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Co-star Harvey Keitel fell out with the new director and didn't stick around for post-production, leaving him very obviously dubbed by British actor Roy Dotrice, which is all the more obvious since he also voices many of the public address announcements in the early scenes. To be fair to the eminent filmmaker Stanley Donen, he only ever intended to produce Saturn 3 for his old friend, John Barry. Though a British production (made by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment and shot at Shepperton Studios), the film has an American cast and director. The strange robot known as Hector appeared in 1977's Saturn 3, which took place aboard a space station orbiting Saturn and starred Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett, and Harvey Keitel, though he was oddly dubbed over by an uncredited Roy Dupuis. The film that actually emerged from its difficult production is a bizarre, ungainly beast – sometimes slow and daft, at other times shambling and unintentionally comical.

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As Benson uses the link to his brain to program the robot, Hector acquires Benson's homicidal nature and his lust for Alex.

Reportedly, Donen was dissatisfied with Harvey Keitel's characteristic Brooklynaccent.

All 3 actors seem either uncomfortable, or a bit OTT or not very good.

Hector then blows up Benson's spacecraft before Adam and Alex can escape in it, trapping them all on Saturn 3 together. Select the department you want to search in. The great Elmer Bernstein’s score went largely unused, and a couple of graphic scenes of violence wound up on the editing room floor – one of them depicting Benson being eviscerated by Hector. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average.

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Originally set to be the directorial debut of production designer John Barry, he soon fell foul of Kirk Douglas (whose ego was already smarting from taking second billing to Farrah Fawcett in what would be the last attempt to turn her into a major big screen star) and was replaced after a few days by producer Stanley Donen. The couple have been on Saturn 3 for three years, but Alex has spent all her life in space. Instead of the low-budget, intriguing sci-fi thriller John Barry had first dreamed up years before, we got the relatively pricey, starry, and somewhat kitsch version of Saturn 3 brought to the screen by Donen. The film was already bad (i.e., slow, boring, pointless) to begin with. Hector, a colossal “Demi-god Series” robot assembled by Harvey Keitel’s sinister Captain Benson, is powered by brain tissue somehow extracted from human fetuses. In 1984, he penned the novel Money, which was directly inspired by his brief spell as a screenwriter on a multi-million-dollar movie. Alex and Adam's id… The story goes that Keitel refused to go back to loop in his voice during Saturn 3‘s post-production, so Dotrice was brought in to dub the dialogue instead. Kirk looks too old to be having rampant sex with the delightful (looking) Farrah Fawcett, and she, bless her, hasn't really found her acting chops. The film? Barry – not to be confused with the composer of the same name – was the production designer behind the original Star Wars, for which he won an Oscar for Best Art Direction. So we made do, and frankly, no real problem. The chopping, changing, and cost over-runs were such that a couple of effects shots were even cribbed from an episode of Space 1999. Travelling or based outside United States? What ecological disaster has left the Earth in such disarray that, as Benson hints in one scene, its inhabitants have resorted to eating dogs? ”Alien, I guess, had about eight or nine characters, which is a nice handful,” Donen said. [citation needed] Additional music cues were also added to scenes involving the opening credits and Benson's death; in fact, much of Elmer Bernstein's score was removed or reedited. The ordeal of writing Saturn 3 clearly left a mark on Amis’ consciousness. Both Keitel and the robot turn out to be evil. But, putting them together as lovers?!! It’s about a pair of scientists (played by Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett) who work on an orbiting outpost parked somewhere in the vicinity of Saturn.

You’ve probably gathered by now that Guyland was based on Kirk Douglas. They then released the film which I enjoyed very much. These were a dream sequence that involved both Adam and Alex killing Benson and a scene where Hector ripped apart Benson's dead body on a table in one of the colony's laboratories. “It has pincers which are used to take something from Farrah’s eye,” Donen explained.

Benson assembles the robot and names him Hector. Overpowering the humans, Hector installs a brain link at the top of Adam's spine which will give the robot direct access to Adam's brain. ”We‘ve really got just three. Writer Steve Gallagher, who wrote the novelization of Saturn 3, described the version of the script he worked from as “terrible” and “truly inept.”, “That may not be Amis’ fault,” Gallagher said. (Apparently on Earth you can have sex with anyone you want no questions asked, so naturally ol' Harvey thinks he's got it made.) Because Keitel refused to take part in post-production looping, Keitel's voice is dubbed over by British actor Roy Dotrice who, for this performance, adopted amid-Atlantic accent. Video availability outside of United States varies. Aided by his 'helper robot' Hector, Benson reduces life to one single purpose...survival. It's probably a miracle the film came out at all, but the scars do show. “He didn’t go nude for me but, on the set, he was always ripping his clothes off. What are those strange insignias seemingly tattooed on the characters’ faces? Artificial Gravity: The Space Station at the start has people walking on the ceiling as well as the floor.

Saturn 3 was released on VHS by CBS/Fox Video, PolyGram, Magnetic Video and Artisan Entertainment.

And, toward the end of the movie, Hector is chasing Kirk and Farrah. Hector makes a thoroughly convincing mechanical menace, and can proudly take his place alongside the likes of HAL-1000 and The Terminator in the robotic sci-fi gallery of evil automatons. In essence, Hector soon has all of horny Harvey's unbalanced thoughts & carnal desires, so you can guess where that's gonna lead. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The bare bones of the story took the haunted house in space trappings of Alien and fused them with the rampaging AIs of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the schlocky Dean Koontz adaptation, Demon Seed. But, when the movie got to a part where Fawcett's and Douglas' characters were intimate, my boredom turned to absolute disgust. The ageing film star "Lorne Guyland", obsessed by his own virility, is based on Douglas. The couple have been on Saturn 3 for three years, but Alex has spent all her life in space. Money is about a director who embarks on a doomed attempt to make his first feature film, which undergoes a title change and sees its production mired in a series of unforeseeable setbacks – not least the antics of one Lorne Guyland, an ageing actor who’s determined to take his clothes off in the movie as often as possible. But, given all the rumors long circulated about old men in Hollywood with kids, I shouldn't be surprised that these types of movies keep getting pushed for so long.

I enjoyed this film very much and would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something a little different. He said he’d seen Alien a few weeks before filming began in a 1980 interview with Starlog Magazine, and that he liked the 1950s Howard Hawks-Christian Nyby sci-fi horror, The Thing from Another World. John Barry conceived the project as a much more lavish vision of the future.

Donen himself admitted that the story was changed heavily as the movie came together: “We went through all sorts of thoughts,” Donen said after Saturn 3 wrapped. Well, here they are, and good ones too, but to read them properly you cannot enlarge the screen as that obliterates part of the subs. They remove the floor panels of the space station and cover the hole with a flimsy material, so that when Hector steps on it, it'll collapse, and Hector will fall through to the bitterly cold cauldron beneath. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. With a killer robot on the rampage and Harvey Keitel being alternately shark-eyed and deranged, you might think that Saturn 3‘s a solid cult gem in the making.

His original draft went under a completely different title – The Helper – and it was this slab of text that interested producer Lew Grade in making the movie.


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