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Bringing in hulk hogan to beat the crap out of Rocky had me cheering. and Rocky V makes the whole journey seem almost worthless. I think the third entry of the franchise is a big improvement over Rocky II in my opinion. Don't have an account? Parents need to know that Rocky III is the 1982 sequel in which Rocky takes on a vicious boxer (played by Mr. T) determined to take his World Championship belt. FAQ This match is rather entertaining and funny, but soon Rocky must face a new challenger to his belt, the very tough Clubber Lang played by a very tough Mr. T. Mickey does not want Rocky to fight this guy as Mickey has seen that Rocky has lost the fire in his eyes that got him the title and would most likely lose to this determined if a bit arrogant new fighter. Rocky is one of my all time favourite series of films and Rocky three, in my opinion is the best one ever. This is my favorite in the rocky movies. With Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Then , ¨The Italian Stallion¨ , the one time champion , returns to take on the ultimate boxing combat , as he comes out from retirement for fame and self-respect to combat the strongest , youngest and faster contender . [28 May 1982, p.C1], Rocky III, unlike its twin predecessors, is a charmlessly manipulative movie. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. By David Litton January 8, 2004. But overall it's a pretty good movie. 'Rocky III' is a very good entry in the series, though the quality does drop off just a little bit. Sure this movie is a bit more over the top than the previous Rocky movies, it to me is still my favorite. When we look at the players we see Sylvester Stallone in the role of Rocky, Talia Shire in the role of Adrian, Burt Young in the role of Paulie, Burgess Meredith in the role of Mickey, Carl Weathers in the role of Apollo, Mr.T in the role of Clubber Lang really did a very good job. Rocky evolves in this film into a boxer with speed, skill, intelligence and power. It continues the story of Rocky who is world champion and has defended his title in ten matches. An amazingly strong movie for a third installment. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Very comfortable for two, with plenty of room. Both Martin and Rocky is maturing, the first one's drawings are better (emphasized by a number of full-pagers in color this time) and Rocky is starting to gain a true foothold in life. Two-bit fighter Rocky is now almost retired and has hit rock bottom , but he rises from ashes to fight a daring contender . Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. [Contact Us]  Sly's boxing saga begins to go lightweight. Both Martin and Rocky is maturing, the first one's drawings are better (emphasized by a number of full-pagers in color this time) and Rocky is starting to gain a true foothold in life. All rights reserved. About to be retired from boxing and back from riches to ring , Rocky takes on a new combat . We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. But the Masterstroke here lies in making Apollo a far more central character after Mickey's death. Amazing and Entertaining movie!it was emotional,dramatic,entertaining and full of high octane fights it was amazing,the music was good,the story was simple and amazing,the acting was pure phenomenal and iconic the Mickey's character is pure legendary again in this movie specially he's emotionally great,the new challenger's aggressive and abusive nature with amazing intensity it was well performed and Apollo and family members of Rocky they were amazing,the starting intro with Paul being Jealous of Rocky and the situation amazing handled by Rocky was amazing then him in peak of his career with the small fights it was amazing then the whole charity wrestling fight and cameo of Hulk hogan was extreme and over the top entertaining thing the fight and insanity of Wrestler punching everyone was disturbing and awesome,the new challenge for Rocky for title while retiring the whole Statue scene the challenger's abusive arguments it was insanely amazing then the whole prep for fight and Mickey's thing for Rocky it was brilliant,the Mickey's last moments and the crowded push scene it was literally heart-breaking and emotional scene literally he's the most iconic character he was brilliant,then the whole Apollo taking the place as trainer and his friendship with rocky was amazingly showcased the training scene were amazing as hell,the beach conversation of Adrian and Rocky was great and amazing,the last half was literally amazing the rematch fight with punches and insane arguments it was hell of a amazing and intense fight it was entertaining and then the ending with title it was awesome and satisfying the ending friendly match between Apollo and Rocky before credits was amazing way to end,the whole movie was simple and amazing,it was intense,dramatic,emotional and entertaining its a amazing movie! Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... We rank the 25 best-reviewed horror films of the 2010s. Rocky was a right hook that hit satisfying home: Rocky II was a good follow-up left: Rocky III is a redundant flurry of fisticuffs long after the match has been won and the referee has raised the victor's arm. REVIEW: Like the previous entry in the series, Rocky III begins in the ring, with a recap of the last fight. I can't believe it took me 25 years to actually find this. sequel interessante che ha fatto la storia del cinema. It is my third favorite Rocky film. It's as much fun as ever, a ground-meat-and-potatoes movie, with guys beating hell out of each other to a disco beat. Watched on Blu-Ray . Parent reviews for Rocky III. However crazy it may sound, rearranging of the Rocky story works and it works well. Amazing and Entertaining movie!it was emotional,dramatic,entertaining and full of high octane fights it was amazing,the music was good,the story was simple and amazing,the acting was pure phenomenal and iconic the Mickey's character is pure legendary again in this movie specially he's. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. You will be glad you did. Seen each film 50 times and i've seen great films like the godfather and many films in the top 250 on the internet movie database. Survivor delivered with “Eye of the Tiger” a timeless classic that became one of the most well know tracks of all times. A Fighter. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rocky sets out to show true reality in many ways. Continuing my plan to watch every Sly Stallone movie in order, I come to the second sequel to the Oscar winning ' Rocky', Rocky 3. Parents say . Rocky 111 extraordinary movie which inspired a nation and perhaps the best in the series. The screenplay isn't good at all for the plot wastes time on sequences that don't even play any relevant role in the final… Review by IronWatcher ★★★½ . [Reception]  It relates to the first movie and gives you a perspective. Clubber Lang played by the legendary Mr. T. Who is young and hungry while Rocky became. He lost his trainer, his title, and most of all, his self-respect to one of the most that makes me angry villains ever to grace the silver screen: Mr. T's Oscar-robbed performance as Clubber Lang and had to regain the 'eye of the tiger' to get it all back in front of the world. Stallone pulls no punches; the familiar refrain features the Rocky I score, along with its characters and moral simplicity. and Hulk Hogan all creating mayhem in the same movie? Once again exciting matches and heartfelt drama. ", Definitely the worst installment here,ROCKY III seems rushed and slapped together a fast track to maintain the title and a Mr. MOTIVATOR foe that is 2 pages from an A-TEAM script help this movie fail somewhat.however as part of the ROCKY story this is a springboard into the development of ROCKY as a champion and how he must overcome the handbag bouts he was discretely given by the infamous MICK...theres not much else to say except B.A is bad ass. He scores ten consecutive wins, lands lucrative endorsement contracts and becomes famous throughout the world. The movie was blockbuster, it launched the song "Eye of the Tiger" in unbelievable heights, and it achieved crazy success in every way. But the third film in my opinion has the perfect blend. Like, REALLY attractive. Rocky III (1982) is definitely tied best Rocky film with IV. Well they do end up fighting and Rocky loses and gets hit even worse by the passing of his mentor. Summary: As Rocky Balboa fights his way into the hearts of millions, life couldn't be better. WOW, all of this and I still haven't even mentioned CLUBBER! This was my third Rocky film of the five films I saw in the 90's. Film ok. Avevo optato per questo Blu-Ray anche grazie alla copertina nuova e molto ben fatta, ma alla fine mi sono vista consegnare questo Blu-Ray con la copertina vecchia (Edizione Germania): Reviewed in the United States on 13 April 2011. A must see in the franchise. Stallone is good despite the screenplay. | The first one will always be the best. 30 minutes shorter than its predecessors-- according to audience reactions I still disagree with, that's the same curse that held "Superman IV" in Hollywood Purgatory (or maybe lower). Another film worthy of a Frank Stallone sound track, Rocky 3 has been one of the biggest box office turn outs in history. “ROCKY III” CRITICAL REVIEWS. However with some encouragement from family and friends, anything and everything is possible. Sylvester Stallone is awesome. And friends are becoming parents! The answer is - Obviously longer than common sense allows.


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