zero point energy engine
My observations are this astounding discovery that our solar system is a naturally occurring centrifuge that is a gravity powered perpetual centripetal motion centrifuge. In our Universe. Atomic energy is one example of this zero point energy theory but many believe that atomic energy is only the beginning of this technology. The best part is that… it can be accessed. Looking for help on blue prints to build a fuel free generator. Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all naturally occurring gravity powered perpetual motion centrifuges applicable as in nature so through reverse-engineering nature, wonders of technology are invented and innovated. We have all heard of the claims of cold fusion and the relatively new science of magneto hydrodynamics where magnetically charged fluids are used to create a kind of magnetic jet engine. Dean May 16, 2019 at 7:46 am. More from Aaron R. Ziegler [Zen van Nihil], Rapidly spinning black hole observed in Milky Way, Chang-E 4 Touches Down on Far Side of the Moon in Triumph for China, Record-Breaking 3D Map Of The Universe Reveals Some Big Surprises. Carl Sagan, John von Neumann, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, & Nikola Tesla are the brilliant scientists who have inspired me as a polymath scientist. In order to succeed producing an ever-spinning magnetic engine, some say one should use a Mobius strip. During my teenage years, I would spend my summers in my Uncle Jayme Beal’s workshops as his lab assistant in designing the schematics and building Zero Point Energy Machines derived from the energy model of Nikola Tesla. Reverse-Engineering the Natural Centrifuges of our galactic, solar systems, celestial bodies is the invention in technology that is a Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine for FTL Spacecraft. Zero-point energy, vibrational energy that molecules retain even at the absolute zero of temperature.Temperature in physics has been found to be a measure of the intensity of random molecular motion, and it might be expected that, as temperature is reduced to absolute zero, all motion ceases and molecules come to rest. In Science, theories and application are traded for Engineering blueprints and tools. Scientific observations of nature allow the application for reverse-engineering to innovate technology. In Scientific Observation of our natural universe in correlation to engineering. In fact, however, the motion corresponding to zero-point energy … Did NASA Find Life on Mars in the 1970's. In engineering technology which we utilize in our existence as human beings we understand Science and Engineering are equal as both are similar yet have different in electromagnetic powered reverse-engineered gravitational forces for a Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine. If my theory: The Natural Occurring Centrifuges of Gravity Powered Perpetual Motion Systems in Galaxies, Solar Systems, and Celestial Bodies expounded upon may hypothetically be the advent of the reverse-engineering of nature to the invention of the Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine that will allow the unlimited potential of interstellar technology welcoming a Gilded Second Space Age where all humanity is free to traverse the stars so all may find a place to call Home. In our naturally occurring centrifuge of a solar system. There's a reason why you never hear about this technology through the mainstream media. I drafted the foundation for this possible blueprint for the Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Centrifugal Engine as a Promethean Genius, Polymath Scientist, & Engineering Virtuoso. Reverse-Engineering the Natural Centrifuges of our galactic, solar systems, celestial bodies is the invention in technology that is a Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine for FTL Spacecraft. [email protected] Reply. It’s truly an otherworldly technology and people like … Zero point Energy is the so-called ‘force’ that resides within the fabric of ’empty space’. From the fictional universe of Stargate Atlantis and Marvel Comic's Realm of Kingsto NASA's Eagleworks Propulsion laboratory, zero-point energy, also known as vacuum energy, is touted as a potentially limitless and ubiquitous source of energy, if one can only find the means to harness it. Zero-point energy can be formulated in a few different ways, but in its most basic form, it is the minimal yet non-zero energy of a quantum mechanic… Physicists overwhelmingly reject any possibility that the zero-point energy field can be exploited to obtain useful energy (work) or uncompensated momentum; such efforts are seen as tantamount to perpetual motion machines. In science, observations from our natural world to lead to beyond the theoretical to engineering technology to create inventions that mark the progressions of achievement through human wonder. The zero point energy generator concept and zero point technology generally are shrouded in much secrecy. My eyes looking around the workshop of wonder to the light-bulb I was instructed to hold was not connected to anything yet glowed the wonders of technology that only made known to me that a higher power that is God existed and science was my divine purpose for life in understanding Creation and my Creator as well as myself for my place in the Divine Plan that would unfold as God’s Will. Our Sun is the primary axis point, the secondary axis point is each celestial body or planet that through the power of gravitational force pulls peripheral satellites in perpetual centripetal motion that completes rotation of centripetal electromagnetic powered gravitational forces to cause the rotation of natural and artificial satellites for perpetual motion powered by gravitational force. My moment of wonder for science was made eternal in witnessing my Uncle Jayme power up a Nikola Tesla electromagnetic free energy generator that made his entire workshop illuminate in a spectacle I will never forget.


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