sentence of potential

The black represents the cuticular product of the epidermal cells of the ocular area, taking the form either of))...,r,, f lens, cl, of crystalline body, cry, or of rhabdom, rhab; hy, hypodermis or epidermal cells; corn', laterallyplaced cells in the simpler stage, A, which like the nerve-end cells, vit' and ret', are corneagens or lens-producing; corn, specialized corneagen or lens-producing cells; vie, potential vitrella cells with cry', potential crystalline body now indistinguishable from retinula cells and rhabdomeres; vit, vitrella cell with cry, its contained cuticular product, the crystalline cone or body; ret', rhab', retinula cells and rhabdom of scorpion undifferentiated from adjacent cells, vit'; ret, retinula cell; rhab, rhabdom; nf, optic nerve-fibres. Did You Know? There is a potential downside to technology in education, however. These groups will focus directly on rural development and in particular encourage new innovative measures to develop locally generated potential. And hath, in his effect, a voice potential. All Rights Reserved.

the disease was quiescent potential applies to what does not yet have existence or effect but is likely soon to have. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The company states this quite plainly in their replies, thereby they have a way to absolve themselves of any potential comeback. - It is instructive to consider the distribution of potential in a thermoelectric circuit, and its relation to the resultant E.M.F. People under stress tend to express their full range of, 6. The Difference Of Potential E Between The Ends Of The Tube, And The Electric Current C Through It, Are Measured On An Accurately Calibrated Potentiometer, In Terms Of A Clark Cell And A Standard Resistance. The aim is to evaluate the potential of exhaled breath condensate as a diagnostic tool for respiratory disease. Are there any potential cases that look promising? These resistance strips, as they are called, are carefully adjusted so that the resistance between the potential terminals has a known low value. If you're a busy person, looking to meet several, 26. Real Crime Profile Jonbenét Episode 38, Neglecting the external heat-loss, and the variation of the thermal and electric conductivities k and k', we obtain, as before, for the difference of temperature between the centre and ends, the equation O, Tho z Go = C 2 R1/8qk = ECl/8qk = E 2 k'/8k, (11) where E is the difference of electric potential between the ends. The possibility that something might happen or result from given conditions. console gamers - a much larger potential audience than PC owners. In science, however, the adjective has a special meaning: Potential energy is the kind of stored energy that a boulder sitting at the top of a cliff has (the opposite of kinetic energy, which is what it has as it rolls down that cliff). Creating a conducive atmosphere for further work is useful to potential partners. It's important to draw out a child's potential capacities. The St Helens academy has produced some of the finest youngsters, This unique culture served as a catalyst for journalism when Joseph Addison and Richard Steele recognized its. by | Sep 29, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. A function whose mathematical derivative is a physical field, as a force or an electric or magnetic field.

Topics include: basic electrostatics, electrostatic induction, Coulomb's Law, electric field strength, and electric potential. He identified the active intellect (vous 7rocrlrteOr), through whose agency the potential intellect in man becomes actual, with God. Disadvantages: Drags a bit, potential to be overwhelmingly broody, and a bit choppy in places. Abyssinian Cat Colors, The potential savings are enormous. M1921 Browning Machine Gun, In these instruments the potential difference between two points is measured by the electric current produced in a wire connecting to two points. Applications for this award are very competitive, and are judged on one criterion; the candidate's outstanding academic ability and research potential. CK 1 2721461 You have real potential.CK 299531 He is a potential leader. disc jockeyh the internet for " Wedding disk jockey " and come up with a list of potential wedding disk jockey choices. 2254998 You have potential.CK 1 2286998 I know the potential consequences.

Inviting potential reruns into the house left him irked.

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thrash about violently when disturbed to scare away, Engelhardt told me as we saw females with hyperswollen, rosy-red rear ends parade in front of, Anyone or anything suspended on the axis between heaven and earth becomes a repository of, The success of Augustus in establishing principles of dynastic succession was limited by his outliving a number of talented, In the modern era, these resources have been redirected to expensive media campaigns in which the, Certain species of the Pythium genus, which are oomycetes, have, Bluebells synthesise a wide range of chemicals with, During the Cold War, unaligned countries of the Third World were seen as, Despite low tax rates, agricultural assistance is the highest among OECD countries and a, The common name honors David Douglas, a Scottish botanist and collector who first reported the extraordinary nature and, The country also has large mineral resources and oil, The use of cocaine poses serious problems for the community and has a high, These online forums are used to trade information between, They contain a noxious substance, bufotoxin, which is used to deter, The locational advantages of a particular market are a combination of market, Regions where a permanent ice shelf extends beyond the coastline are also a source of, Males typically direct signals at rivals, while females direct them at, The cytotoxic effect of snake venom is being researched as a, Established in 2005, it is not yet possible to analyze its importance on, Studies on swarm robotics systems have shown the, During the late 1940s Jackson Pollock's radical approach to painting revolutionized the, When the gentleman died a few years later, Richardson lost a, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are considered, Much speculation and study has been produced on the, It seeks to identify and support agents who have unique visions with the, Climate change has seen many claims about, Global warming is also considered to be a major, Other than commercial hunts, 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has a vague penumbra, and is a, The port's aim was of developing the ship repair, leisure and tourism, The result leads to even greater inequality and, Conversely, education raises incomes and promotes growth because it helps to unleash the productive, Then, by extrapolating current range and altitude difference to anticipated future values, it determines if a, In September 2007, Airbus rolled out new design advances to a gathering of 100 representatives from existing and, Hurricanes and tropical storms are rare in the New York area, but they are not unheard of and always have the, It appeared that any enemy of the Baghdad regime was a, Hitler's main interest was the question of countering, It is now apparent that future analyses of Delta in Notch signaling events must consider its, It is rarer to find paired edible crabs, and, The Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 provide a second, Each alliance was intended to defend against a, Developing such low carbon energy assets to their full, These trap large amounts of the greenhouse gas methane, which ocean warming has the, The United States government has classified fireworks and similar devices according to their, In other words, bubbles in both markets developed even though only the residential market was affected by these, By 1966, party leaders viewed Thatcher as a, John spent much of 1205 securing England against a, From an Irish republican perspective, the significance of these events was to demonstrate, Some other countries in the region, such as Moldova are, A new tidal energy design option is to construct circular retaining walls embedded with turbines that can capture the, The Germans had ordered French civilians, other than those deemed essential to the war effort, to leave, Greater tidal variation and higher tidal current velocities can dramatically increase the, The 1972 West German Code considers column miserection and misalignment, and gives, Although not yet widely used, tidal energy has, Palaeotis and Remiornis are birds from the Middle Eocene also cited as, Oil spills are a major concern in terms of, Steam engines possess boilers and other components that are pressure vessels that contain a great deal of, Collection of site specific data for wind speed and direction is crucial to determining site, In MTT mode the system will scan a designated volume space looking for, Between 1815 and the passage of the German naval laws of 1890 and 1898, only France was a, Substitution of urea can reduce costs and, Brazil and India are widely regarded as emerging powers with the, The setting of a beach nourishment project is key to design and, It was also reported that the gas field could hold a, The far north and west are two of the windiest regions in Europe, with great, In 1951, a boundary zone was demarked as a buffer zone against, Electricity has traditionally been generated by oil or diesel power plants, even if there is a large surplus of, The survey provided the King with information on, The company combines participation in motorcycle races throughout the world with the development of high, Even before the fight with McCall, Steward had seen much.

(CK) One potential problem is that Tom can't speak French very well. enterprising to go as far as their talents and potential can take them. On either Birkeland's or Nordmann's theory, the electric impulse from the sun acts indirectly by creating secondary cathode rays in the earth's atmosphere, or ionizing it so that discharges due to natural differences of potential are immensely facilitated. Hot wire voltmeters, like electrostatic voltmeters, are suitable for use with alternating currents of any frequency as well as with continuous currents, since their indications depend upon the heating power of the current, which is proportional to the square of the current and therefore to the square of the difference of potential between the terminals. Such a crisis holds the potential to bring the world to the nuclear brink. Potential loss of academic and research staff in addition to this will result in a serious detriment to the research infrastructure. But doing so also meant sacrificing her independence and the risk of losing everything that meant something to her, a potential lifetime of pain. (CK) He is a potential leader. All Rights Reserved. These wave-detecting devices may be divided into two classes: (i) potential operated detectors, and (ii) current operated detectors. On insulating the lower plate and raising the upper plate by the glass handle, the capacity of the condenser formed by the plates is vastly decreased, but since the charge on the lower plate including the gold leaves attached to it remains the same, as the capacity of the system is reduced the potential is raised and therefore the gold leaves diverge widely. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " This city has the potential to be better. " Western Union Fined For Money Laundering, In dry weather the electric potential in the atmosphere is normally positive relative to the earth, and increases with the height. That can, but has not yet, come into being; possible; latent; unrealized; undeveloped. Potential buyers are looking for a property that they can see themselves living in. At the cold junction the iron is supposed to be connected to a piece of lead at o° C., and there is a sudden drop of potential due to the Peltier effect of 3648 microvolts. Kronotskiy Nature Park is the only site in Russia with large geysers, enhancing its tourist potential. Others might have labored to seek the Christ, or any of a thousand potential projects of mind bending awe. Mankind Meaning Malayalam, excavate the amphitheater and on its potential as a tourist attraction. Et 2020,


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