philosopher's axe

), “Hmm,” thought The Imp again. That’s all I know. I learned forging at axe forge Gränsfors Bruk and then started working at axe forge Wetterlings, first as stand-in for the manager and then as ceo. 500–400 BC.
[7], According to Noam Chomsky, as described in Of Minds and Language (2009), the thought puzzle arises because of extreme externalism: the assumption that what is true in our minds is true in the world. So I think that the human animal is a physical being with a non-physical mind that inhabits its own abstract space. It raises the question: Why? Also, texts and computer programs may be edited gradually but so heavily that none of the original remains, posing the legal question of whether the owners of the original have any claim on the result. (Really, a big problem for AI and philosophy here is that the «I» of anyone else isn’t accessible except through personal testimony. I think you’re still conflating the ideas of the «I» and the «Me».
Always keeping high standards and working without compromise is my inspiration. That you respond to external input (including being wakened) during sleep seems to indicate a “standby” state of sorts that is aware of external input.

It’s not a self, just a part of our mental machinery. What a funny set of coincidences!”, So, what was left?

(Alternately, consider the original ship carted away to that backyard.). If an object has been repaired, or had parts replaced, it is obviously not 'original', but had it not been repaired, it would have been in poor condition, and possibly junked or cannibalized. As such, it will always exist. Currently not only do we have no clue about that wrt the mind, but we don’t even know if there is an algorithmic abstraction.

(And very much a point of the post. These fragments I have shored against my ruins – TS Eliot, The Waste Land, 1922. Mind may supervene on the entire physical system.

perhaps enough of the mind continues that the whole thing can be regarded as a continuous whole. “Hmm,” thought the Imp.

Then 21 to 28 was all about marriage, until The Imp ran away to join the circus when it was 28.

Philosopher Axe/ フィロゾフアックス. I was very unhappy for a long time…Until – ” and she stopped, smiling. ( Log Out /  A literal example of a Ship of Theseus is DSV Alvin, a submarine that has retained its identity despite all of its components being replaced at least once. This reminds me of the lectures I had on Philosophy of Identity.

, When I wake up, sometimes I am alert and jump out of bed to pursue my day’s goals without hesitation. Once upon a time, a youthful 35-year old Tricky and quite Little Imp met a 7-year old Impling. The distinction isn’t as sharp as for, say, color-colour or analyze-analyse (let alone hood-bonnet or trunk-boot ). I suppose it’s possible, and it’s actually an argument that atheists make (whether they realize it or not). This particular version of the thought puzzle was first introduced in Greek legend as reported by the historian, biographer, and essayist Plutarch: The ship wherein Theseus and the youth of Athens returned from Crete had thirty oars, and was preserved by the Athenians down even to the time of Demetrius Phalereus, for they took away the old planks as they decayed, putting in new and stronger timber in their places, insomuch that this ship became a standing example among the philosophers, for the logical question of things that grow; one side holding that the ship remained the same, and the other contending that it was not the same.

And does the screw count even then as “original”?) I like vowels and don’t want them to be lonely. Change ). We think about their «Me». ), “[P]eople care a great deal about getting original parts when they restore a car, but I have no idea at which point the car becomes no longer historical.”. Craft and nature also work as a calm oasis for many people in this fast spinning world. (Can I use a copy of that particular part, that one screw, for instance, or do I have to really get a screw that was from a particular time period? It was about the abstraction of the human mind, and that was in regard to the continuity (or not) of our personal experience (our «Me»), and that was off your very first sentence in this thread: “I’m not even convinced that consciousness is continuous.”. “Is it the same sort of space inhabited by an algorithm?” There might be a conflation of two ideas here. My thoughts: “The ship of Theseus” is both a and b. ( Log Out /  It is supposed that the famous ship sailed by the hero Theseus in a great battle was kept in a harbor as a museum piece, and as the years went by some of the wooden parts began to rot and were replaced by new ones; then, after a century or so, every part had been replaced. The son of Presbyterian minister and Biblical scholar, Dr. William Hamilton Jeffers, as a boy Jeffers was thoroughly trained in the Bible and classical languages. I make axes out of curiosity and love for the tool itself.

And I got a familiar journal!

; "a replica of Theseus's bed." Had to be. Plus, I like vowels and don’t want them to be lonely. I’ve long wondered if religion had an evolutionary value, and it seems it might. And so again, and very unimaginatively, The Imp thought, “Hmmm.” And then said, “It ain’t physical, but this sure as hell is a seven-year cycle in my life. “Because?”

The concept is one of the oldest in Western philosophy, having been discussed by the likes of Heraclitus and Plato by ca. Both raise ethical and legal questions, but the latter does especially. And a matter of language is not “just” a matter of language. There might really be a unity of apperception, but that doesn’t address the question of self in any meaningful way. Working with your hands makes you relate and connect to the world around you in a more respectful and humble way.

We have a new pancreas roughly every 24 hours. The thought puzzle appears in several more applied fields of philosophy. When we started making axes 2,5 million years ago, this marks our transformation to become humans in prehistoric times. This would make the implicit problems about the “I” much more explicit and obvious.

Consciousness of that mind is interrupted to a greater or lesser extent by sleep, and so the “I” may be discontinuous in nature. The history, the aesthetics, the culture, everything. Long live the King!” (which confused the crap outta me when I was young) speaks to how kingship transfers from person to person. The «I» is just the experience of existing, the phenomenology of qualia, and that is fairly consistent throughout our lives. The Impling was full of fun and life and they had a lot of fun together. Replacing the speed boat bit by bit doesn’t make it a different thing altogether. I'm not so sure it is analogous to time travel. imp, you are young and lucky. Which I have to say was awesome! Now at present, even though it has a complex granular structure, the “I” is contained within a single physical body. Even people who never think about what the “I” means would be forced to give it some thought. Even very large scones, even of dwarf bread, do not last for centuries. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

And in a ship made almost entirely of wood, crude iron, rope, and sail, everything rots, so eventually everything gets replaced. Parts that rotted away were replaced with exact replicas. That’s the missing piece with software AI. they knew. [9] Cognitive science would treat this thought puzzle as the subject of a biological investigation, as a mental phenomenon internal to the human brain. If it is, then what about the restored ship in the harbor still being the original ship as well? Several variants are known, including the grandfather's axe, which has had both head and handle replaced. If none of the original parts remains — let’s say even the metal bits have corroded and been replaced — it’s hard to claim it’s the same ship that sailed from Crete to Athens. ), “There might really be a unity of apperception, but that doesn’t address the question of self in any meaningful way.”, I agree.


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