xbox 360 pro specs

That said, all 60GB models have the updated hardware and ship with an HDMI-out port.

They're a slight upgrade from those that came with the original Xbox and they're now available in several colors, including pink, blue, and black. Let's round up Amazon's best gems. Each AV cable also comes with standard analog stereo connections for connecting to a TV or stereo, but you'll lose the surround effect, of course. The Bad No support for next-generation HD discs, like Blu-ray; early versions of the console prone to "red ring of death" system crash; online gaming require a paid subscription to Xbox Live.

USB 2.0, 1080i,

ethernet network cable.

Once again, you can opt to go with HDMI and have digital video and audio handled by a single cable. It's been a huge frustration for even the most forgiving 360 owner. What you really need to know about the Xbox 360 in terms of performance, though, is its capability to output HD graphics. Inside, the Xbox 360 uses the triple-core IBM designed Xenonas its CPU, … Anecdotal evidence continues to suggest that the problem afflicts mostly older consoles. Left bumper, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The 360's physical design has also matured over the years: The noise issues that have long been an annoyance have also been lessened by including a smaller and cooler processor, which reduces fan speeds. Guide button, LAN, Those USB ports are where you'll plug in any wired controllers and other USB accessories that will become available. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Xbox Live headset, Looking for more great shows like The Mandalorian? That said, Microsoft has made amends by offering a three-year limited warranty, guaranteeing replacement of those faulty consoles. Here are the best deals already announced, 4 things you need to know about Black Friday 2020, Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (20GB, HDMI) Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle, Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (20GB) The Simpsons Limited Edition, Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (20GB) Halo 3 Special Edition, Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (60GB) Kung Fu Panda/LEGO Indiana Jone bundle. Currently ships with five Xbox Live Arcade titles. One of the reasons Microsoft was able to keep down the 360's weight is that instead of building a standard, desktop-style hard drive into the unit itself, it's gone with a smaller--and more expensive--laptop-style hard drive that's detachable from the main unit. The Good All games in high-definition; easy-to-use Dashboard interface; excellent online gaming and communications via Xbox Live; plays hundreds of (but not all) original Xbox titles; doubles as a superior digital media hub and Windows Media Center extender; online Marketplace allows for easy purchases of downloadable full-scale games, minigames, movies, and TV shows; latest version offers HDMI output with 1080p support; reduced power supply footprint; new processor runs cooler and quieter. As mentioned above, the Xbox 360 has been plagued by a series of hardware problems in the past, most commonly represented by the now infamous "red ring of death"--the three flashing red lights that the console displays when a major hardware malfunction has occurred. Larger hard drive is ideal for heavy downloaders of games and video. With the fall 2008 "New Xbox Experience" update, the 360 further positioned itself not just a game console but also a top-tier media hub for the living room, integrating Netflix's online streaming service into its already myriad available Internet content. For easier data entry, consider instead the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, a small keyboard accessory that snaps onto the controller.

Start button, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the first "next-generation" game console to hit the market in November 2005, and consequently has had a year over its competitors to improve upon its faults. Each Xbox 360 console can support as many as four wireless controllers. component HD AV cable, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You also have the option to use the USB ports to connect a digital camera, MP3 players, or even your iPod or Sony PSP. Best Buy early Black Friday sale: Final hours (for now) to get these steep discounts on TVs, laptops and smart speakers, Walmart's Black Friday sales kick off Nov. 4. Since admitting to the problem in July 2007, Microsoft has extended the original 90-day warranty on all newly purchased 360s to a full year. In-game soundtracks are rendered in full real-time surround, creating an immersive sound field that envelops you in the game world. B button, *Replaces the

No support for next-generation HD discs, like Blu-ray; early versions of the console prone to "red ring of death" system crash; online gaming require a paid subscription to Xbox Live. Now that Blu-ray has become the pre-eminent high-definition standard for discs, the Xbox 360 has yet to support it, but it still remains an excellent game console with a superior game library and online experience. Right bumper, Back button, That said, the PS3 is currently the only console to offer playable high-definition content in disc form. Be aware, though, that this will result in the letterboxing of most games (black bars on the top and bottom of the screen). Don't worry if you don't have an HDTV--the Xbox 360's component adapter includes a fallback composite output, and the system can output standard 480i resolution with formatting for squarish 4:3 (non-wide-screen) sets. Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB This is a refurbished Xbox 360 Pro console 20 GB Hard Drive 1 Wireless Controllers Sleek set-top design with horizontal or vertical placement option in a white finish Customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard, Guide, and Gamer Profile with … Just like the old Xbox, the new system offers top-notch Dolby Digital audio. The Xbox 360 technical specifications describe the various components of the Xbox 360 video game console. The Xbox 360 Elite (which comes with a 120GB hard drive) will be taking its place with a lower price tag of $300. X button, Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (60GB, HDMI) b4j00174 $152.48. On the front of the unit, you'll find two USB ports hidden behind a hinged door in the faceplate, as well as two memory-card slots that let you take saved games and other content on the go. While the 360 has built-in wireless capabilities, it's only for controllers, not Wi-Fi. 480p, All in all, we really like the design of the controllers. The console features a port on the top when vertical (left side when horizontal) to which a custom-housed hard disk drive unit can be attached in sizes of either 20, 60, 120, 250, 320, 500 GB ; and as of April 2015 all 2.5" SATA Hard Drives up to 2 TB , the user can use the format option from system settings to utilize the new HDD. The Bottom Line Now that Blu-ray has become the pre-eminent high-definition standard for discs, the Xbox 360 has yet to support it, but it still remains an excellent game console with a superior game library and online experience. This is also the case if you are playing with a mixture of wireless and wired controllers easily notifying who has which controller.

The guts of the Xbox 360 comprise what is, for all intents and purposes, a very powerful computer. Here are some of the best Hulu has to offer.

CNET may get a commission from these offers. Video Output Max External Resolution Furthermore, you can power the console on and off and open the disc tray with a remote or a controller--another convenient improvement over the old Xbox. ATI Xbox 360 Video Modes

When laid horizontally, the 8.8-pound Xbox 360 is 12.15 inches wide by 3.27 inches high by 10.15 inches deep, making it slightly smaller than the original Xbox (which also weighed in at 8.8 pounds). Design Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. A button, © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Microsoft has yet to confirm the reason for the problem, but it's widely attributed to overheating and poor airflow within the console's innards. The 360 sports an infrared port on the front panel, which lets you use compatible remote controls--including nearly any universal remote--without the need for an external dongle. In the past, the console's real Achilles' heel has been its unacceptably poor reliability: A vast number of Xbox 360 consoles have suffered the dreaded "red ring of death" error, a fatal glitch that renders the console unusable. Check out our Xbox 360 resource page for all your Xbox 360 needs. By contrast, the PS3 lacks standard IR, which limits it to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control only. The fall '08 update also added the option for users to install games directly onto the hard drive, further reducing the high-pitched sound of the disc drive and also limiting wear on the drive itself.

Of course, if you already have a non-HDMI model, or a possibly faulty pre-Falcon model, you can at least be confident that Microsoft's expanded warranty won't leave you stuck with a lemon.

Unlike the original, the Xbox 360 can be propped up in a vertical position and, as you're probably aware, can be customized with interchangeable faceplates that cost as much as $20. 720p, AC power adapter, Newer models show that the system also seems to run quieter--although not whisper quiet--now that all new Xbox models run on the a smaller 65nm processor, which supposedly doesn't produce as much heat and doesn't require the fan to run as fast. dual analog sticks, 1,

Wikipedia's disinformation task force braces for a high-stakes election, How tech is slowly working to make elections more accessible, Raspberry Pi 400 packs a full computer into a keyboard for $70, Discuss: Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro review: Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro.


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