finnish baby clothes brands

Blaa uses ecological cotton and other high quality materials such as wool. Aarrekid is about timeless and durable clothes, fearless unisex prints and they even consider fast fashion a curse word. They make ethically produced children’s clothes and they donate 7% of the profit towards the education of women and children in developing countries. Close cart. After a thorough analysis, Reima decided to focus solely on children’s wear in 2004. Recycled materials can occasionally make it to their collections too. All AARREkid clothes are designed according to Finnish and European product safety regulations and also according to the Oeko-Tex Standards. All Metsola products are manufactured in the Baltic region, focusing on high quality. MarMar makes a great range of children’s outwear that is particularly good for winter. I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but here we have another Finnish clothing brand that is all about timeless designs, playful prints and ethically produced clothes. This tunic dress with a hood costs around £44 is something I know Lana would love to wear. “I LOVE seeing the same baby clothes brands in every department store I visit!” is something no mom has ever said. Read on! They say they are fascinated by wild and even weird combinations of colours – love this statement. It retails for around £28. I’m a Swedish-speaking Finn who left Finland for the lovely and thrilling London town in 2011, but after meeting an equally lovely and thrilling Scotsman I soon found myself in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Sign Out. All their products have been manufactured with ecological, high quality materials and at the moment their website is full of beautiful spring colours. The patterns are designed by Finnish and a few Japanese designers, and … There are no Recently Viewed items to show. Emilia and Johanna are inspired by work wear and skate culture when designing the clothes. MarMar Copenhagen makes clothes from newborn to adult. I have to say I’m very impressed with these clothing brands and how they are trying to do the right thing. Their newborn and baby collection is mostly about basics, while they get a bit more fashionable as they go from children’s sizes up to adult. And prints that I like are also hard to find!
Also check out their knit collection for some good quality hats and scarves. Vimma. This item has been added/removed from a user's Favourites List. AARREkid encourages its customers to recycle their products to other users, as good design together with the best raw materials and fabrics produce clothes with longevity. Vimma sell clothes for babies, kids and women – for every day use or more festive occasions. Emilia and Johanna are both responsible for designing the clothes and Johanna also coordinates the print design. Enstex became known as durable and water-repelling, making it a big hit in the 70s. Papu (Finnish for bean) is a clothing brand for women and children founded in 2012. In 2016 Reima co-operated with the Finnish premium sports watches brand Suunto to launch the ReimaGO concept. This fox sweatshirt is so simple yet so clever and will set you back around £42 – and they make a dress version for adults too! All materials are carefully tested to be safe and all parts of a garment are produced in Europe. This takes time. That’s when she knows that the clothes have become someone’s favourites. For spring 2019 Metsola will be offering new prints and colours. The garments are double sized and made from organic cotton or recycled fibres and all products are made in Finland, Portugal or other European countries, which allows Papu to monitor the supply chain closely. It’s also refreshing to see how transparent they are and that the comfort and wellbeing of the child is a priority. Vimma Designers and Production Managers regularly visit the factories in order to control quality and ensure good working conditions for the employees. You can then select the images to revisit the items. Amen to that.

The designers think the Metsola customers – the children – are endlessly inspiring as themselves. Gugguu is a clothing brand for children and was founded in 2012. On the contrary, Reima still works hard to make families’ daily lives easier. “Fashion with a mission” and “Ethic & Aesthetic” is the values behind Kaiko clothing. Site navigation. Vimma doesn’t produce for the sake of production; every product is well thought out. They also have long cuffs on wrists and ankles for the same reason. This is one reason why FittedTot is on a mission to provide parents with better kids clothing and more family time. Mainio means great or excellent btw. Lana has a lovely yellow crane-patterned dress by Nosh that is incredibly soft and has long been one of her favourites. Respect to that. This decision clearly increased the company’s profitability and growth has been consistent ever since. They have over 70 retailers abroad, so this is a brand that will most likely be available wherever you are.

Papu manufactures their products in Portugal, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Please try again, Click here to change your country and language. Not already logged in?

I love this Desert Flower frill sweatshirt that comes in so many lovely colours! The Papu collections combine Anna’s designs and Hanna-Riikka’s patterns. Minna feels the design process for a collection is quite slow, but that’s only because she wants the collection on the whole to be interesting, and all of its pieces to be compatible. Designer Anna Kurkela felt that the market was missing stylish and ethically produced children’s clothes and together with artist Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä decided to do something about it. They also sell their fabrics and organise “Nosh parties”, which my sister-in-law is planning on hosting. This is why AARREkid has double sizing and gender-neutral colours in their collections for babies and small children.
A lot of thought goes into the production process and quality of the materials. This is why the collections contain soft, new materials that please both children and adults. In the fall of 2018 the brand co-operated with the Voionmaa Institute regarding photography of their collection [ dark forest ]. I posted a blog recently (link in bio) w, So apparently it’s our wedding anniversary today. Blaa is physically located in Toijala, Finland. The Metsola designs are inspired by the opportunity to go a little bit crazy and have fun; use your imagination. The Gugguu materials and textiles have been given the Oeko-tex 100 Standard and the organic cotton has been given the Global Organic Textile Standard. The finnish word “Aarre” means treasure, and treasures is exactly what their site is full of. It’s important for Vimma to be close to the factories. I always struggle to find clothes I like for Lana and Maya – and especially durable and practical yet stylish clothes that will keep my girls warm and dry. The designs are made in Finland and most of the manufacturing happens in Northern Portugal at a factory owned by the AARREkid family.

And it’s not even pink!

Mainio clothes are manufactured in a certified factory in Tirupur, India, which they have visited several times and they donate 2% of sales to improve the welfare of the immediate community of the factory. It costs around £118 so I would have to be completely sure before I buy. They produce their products in Finland and Estonia, focusing on natural materials from Finland and the Baltic region. There’s a whole page about production with photos from the factory – transparency is important for Mainio too.


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