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The introductory offer will end immediately and the customer’s prorated amount from the prior in-app purchase is refunded to the original payment method. Promotional Offer from Opt-In with Downgrade. The type of product purchased. Additionally, you can include an authorization agreement from the matching operator. If the user does not resubscribe or the subscription is not recovered within 60 days, the days of paid service reset and the proceeds rate will be 70%. Customers who pre-ordered your app will be notified and your app will automatically download to their device. Users will be taken to an overview of their top apps and in-app purchases. App bundles make it easy for you to group up to 10 of your apps together in a single download. You can reset your app’s summary rating when you release a new version. Promotional Offer from Introductory Offer.

All eligible builds are automatically available to users in the App Store Connect Users group. You may see differences between Sales and Trends reports and Payments and Financial Reports due to the following reasons: Processing status. 1French encryption declaration form is only required if you are distributing your app on the App Store in France. In the top-right corner, tap Add. Requires iOS 12.2 or later. Required role: Account Holder, Admin, Finance, or Sales.

For more information, see Cancellation Reasons. Your promotional image must meet the following requirements: 72 dpi, RGB, flattened and no rounded corners. During a subscriber’s first year of paid service, your proceeds rate is 70%. All apps in a bundle must support the same platform as the first app you add to the bundle, called the primary app. The classic leaderboard is attached to the corresponding group combined leaderboard. You can input the language-specific text used in the achievement display and track the status to determine if the achievement has been approved and made live with the app. From the drop-down menu, select “Singapore GST on Commission.”. The offer durations available to you depend on the standard duration of your subscription. The App Store countries and regions where the app is available. Polygons contain at least four coordinate points. Note: This option doesn’t appear for apps with more than 100 leaderboards. iMessage and sticker pack extensions share the same product page with the containing iOS app. If your app contains an App Clip, you can add up to three invocation URLs to launch different experiences. You can add or remove in-app purchases for promotion at any time. After you’ve implemented Game Center features into your game, you’re ready to enter metadata in App Store Connect.
Create a secure account with your preferred payment method on file and it’s easily accessible across your devices and the web. See Provide export compliance for beta builds. A period during which the subscription is provided at discounted price or at no cost, after which it is automatically renewed, unless the subscriber cancels.

Number of approved Game Center leaderboards. You can use these offers to help win back subscribers who have canceled their subscriptions or promote an upgrade to a higher-ranked subscription at a special price. Subscriber Report. The string should also be in reverse-DNS format and can’t end in .test. For more information on B2B apps, please read the article "iOS - How to Submit Your App to the App Store. Note: See add an App Store icon for details on uploading your App Store icon. Users are not notified that that they are in a phased release of your app. In the Status column, view the status of a build. Add your in-app purchase reference name and product ID, then click Next. Subscriber switched between standard price subscriptions of the same level in the same subscription group.

The App Store was unable to complete the transaction of renewing a subscription with a marketing opt-in bonus period due to a billing issue and the subscription enters a 6 or 16 day Billing Grace Period window. This is also the default name that displays on the App Store as either the “provider” or “seller”, depending on your country or region, which is used for navigation and to group your apps. The state your subscription is in. From My Apps, click the Add button (+) in the top-left corner.

Your certification will complete Part 4 of the Quebec Form FP-2506-V, or part D of GST/HST Form 506. If you do not provide a Singapore GST Registration Number or indicate non-registered status, Apple’s commissions earned in relation to your sales on apps and in-app purchases on the App Store in Singapore will be considered taxable under the Singapore GST Act. Transactions reported in Sales and Trends are based on the date the customer purchased the app or in-app purchase. Y if it is enabled. If you already have an Active API key generated, you will click the Add (+) button to add more. If you promote your app with Smart App Banners in Safari, you can add your campaign token and provider token when implementing a Smart App Banner on your website. The first time you upload a build, a beta version of the app is created in your account. Each app can have a maximum of 100 leaderboards. If you have several apps in your account, generate catalog reports that detail the information and settings for all your organization’s apps, including in-app purchase, and metadata for Game Center leaderboards and achievements. In the Billing Grace Period section, click Turn On. Navigate to the in-app purchase you want to modify, then use the reorder control on the right-hand side to drag your in-app purchase to increase or decrease it's ranking for your App Store Product page.
When a customer switches from a subscription in a lower level to a subscription in a higher level. The Transporter app for macOS is a simple and easy way to upload an app to App Store Connect for distribution on the App Store. The descriptions of the app bundle as it appears on the App Store. Testers running TestFlight for iOS, version 2.2.1 or earlier and iOS 12.4 and earlier can send feedback to the email address you specify in the feedback email field in test information. Currently, sticker packs or iMessage apps can be offered as either: Standalone apps: the app is only accessible within iMessage, Extensions to an iOS app: there is a containing iOS app with additional functionality outside of iMessage. The App Store territory in which purchases were made, based on the customer’s billing address. For upgrade, downgrade, and crossgrade events, the Apple ID of the previous subscription. The exchange rate is established by our bank and, due to Apple’s volume, is generally a more favorable rate than used by your local bank.

In order to transfer apps created with Mac Catalyst that are not offering universal purchase, both the iPad app (primary app ID) and the Mac app (Mac Catalyst app ID) need to be transferred.

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