what is an example of media convergence
Read about the array of technologies — from augmented reality (AR) to artificial intelligence (AI), immersive media to “magical” interfaces — that is driving this transformation in the AT&T Futurist Report: Blended Reality–The Future of Entertainment, 5G, & Mobile Edge Computing. Over the next few years, as long as consumers demand it and companies can create and deliver it easily, more types of convergence will become simply a part of daily life. However, there are instances were convergence is detrimental, such as the ‘transformation’ of BBC Three to an ‘online-only’ platform. After the Paris attacks, Storify was a valuable tool to show users exactly what was happening as the events unfolded. Also interlinked with Amazon Prime is their tablet. Video displayed on a television through some type of video player, music came through a tape deck or Compact Disc (CD) player, and video games were played through a console of some sort. ), and our homes (security systems, Amazon Echo, and more). I know is a “cliche” talk, but a smartphone is a tool of now a days work, we need it for everything that we do, from the basics things ( as alarm) to really specific things ( the london stock exchanges). Other platforms like Xbox 360, hardware like Samsung GearVR and Microsoft’s HoloLens, and games like Resident Evil 7 have brought immersive experiences to almost everyone who wants them. How is a smartphone an example of media convergence? In some cases, mul… ‘IPTV’ is one of the examples to show the importance of media convergence. You can simply tweet out a pic of the scene around you. Harry Potter is also eight movies, merchandising, studios, theme parks, web sites. Be inspired by visionary speakers. Now we can easy use these devices to look everything. Moreover, the writer decided not only to make a play called “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, but also she recently decided to publish the written copy of the script. First we started only with written letter, then we proceeded to the ones that were typed on a typewriter, followed by the Fax and email, to the point where we now send a video or voice messages. How Disney has managed to keep ‘Frozen’ Red Hot. . Newspapers and magazines’ print versions have seen major declines in readership and circulation since the mass adoption of the Internet (and the expectation of many web readers that content be free). Music: Once under the control of a few studios, music is now available across many channels and providers. This has huge implications for media users because they can participate and become part of the reporting process. The Frozen franchise stretches across all types of media including: video games, books, apps, music, YouTube videos plus planned features of Frozen characters in numerous television shows. Take, for example, the smartphone from the lesson’s opening. Transmedia Engagement Experiences: There’s a growing trend to a multi-platform approach to TV- and filmmaking, involving web content, social interactions, games and more, in addition to watching the actual TV show. Since then, it has been strategically growing its entertainment footprint. When we think of Spotify, music is the first thing that comes to mind, but it has become much more than that. “Now we’re in the fun experimental stage,” he continues, “but filmmakers will really need to understand and embrace what it means to tell stories in this form.”. So-called YouTube ”sensations” who come up with the latest trend that we enjoy are a piece of cultural convergence. is growing more and more as a convergence in media along with Facebook. The Internet and digital communications, as well as the merging of companies within–and between–industries, have been changing the way people communicate, shop, interact with each other, pay for things, and entertain themselves. Discover how the future of content creation and distribution will usher in new audience experiences. The Amazon Fire rivals Apple’s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy in that market, using Prime to deliver the consumer whatever they could possibly want in a tablet. An example could be Adobe’s editing softwares as well as more elaborate video games that mobiles cannot yet support from both a technical standpoint and an overall experience one. What is an example of this? Media scholar Henry Jenkins theorized that there are actually five categories of convergence that we see today. Yes, you read correctly- The Independent will no longer be available in print form, which is bittersweet, as this definitely puts the future of print journalism into perspective.


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