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velocity in a sentence. Velocity in a sentence? GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . The only way to retain velocity in a sphere is via mass. , The maximum velocity of the airport train is seventy miles per hour. Source. “Velocity.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, WORD ORIGINS ; LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; WORD LISTS; SPANISH DICTIONARY; More. Examples of how to use “terminal velocity” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Einstein's theory links energy with mass and. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). , When the coaches timed the velocity of the college pitcher’s throws, they all wanted the young man for their team. , Since Janice has one flat tire on her car, she is unable to drive at a high velocity. 2. GRAMMAR . What made you want to look up velocity? 4. How to use Velocity in a Sentence? 3. As the sun shrinks it rotates faster, and flings off its outer, much cooler shell when it reaches escape, 27. In fact, it is traveling well above escape. Example sentences with the word angular-velocity. 6. Top Answer. , When the airplane started to leak oil, its velocity decreased. At the velocity that you recede. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Einstein's theory links energy with mass and, This instrument is used for measuring wind, In fact it is traveling well above escape, Still traveling above escape velocity it slowly rose and grew fainter over Alberta until it was no longer visible, The serum concentration of IGF-I and growth, In the Jupiter fly-by the ship had used the gravitational field of the planet to increase her, There were early experiments some of them successful in which objects moving at high, The lookup table entries can be calculated using the methods described in Section to determine the optimum, As the sun shrinks it rotates faster and flings off its outer much cooler shell when it reaches escape, It is likely that these coherent structures originate through an intermittent instability of the, Alternatively he can predict the result of measuring one combination of position and, The principle of using a Doppler shift to indicate flow, Many of the examples in this guide deal with using, Using Velocity¶ If you are using VelocityViewServlet or other web frameworks, you may never call. (physics) A vector quantity that denotes the rate of change of position with respect to time, or a speed with the directional component. Learn a new word every day. It is likely that these coherent structures originate through an intermittent instability of the, 28.

3. 19. The turbulence is being kept going by the working of this against the mean velocity gradient. angular-velocity example sentences. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . the rate of action or motion.

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After the football played injured his knee, his velocity on the field decreased. Beginning with a single body in liquid extending to infinity, and denoting by U, V, W, P, Q, R the components of linear and angular velocity with respect to axes fixed in the body, the velocity function takes the form = Ucb1+V42+W43+ P xi+Qx2+Rx3, (I) where the 0's and x's are functions of x, y, z depending on the shape of the body; interpreted dynamically, C -p0 represents the impulsive pressure … 0 0 1. 41 43 The velocity with which the ions move past each other is equal to the sum of their individual … 3. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'velocity.' The velocity of light varies according to its medium and so does that of sound. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. How to use angular-velocity in a sentence. Definition of Velocity. 3. His methods were based on his intuitive grasp of, The gas is forced to spiral ever inwards towards the axis of the conical section with increasing tangential, His computational fluid-dynamics analysis revealed the path and, On the other hand, hydrogen has the characteristics of colorlessness, odorlessness, inflammableness and the large flame propagation, The speed of each frequency component is called phase, Some of Descartes' claims were fallacious such as his belief that the. Asked by Wiki User.
The velocity of the software team’s coding increased when a … It afforded the only gauge available as to the velocity and volume of the revolutionary revival. Alternatively, he can predict the result of measuring one combination of position and, 29. After the football played injured his knee, his velocity on the field decreased. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Firstly, the mean velocity profile may be liable to local instability, somewhat analogous to instability of laminar flow. These signals pace the peristaltic contractions, determining their frequency, The clear helmet faceplate displayed simple details such as, Sabathia hyperextended the elbow April 5, and his, For general hyperboloidal gears, let us now calculate and in the same way in terms of the, In another set of models, called hydromagnetic models, a, In the clangor of battle I discerned the slight sound of something moving at a great, During the first lap, we encounter a very narrow chicane that all the drivers confront at high, That produced a small centrifugal displacement of the beam indicative of its, In this case of applied displacement, the initial, This occurs when a large body weighing in excess of 100 tons strikes Earth's surface at sufficiently high, The continental crust is not stratified like the oceanic crust and so does not have a characteristic seismic, When carbon steel is quenched in the baths at constant temperatures, the, He rushed back in and grabbed his Sony cyber shot digital cam and got a picture of it just as it flew off to the north at very high, With no attention to individual objects, gaze, In the background hachures and shading are used to represent the value of the current, After all, the kinetic energy of any object is equal to half its mass multiplied by the square of its, The resulting vector flow fields allow for the study of the distribution of, Time and money appear as commensurate albeit inverse values because of the effect of the, He assumed no international trade effects, an unchanged money supply and a constant, The trouble is that all these measures of money cannot be relied on because the, But you don't have to be a dot-com executive to see how the Internet accelerates business, Scientists and inventors are unraveling new technology at incredible, Medical advances aside, almost every technological progress has been about, The film has nail-biting stunts performed at such, A gauss rifle is a rifle that throws an iron slug at an incredibly high, Having started his corporate career with maximum, In many cases, air resistance will produce a drag force which is proportional to the, Hubble discovered that the galaxies are moving away from us with a, If an object is moving in one direction without a force acting on it, then it continues to move in that direction with a constant, Clearly, much depends on the direction and magnitude of the. What are synonyms for velocity?

› Accoutments [əˈko͞odərmənt, əˈko͞otrəmənt], © 2020 At high frequency, the user position and velocity estimates of the navigator are fed back to the GPS tracking loops. How to use velocity in a sentence. , The formula for calculating velocity is distance divided by time. 1. Roller coasters are also good demonstrators of speed, In 1660, together with Borelli, Viviani measured the, Anti-matter has mass and when mass moves at a high, Similarly, if two objects are moving with the same, The further away from the center of rotation that the torque is applied the more, Since a change in either speed OR direction means a change in, However, if we can measure the distance to the Sun we can also calculate the, A rain droplet's readiness to fall and its fall, Holographic PIV techniques are more suitable for obtaining three-dimensional distribution of the, The particles are discharged into space on the solar wind at a, They had to drop bullet weight about 20 grains but did they have to reduce, At burnout the shuttle has reached an altitude of 24 nautical miles and a, To quantify the cortical flow we measured the mean, The high pitched voice rasps out the names of the students with machine gun, Integrating the effects of either the pressure or the, Normal mechanical ventilation produced no change in leukocyte rolling, With this tool, researchers can measure changes in the radial, Scioscia raves about Eckstein's balance, saying it enables him to throw with maximum, If that only applies to accelerating bodies then surely time dilation is dependent on acceleration and not, An object in equilibrium will not experience acceleration, and will either remain at rest, or continue moving at a constant, They needed to imagine a special motionless container in order to understand such physical concepts as, Aristotle had no mathematical machinery for dealing with the concept of acceleration, so he analysed only states of uniform, Just before free falling, the pendulum is at its widest angle, where the angular, Steering is performed by differencing angular, Simply, we're now able to copy an atom, duplicating everything about it except its position and, It would reverse 400 years of physics and take us back before Galileo enunciated the principle that, Special features of surface gravity waves in a deep fluid flow with a constant vertical shear of, He never makes a had snap and delivers the ball with great, Robins also invented the ballistic pendulum which allowed precise measurements of the, If the barrel cannot be made very long, it is better to use a degressive propellant to achieve the maximum exit, Particle-related density gradients were responsible for roughly one-third of the geostrophic, In dead reckoning you estimate distance traveled along a given heading as a function of, It was not a satellite, a bolide or a meteor because of its slow, He throws from a slightly underarm angle, but his pitches can reach 93 mph, an unusually high, The current view does not accept either ubiety or, Rather than using a rotating compressor like a turbojet engine, the forward, The gravitational field of a black hole is so strong that the escape, While Smith, a sidearmer, doesn't have the, For each segment, it is necessary to measure the mass, center of mass, moment of inertia, initial position and initial angular, With this setup it is possible to initiate traveling waves and to control the wave, Suppose we have two observers A and B in different inertial frames, that is each is travelling at a constant, The amount and period of the shift is used to calculate the orbital, That distance varies from a few hundred nanometers to a few micrometers, depending on atom, From deep within the belly of the ship, a low whirring sound began, steadily gaining pitch and, Evening meteors much catch Earth by having an orbital, Exodus begins on the steadily diminishing island of Wing, bombarded by seas given, A steal from last June, the southpaw started the inning with a 93 mph fastball, the only, Seismology tells us only about physical properties such as seismic, At that instant, the total effects of interior ballistics in terms of developed muzzle, It allows us to play what if games with internal ballistic calculations for pressure and, He starts to fall, picks up speed, and accelerates to near his terminal, The drops begin falling as rain or ice crystals as snow when they grow to a size that makes their terminal, To make sail is to spread an additional quantity of sail, so as to increase the ship's, A well-built manifold will also have the proper degree of taper to the ports to maximize, In this new, higher orbit, the craft's linear, Second, the successive rupture of these multiple contacts during protein detachment slows the unbinding, Flow can vary along a lotic stretch, but as a rule, maximum, In the second experiment, the team sent the benzene beam through a, First, the asymptotic results provide a very reasonable approximation for the, This paper investigates the least maneuver, The Reynolds number equation states that turbulent flow is created by higher gas, The screw heads will not move at all with respect to each other, assuming that both screws are being rotated at the same angular, If the disk began rotating at one revolution per minute, you could observe the angular, When transport economy is considered, defined as, Each robot also will be equipped with an anemometer to determine wind direction and, When a ball hits the racket at its point of maximum restitution the rebound, The addition of mean right atrial pressure to the peak tricuspid jet, Bradwardine then claims that an arithmetic increase in, There is also a special relativity effect whereby if two observers are moving with constant, Whether a meteoroid makes it to Earth's surface or not depends on many factors including the mass, initial, It's the ideal way to prepare your muscle for activities that require, The ammunition, featuring Speer's 170-grain, flat-nose, soft-point bullet, produces 2,000 feet-per-second of muzzle, The term accelerators most commonly refers to particle accelerators, devices for increasing the, Missiles streaked across the darkness of space, casting an orange glow until they reached maximum, The error plots demonstrate that the attitude and, In a new tube, the mean factors affecting muzzle, When the fuse is triggered, a conventional explosion causes the second subcritical mass to be propelled at a high, In heterodyne SLDV, a scanned laser beam incident on the vibrating test surface undergoes a Doppler radial frequency shift proportional to the instantaneous, So, in a nutshell, if a galaxy's peculiar velocity is toward us and larger than its Hubble recessional, In 1842 Doppler proved that the colour of a luminous body, like the pitch or note of a sounding body, must be changed by, In fact, all the stars are moving, in orbit around the galactic center and also shifting relative to each other with their own peculiar, Putting any of these calibers into a single shot with a longer, unvented barrel will increase, As Kepler had pointed out, objects in low orbits will complete an orbit around the earth faster than those in high orbits, even though their linear, For example, the long jaws of gar and needlefish arose independently and give these disparate taxa the most, Arrows depict the high amplitude ground surface waves with velocities equivalent to Rayleigh waves, and higher, With downsizing, rightsizing and just plain working our butts off to do more with less, the, Clarke chose an orbital altitude of 35,786 kilometers because at that distance the angular, In seismology, stochastic models can be used to describe, Centrifugal compressors use a vaned rotating disk or impeller in a shaped housing to force the gas to the rim of the impeller, increasing the, This filter provides updates to the navigator's estimate of position and, He relied on the principles of control and movement to make up for his lack of, The results produced by the highest imaginative genius, and which flash across the mind as if from inspiration, come from a series of combinations carried on with a, From the fact that Newton uses the letter v for the ordinate, it may be inferred that Newton is thinking of the curve as being a graph of, For a massive particle in zero gravity moving in one dimension, the Hamiltonian is just the kinetic energy, which in terms of momentum, not, The aggregates circumrotate along the annular microchannels, while at the same time rotate around their bases with angular, But Galston says what made the difference for Reagan was also the, The terrific explosion sent reddish-blue or dark-brown flames shooting out against the ground at an astonishing, They take off from a standing start and quickly leg into maximum, The seismograms from earthquakes recorded at stations all over the world are analyzed to derive compressional and shear wave, All of this firing was slow and deliberate with the Oehler three-screen chronograph used to measure, Because of its slow relaxation, power strokes of the enzyme were expected to appear strongly damped in recordings of the angular, Most of them are detected by indirect methods, based either on variations of the radial, Automatic cars generally need more torque, and regardless of what the dyno might reveal, these cars will accelerate quicker with better intake, I have modeled it as proportional to the square of the, Due to its lower flame temperature and particle, In 1604 he demonstrated that unequal weights drop with equal, Also in line with experimental measurements, the examination of instantaneous, Model parameters include the mass distribution, initial position and initial angular, The construction of canals causes an increase in the, The frequency demodulation provided by the electronic discriminator found in every FM radio is precisely the process needed to recover the molecular, Polygon boundaries coincide with anticlinal ridges on the interface between the faulted sequence and an underlying 35 m thick low, Initially they will accelerate, but they will soon reach a constant terminal, As the projectile leaves the muzzle the high, Notice the light wave is still only propagating at c, the phase, For any single orientation of the laser light sheet, a two-dimensional, Unfortunately, determining whether bipedalism was the cause of increased, At twenty thousand meters, with the pods still traveling at a high, When a bullet in free flight is in transonic, It allows direct measurement of the sound, He noticed Venus move, he was able to determine its direction and its, Propelling nozzles turn internal and pressure energy into high, Feedback latency from V2 depends on interareal conduction.


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