dogwood fruit

It prefers well-drained acidic soil and while it tolerates some dry soil it will not survive in water-logged environments. Macbr". Leaf Description:  My mental search image for a dogwood leaf is that the leaf color is a mixture of green and maroon colors much of the growing season. Dropped fruits can ferment and attract yellow jackets. Small trees cannot tolerate very much cutting and survive. Fruits are technically edible but are usually left for the birds. ‘Cornus’ means ‘horn’. The kousa[i] (scientific name, Cornus kousa) is a small, deciduous tree native to parts of China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. The study not only supported kousa’s medical potential but also provided valuable information on the exact biochemical mechanisms by which kousa works for diabetes. McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.
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Avoid freezing, thawing and refreezing as might happen in a door of a freezer. They have been eaten in Eastern Europe for centuries, both as food and medicine to fight colds and flus.

The soil should be well-drained but moist.

Cornus kousa F. Berger ex Miquel Increases Glucose Uptate Through Activation of Peroxisome Proliferaor-Activated Receptor Y and Insulin Sensitization.

It is called shanzhuyu in pinyin Chinese. Thus, disorders in which the body excessively discharges bodily fluids are treated with dogwood fruit which astringes the essence. The Columbia Encyclopedia. On the tips of these white to pinkish bracts, it looks like something took a small bite out of the bract. Notable for weeping habit, grow to 15' with branches that arch downwards. A different Dogwood species–Alternate Leaf Dogwood– differs as the leaves clearly are alternately placed along the branch instead of directly opposite each other.

Townsend, J. F. (2015, April) Rare Plants Natural Heritage Technical Report 15-10. Another theory advances the view that "dogwood" was derived from the Old English dagwood[citation needed] (dagwood is a form which is unattested), from the use of the slender stems of its very hard wood for making sharp objects:[4] "dags" (daggers, skewers, and arrows). Does this lend itself to being a good enrichment item? Celebrate the arrival of spring with The Dogwood cocktail. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Its tree form and leaf is easily recognizable as a dogwood species, but the berry is totally different from flowering dogwood.
Thirty different animals eat these berries and thirteen species of birds use dogwood berries in especially high quantities when available. It’s always promising to find an healthy all-natural holistic alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs. He told me that he heard they were edible. The fruits of all dogwood species are drupes with one or two seeds, often brightly colorful.

The drupe is about 7/16 inch (1 cm) long. All the fruit usually ripens pretty much at the same time and can persist on the tree up to two months.


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