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The convention center program emphasizes spaces for both public and private events, gatherings, and circulation, mixing the energy of convention … Game Changers: Architect Zena Howard is Using Design as Urban Healing. Creative Thinkers, Cleverly Disguised as Engineers. The project’s utility systems feature some cutting-edge sustainability elements. Dubbed Oakridge, the towers will include housing, office and retail as a contemporary architecture for the Pacific Northwest. The architectural approach creates a community experience that is simultaneously a building, an urban plaza, a park, and an ecosystem. For ten consecutive years, Vienna ranks first in the Mercer survey on cities with the best quality of life in the world. Hemlock lumber (also harvested locally) was cut into blocks and assembled into a textured, geometric pattern which was applied along the elevator corridor and other large public spaces. The central design challenge was to create and integrate a 22-acre development program at the intersection of the urban realm and the shoreline and marine habitat. While perfectly balancing the load (confirmed by test), the brace force increases as the building sways toward the leaning column direction and reduces when the building sways opposite. For additional Glotman Simpson projects click here. ArchDaily 2008-2020. Not only is the form of the building exceptional, but its function as a center for civic life is as well. Vancouver Convention Centre West / MCM + DA + LMN, the world's most visited architecture website, © All rights reserved. Text description provided by the architects. Model was given to the steel fabricator for their use in commencing the shop drawing model. The Convention Centre lives up to these special demands. We ended up with our own plant, and hadn’t originally planned for square footage for a mechanical plant, so that was a problem to solve. Materials tracking through design and fabrication allowed full utilization of pre-purchase steel and maintenance of budgets. Visualization provided by these procedures illuminated both design opportunities and potential problems ahead of fabrication. Self centering technologies are some of the newest research topics in the seismic area today and the new convention centre can now benefit from a self centering solution unique in the world of buildings. The heart of the structural solution proposed in the earliest work was to be regular bays of multi storey trusses, some nearly 100 ft tall, and beams anchored to eccentric braced bays for seismic resistance. To them a lot of being green is in their cleaning methods, as well as in the way they feed the people who use the building," said Cole. “Vancouver already believed in sustainability,” said Reddington. To solve the problem, Glotman Simpson devised a UNIQUE diagonal brace with a linear spring composed of a series of disc spring washers that could sustain the leaning column lateral forces and yet allow movement without becoming fully taut or loose at each end of the sway. According to Jacques Beaudreault, a Partner at Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership, “The project was started in Feb. 2003, and was originally intended to be a new convention center -- so the start of the process worked out nicely with the beginning of planning for the Olympics.”, With this larger goal of serving the community in mind, creating a strong connection between the building and the rest of Vancouver was a primary concern from the beginning. The building owner, BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo), a Crown Corporation of the Province of British Columbia, was the initiator of the high green standards, according to Beaudreault. One of the most pressing concerns for a densely packed living environment is having enough green space. Working with developer Westbank, the $3-billion project would transform the city’s Kitsilano neighborhood on the reserve lands at Sen̓áḵw. Canadian architecture practice Henriquez Partners has designed a series of ten towers for a new suburban development in Vancouver. ft. Vancouver Convention Centre opened. Aiming to earn Passive House certification, the tower was formed to break away from traditional Passive House design approaches. From inside the building, views are framed of downtown Vancouver; the Convention Centre’s green roof, in turn, enhances the view from the surrounding skyscrapers. The design for the 13-story headquarters is made to create strong connections between the building and its site, landscape, and community, with exterior and interior spaces that encourage collaboration and innovation. The mixed-use project was made for developer Westbank to create a new 4.5 million-square-foot residential community for the city. Tides cause seawater to flush the area daily. swfobject.embedSWF('','avreloaded1','608','365','9.0.28','/plugins/content/avreloaded/expressinstall.swf', The facility covers 14 acres of land and eight acres of water, and is connected to Canada Place via landside walkways. As such, she was a participant in many changes and improvements that occurred over the duration of the project, from the advancement of the owner's original sustainability intentions to the way that the Convention Centre operators did their own research and pushed LEED plans further. Built upon a former brownfield that was the last undeveloped piece of property on the harbor front, it functions as an expansion of Canada Place. "We started calling the seawall a habitat shelf instead," explains Cole. The variation in sway force provides a net correcting force serving as a self centering seismic resisting mechanism for the building. Braced bays have very heavy force transfer to the marine deck. • With an ultra-clear structural glass skin on all sides, extensive daylight and views set up an extroverted, community-friendly relationship with the life of the city and the waterfront and maximize the use of natural daylight in the building’s public spaces. The Convention Centre housed more than 7,000 VANOC-accredited media representatives who covered the 2010 Winter Olympics. Built upon a former brownfield that was the last undeveloped piece of property on the harbor front, it functions as an expansion of Canada Place. "They were the heart behind the project because they wanted to keep their convention centre as sustainable as possible.". • A sea water heat pump system that takes advantage of the constant temperature of adjacent seawater to produce cooling for the building during warmer months and heating for the building in cooler months. Written by  Tekla input into SAP2000 for structural analysis maintained accuracy and ensured reliable design. Therefore, the seawall was designed to cultivate the growth of new habitats upon the seawall's stepped surface. The design team decided to take the federal requirements one step further, in order to not only protect the natural habitat, but to also help promote its reestablishment in the area. In fact, over 80 percent of the building’s gray water needs are met in this way; a 10,000 gallon storage tank is constantly being replenished. It is the second phase to the highly successful first convention centre … BC Pavilion Corporation was notified that the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), a sister organization to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), had granted the Convention Centre LEED Platinum Certification (52 points total) in February 2010, just one day after Lindsay Cole and Jacques Beaudreault were interviewed for this case study. “It is an honor to be recognized at the national level by what many consider to be the top award program for sustainable design excellence,” notes LMN Design Partner Mark Reddington, FAIA. Located next to the city’s historic Rogers Building, the project generates an urban oasis within the city, replacing a six-story parking structure in the Central Business District. swfobject.embedSWF('','avreloaded3','608','375','9.0.28','/plugins/content/avreloaded/expressinstall.swf', Along the waterfront, an artificial reef shelters salmon, crabs, starfish, seaweed, and other marine life. “The physical surroundings and the open spaces that constitute the public realm were the most obvious considerations, but when evaluating the site’s context, LMN tried to think more broadly than this,” said Mark Reddington of LMN Architects, Design Partner for the project. • An underwater habitat skirt or artificial reef that is part of the centre’s foundation, providing new habitat for barnacles, mussels, seaweed, starfish, crabs and various marine species. Text description provided by the architects. “They set the policy and design principles. ft. of convention space (with exterior plazas and walkways, a ballroom, meeting rooms, and exhibition space), 90,000 sq.ft.of retail space, and parking, so “the geometry of the roof tried to do a couple of things,” said Reddington. Said Beaudreault, “The original mechanical plan was to extend Canada Place's plant to heat and cool the new addition, but that didn't work out financially. Revery Architecture has designed a new development of 11 residential towers for the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver, Canada. • Design strategies that achieve a 73% reduction in potable water consumption by low-volume flush and flow fixtures and zero potable water use for irrigation due to an onsite wastewater treatment plant that treats 100% of the greywater and blackwater.


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