ws2811 christmas tree

There is also a multifile class version that you can try.

Hi guys, following idea: I want to make christmas lighting for a garden shack. The 12 ft. Pre-Lit LED Alexander Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is easy to decorate until your heart's content. ;). If you are a novice check this soldering tutorial. Cable output for the LED strip. There are red and white cables with no connector that should be insulated with insulating tape or a heat shrink tube to avoid a short circuit. Put the red wire into the third connector of relay1 and relay2. The LED strip can be placed however you want. Share it with us! Here is a video with the final project: It is about Christmas lights and Arduino. Is also needed one decorated Christmas tree. If you want to learn more about breadboards check this link:

But our LEDs are RGB, so we multiply 20 with 3. Full Member; Posts: 156; Karma: 0 ; Christmas lighting with ws2811/FastLED. Simpler microcontrollers as ATtiny85 could be used if you want to cut more the cost. They look beautiful and it would be really convenient to be able to control them remotely :), Reply Connect the IN1(or S in case of a single relay) to digital pin 11 of Arduino, Connect the IN2(or S in case of a single relay) to digital pin 12 of Arduino, Download the app "Bluetooth Terminal HC-05" from Google Play.

Attachments. When is connected to ground the PSU is ON all the time. Place one led to the bottom of the tree and one in the top to light the star from there. Topic: Christmas lighting with ws2811/FastLED (Read 3276 times) previous topic - next topic. Thanks for saying it to me. The only limit is your imagination and creativity. OPA Based Alice Microphones: a Cardioid and a Figure 8. the Green one is the wire for turning ON the PSU. the other ones are not an interest for us. First you must download "FastLED" library. One to 12V (prefferable red), one at GND (black or white) and one to Data IN(Green). I had to do twice since the first time there was so little glue that when we pressed the button it glued off.

The LED strip can be placed however you want. ^_^. Nov 30, 2019, 11:32 pm. (important for the LED strip to work properly). The tree decoration is made by my mother, I should tell her to share and make some Instructables. But hackers aim higher, and [leo.currie]’s interactive “paintable” Christmas tree takes the lighting game a step beyond. The LED Strip has two three-pin connectors, the input one is the female one. ^_^, The video: Then in code a 1 will be no pulsated, and 0 pulsated. In the cover mechanize it till the border in order to remove the cover.

That's a neat idea for the lights! It should consist of various strips of different lengths hanging down from the roof. For the code, we used the FastLED library and Arduino IDE. Today I decided to write my first instructable. Oh, almost forgot. 2 years ago, And the idea of control remotely, that is a future improvement. I have in code orders from '0' to '9' so I set up the buttons to send values from 0 to 9 to Arduino. So I decided to publish this simple and costless project, that you can try before facing more complicated ones, with even Bluetooth control and vu-meter. I have an old PSU with the power of 450W. Miniflyer. If not, it could work but a little voltage drop could drive to incorrect data or no data at all arriving at the LED strip. Solder at one end a male connector for the led strip. what is happening now and what do you want to have happen, i can't quite make it out based on your description,. Now that we prepared the PSU is time to make the connections on the breadboard and Arduino. I hope you like this project. And last thing to do is to connect the relays: These are the connections.

Did you make this project? All what we need from it is the wires of 12V and GROUND. OPA Based Alice Microphones: a Cardioid and a Figure 8. (I don't know an app for Iphone). A 3.3V one could also be used, but we should make some sort of logic level adaptation. Since there are other similar projects Christmas Lights Arduino and WS2811, Arduino Xmass tree I find them too complicated for newbies. 25.12.2019 Changed Cover picture, orthography corrections. You can add your own modes with little effort. Warning !!! We must attach the LEDs to breadboard and relays. Now we must "hack" the PSU so we can use it to power-up the LED strip. Just solder pre-tinned cables in soldering pads. I have a video with the project on youtube. Open the examples and try to understand the code from there. Search for devices. That's it, a fairly straightforward build of applying the Arduino and a WS2811 set to a Christmas Tree to allow for any number of different color setups. I recommend to solder all the yellow wires together and a single wire father-father to be easy to connect to breadboard. Do the same for GROUND. Put the module to breadboard and: Now the small sound sensor.Put the module to breadboard and: Put one 220ohm resistor on the breadboard. I found out this informations from this video: Connect the GND to one pin from column "-" where you have the GND of Arduino. It uses the first block of data with every color and pushes the rest of the data flow to the next chip trough the data out pin. Participated in the Remote Control Contest 2017. USB Cable type A male <-> type mini-B male. Open the bluetooth of your phone. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! We will power everything through the USB connector. Check at, Or rename the file ChristmasOneFile.txt to ChristmasOneFile.ino.
To find out how much leds can your PSU can power-up you must look on the PSU, in the +12V column and find the amperage. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! This can be achieved by moving the BlinkWirhoutDelay function to within the called void(). Connect the RX pin of bluetooth module to pin 0 (RX) of Arduino, Connect the TX pin of bluetooth module to pin 1 (TX) of Arduino.
They are internally connected by pairs, check before with tester (or a led with a battery) which ones are opened. The list of the needed components (from Aliexpress): Now that we have all we need let get to work. To power-up a simple LED at full brightness we need 20mA. For more info about this library you can check all the examples from it or can check this link. First connect one wire to 5V pin of Arduino and put it to the "+" of the breadboard and one wire from one GND pin from Arduino tu the "-" of the breadboard. I am usually so far out of the box that most people don't know what I am talking about. Now, check how much LEDs per meter have your strip. I used a 3mm drill bit for: For wiring, we will need a soldering iron. Connect the VCC of the module to one pin from column "+" where you have connected the 5v. Connect the "+" of the module to one pin from column "+" where you have connected the 5v. Since the WS2811 LED strip needs a 5V data input we choose an Arduino with 5V logic. Since there are other similar projects Christmas Lights Arduino and WS2811, Arduino Xmass tree I find them too complicated for newbies. Connect the VCC of the relays to one pin from column "+" where you have connected the 5v. It is connected to GND because we use the internal pull-up resistor in Arduino to avoid false signals. We are almost there! Depending on the versions the flashing is more difficult if it does not have a USB port. The ones based in WS281x are very common. The final touch, the application to control the light games. The GND of white leds is passed through one 220 ohm resistor for each and then to the COMMON GROUND. (Forgot to add photo). My family enjoyed designing the patterns, and I enjoyed coding them. It is in my native language, but what I explain there is what is sayed in the steps above so don't worry, just enjoy the light games. CablePut a cable tie to avoid that if eventually there is a pull, The soldering is not damaged. One with a long button will suit better to go through the case, then you can actuate it without a pencil. Put 12V from breadboard (second column "+" of it) to the middle connector of the first and second relay). The led strip will be powered through the VIN pin for not overloading the voltage regulator. A used one from a cellular phone. I hope that you also enjoy it. Next, let's wire the bluetooth module. ^_^,,, Share it with us! (the code is 1234 or 0000). The lush evergreen boasts 2,850 branch tips for a full look, providing abundant space to showcase your favorite ornaments. So 5 meters of strip needs 5*30*60=9000mA=9A. It's time for some lights.

One RGB LED need 60mA to be full powered. For examples open Arduino IDE, click on left top on "File->Examples->FastLED". Getting Started with the Arduino Nano. First connect three wires to the LED strip. At one end connect the data wire from LED strip and at tha other connect a wire to digital pin 7 of Arduino. Once the wire is in the soldering pad, added tin should be fused by the wire and the soldering pad, not the soldering iron. The one I used has four pins. To install the library in Arduino IDE follow this guide Installing Additional Arduino Libraries Put in the search box FastLED, To upload to Arduino nano follow this guide. The GND of white leds is passed through one 220 ohm resistor for each and then to the COMMON GROUND. Did you make this project?

Connect the AO pin of sound module to pin A0 of Arduino.

Place one led to the bottom of the tree and one in the top to light the star from there. There are many types of addressable LED strips. You can use the one in the LED strip, that we will not use. What i needed was to call the code continuously, but only responding if the time has elapsed. By using the BlinkWithoutDelay function, i called the code only once.


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