit your needs perfectly. Every state has their own unique USDA restrictions on which plants they allow to come into their state. All tree, and nothin' but the tree! However, if you are an avid gardener with some time to dedicate to the tree’s upkeep, you will find great joy in pruning it to be aesthetically appealing. ", Native to most of north and central Europe. "@type": "PropertyValue", "url": "", "@type": "PropertyValue", Otherwise, the only time pruning will be necessary is to trim back new growth during the current season or to remove any dead or dying branches. You can let nature take its course and the tree will grow as if it were in the wild.

It was first discovered in the Thuringian Forest in Germany in the early 1900s. You might also recognize the Norway Spruce’s color and form in another context; they are commonly used as a focal point during holidays like Christmas or the Winter Solstice. It fares best in full sun and can tolerate mild to moderate droughts relatively well. "name": "Hardiness Zones", adroll_products = [{"product_id":"7508","price":"29.50","category":"evergreen trees"}]; This product is out of stock.

This particular spruce branches very closely to the ground so it isn’t particularly suitable for larger animals seeking shelter or protections from the elements.

If you have any further questions regarding our Norwegian Spruce trees or anything else, call us at 585-392-9279 or email us today. This is a fast growing species and in ideal conditions it can see nearly a foot of growth each year. Norway Spruce is the major tree in the Black Forest of Germany.

Its tall vertical reaches and ability to fit into smaller spaces make it a highly versatile and beautiful addition in almost any situation. The Norwegian Spruce is commonly used as an ornamental tree for many public parks and gardens and is also widely planted and used as a Christmas tree. These trees are an excellent choice for locations in colder areas. Even then there will not be a lot of work involved as the Norway Spruce is great at maintaining its shape. "@context": "",


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