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Now that’s more like it! The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. On 11 March 2006, CiTV was re-launched as CITV and launched its own channel. More coming soon! That's it.

brand started on 29 December 1980 and was presented live by the duty continuity announcer in each ITV region. This is an SVG vector image of a registered trademark or a copyright-protected logo, seal or computer icon. Sharezies Sun 25 Oct 8:30am. Sky Records | RKO-X, Others: Zabrus Global Media1(television stations | The United States Informer | The Sunday Informer | The Sports Informer | The Economic Informer | RTS NewsChannel | RKO Television Stations Productions) | MoggleCanal+ America: Canal+ • Canal+ 2 • Canal+ 3 • Canal+ 4 • Canal+ Comedy • Canal+ Drama • Canal+ Kids • Canal+ Documentary • Canal+ Family • Canal+ Latino • Canal+ Signature • Canal+ Zone • Canal+ Action • Canal+ Supreme • Canal+ Suspense • Canal+ Sci-Fi • Canal+ 5-Star • Canal+ Cinema • Canal+ Black • Canal+ Love • Canal+ Westerns • Canal+ Beyond • Canal+ Classics • Canal+ Disney • Canal+ Drive-In • Canal+ Teens • Canal+ Horror • Canal+ Animal • Canal+ Food, Defunct/Former: Angelo | TBN | Masquecorp | G4. The logo, as shown above, looks much similar to the ones that were introduced back in 1991, 1998 & 2003 (the 2003 logo and presentation was reused from 1st January 2015 until 27th March 2016 as part of an earlier rebrand), but this one features a large red letter 'C' with a yellow and blue version of the new ITV corporate logo - A yellow heart is being used instead of a red one, and the 'ITV' letters have become blue and leaving a slight red outline. Such items should be tagged with {{. This is the channel's current off-air screensaver, used since 17th July 2019. | Emmerdale | ITV Nightscreen | The X Factor | Coronation Street | The Chase (UK), Alternative version used between 1994 and 1996. Sign-Off: None to medium. 5K Media Defunct/former channels:Carltrins Cinema | Carltrins Food Network | Carltrins Kids | Carltrins Select | Carltrins World | Granadia Breeze | Granadia Talk TV | ITV HD | ITV Play | Men & Motors | Plus | Merit, Current regions:

The channel began as a children's programming strand called 'Watch It!' It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology.

Logofanonpedia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It was created by Red Bee Media. In 2010, the logo is changed and is yellow, There’s a channel called “Mini CITV”, where the cute creatures are. // Anglosaw:Anglien | Boundary | Carltrins | Centric | Challien | Dainx | Granadia | HTV | Isle of Bright | Juvernian | LWT | Pinnacle | Thyne Tyes | UTV | Westprovince | YernshireOutside Anglosaw:Antarsica | Antarsica Isles | Artesic | Coastal | ITD | Joulkland | Northesian | SeleinesNon-ITV plc regions:STV | Gramsiun, Defunct regions:Anglosaw:ABT | Larboard Television | Remission | SWN | Thaines Television | Pinnacle Thaines Valley | TSN | TLW | UAC Television | HTV West | Westbound TV | S2 | UTV2 The significance of the logo is to help the reader identify the organization, assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical commentary about the organization, and illustrate the organization's intended branding message in a way that words alone could not convey. In 1991, the ident is started in a box, then it makes a logo. Hogunesond Media inc.: Hogunesond International Media It’s very boring to see the screen, and can be very boring some viewers due to the lack of interest, but it’s absolutely none for those seeing it. One of the channel's former off-air screensavers.

Full time in-vision continuity returned, this time hosted by a puppet dog, cat and mouse (Bonio, Marmi & Maxi). There’s a sign-off screen, where the current logo is in a white background with the word (under it) saying “Back in the morning at 6”.

On 2006, the logo was changed and made idents: for example, turtle, chicken, hippo, sausage, Planet Sketch. In 1998, where the ITV logo was changed, the logo is in a yellow oval and the words are in different colours (“C” is in red and “itv” is in blue). The Halloween ident has bats and set on a night sky. 5K International Television FTA Division: TV 6 (El Kadsre) (TaugTV2 | TaugTV Extra2)4 | RBT | ITV Ringia7 (its channel | ITV2 | TVNow | RXITV | CITV) | 5K 170 downloads Citv™ Logo vector Download Citv Vector Logo for Free. By continuing your visit, it'll be assumed that you are happy to accept cookies from The Ident Gallery.

Logo: On a black background, we see several blue, yellow, and purple paint-splats appear on the screen as five orange-blue horizontal lines fly across it; four pieces of a blue, white and red octagonal shape then fly into view from all four sides of the screen as the outline of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitrian Man appears in the centre of it, an orange and white lunar module flies down into view from the top-right corner of the … Non-free media information and use rationale – non-free logo for CITV Description This is a logo owned by ITV plc for To show the look of ITV's kids channel CITV.. A new look was introduced in 2009 following an increase in the channel budget. 4 Co-owned with Grupo Globo Kerry and Robyn teach everyone your best moves. Please do not use this template to tag non-free icons of computer software. There some idents on it. Outside Anglosaw:GITV, ITV Studios:Regional divisions:Anglien Productions | Antarsica Productions | Antarsica Isles Productions | Artesic Productions | Boundary Productions | Carltrins Productions | Centric Productions | Challien Productions | Coastal Productions | Dainx Productions | Granadia Productions | HTV Productions | Isle of Bright Productions | ITD Productions | Joulkland Productions | Juvernian Productions | LWT Productions | Northesian Productions | Pinnacle Productions | Seleines Productions | Thyne Tyes Productions | Westprovince Productions | UTV Productions | Yernshire Productions, Other subsidiaries:12 Yard | Armoza Formats | MultiStory Media | Possessed | Potato | RFD Films | So Television | Talpa Media | Three Oh Four (15%), International divisions:ITV Studios Alliancia | ITV Studios Atlansia | ITV Studios Eusqainia | ITV Studios Rialmany | ITV Studios Roterlaine | ITV Studios Middle East | ITV Studios Neurcasia | ITV Studios Nordesia | ITV Studios Global Entertainment, Defunct:UAC Productions | ABT Productions | Remission Productions | TLW Productions | Larboard Productions | SWN Productions | TSN Productions | Westbound Productions | GITV Productions, Current brands:ITN (ITV News | ITV Sport | ITV Weather | LNN) | | ITV Bingo | ITV Breakfast | ITV Drama | ITV Movies | ITV Hub | ITV Telethon | ITV Nightscreen, Defunct/former brands:ITV50 | ITV Day | ITV Digital | ITV F1 Sport | ITV Local | ITV Night Time | ITV Player | ITV Schools | ITV Shop | Oracle | ITC Entertainment Group | ITC Film Distributors | Associated Film Distribution | ITC Home Video | | VCI, Related:AngloBox | Channel 3 Media plc (20%) | Talpa Network (All 5 | SBS8 | SBS13 | Veronica) | Teletext.

This was the channel's previous off-air screensaver. The current logo has bumpers called “Back Soon” and “Welcome Back”.


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