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@swampy-tiefling pointed out that I have a type, and I’m mildly upset.

He’s been on my case all morning, harping on all the rules I seem to be breaking, and said that if I don’t start following them, he's gonna boot my blue butt to the curb! When Bloo leaned over the edge of the table, Mr. Herriman pointed out not to leave elbows on the table. Badaxtra |

FusionFall Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I’ve been following Mr.Herriman’s toilet paper rule for many, many years. Bloo only remained on the edge with anger, as he carried his dishes in his stubby arms. Since then, he was able to trick the two by using a fake sob routine.

In the Past, he can be found inside Foster's Home in The Suburbs.

And to this day, I still follow that rule. Even Lauren Faust has regretted ever writing the episode.

Geppetto | And to this day, I still follow that rule. BLOO: [keeps talking while Mr. Herriman pushes him to the front of the sink] Listen, Mr. Herriman. Gateux | Glori | At the beginning of the episode, "Everybody Knows It's Bendy", Bendy's family drops him off because of his supposed antics (i.e. [Coco jabbers something long and then Eduardo and Wilt gasp at that plan.]. When Mr. Herriman accused Edwardo, he pointed to Bendy, who fully blamed Edwardo (just like earlier in the Arcade Room). Nohyas | But alas, these options are much thicker and sturdier than toilet paper, which makes them unsuitable for flushing. Frankie and Mr. Herriman comfort Bendy and later, Bendy goes into the Arcade Room. MR. HERRIMAN: [gives Bloo a toothbrush and toothpaste] Brush. King Thes | Brenda Shoop | Beef Jerky | [Frankie removes the toilet paper from its little holder.] BLOO: Done. Kai Yee | BLOO: [throws away the bindle] No, she’s right.

Don’t you see? But it was too late because the house flooded and destroyed part of the house. Code Loyko

Bendy, prior to being abandoned, begins to harbors a grudge against his creator by causing mischief in his house and blame him for his actions. BLOO: [heard from inside the bathroom] What is wrong with you?!

Steward |

He was created by the house's founder Madame Foster when she was a child and was originally named Funny Bunny.

Samurai Jack Villains | [with that, Bloo runs off] Ah!

Lex | See?

Blaming others.

Lazy Metal Boy Scouts: 0/12.

Consortium, Annoying Orange Finally. When I was little, Mr Herriman taught me that the toilet paper roll always goes over.

Ninjas, Mighty Magiswords Mole People | Press J to jump to the feed. Ms. Butterscotch, Johnny Test Mr. Mittens |

Why'd the toilet paper roll down the hill? KND Villains | Francis Thingshooter | Queen Porcina | So, with a roll of his eyes, he pushes his own chair in the table.

Steven Universe Villains | Terrence | Meatman | I’m packing up, [grabs a bindle] I’m heading out, I’m making history. But I also see you've neglected to bring a- [he notices Frankie holding a scrubber] scrubber.

Mr. Herriman is an imaginary man-sized rabbit clad in a tuxedo, top hat and monocle who is the house president of Foster's.

Imagination Companions, A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Robert Limburger | [Only heard inside, Bloo rolls back what ever extra toilet paper he was about to rip, Mr. Herriman used his animal ears to listen, as he heard pull one…two…three. Senior Citi-zombies |

Eduardo, Coco and Wilt are sitting on the table. Moon Fiends | [Bloo sighs, then his stomach growls again and runs in the hall. Bendy later walks up to a jar of Frankie's cookies and opens the lid.

Count Bloodcount |

The Amazing World of Gumball Villains |

Then you guys come along with all your no comprendo and “I don’t understand”. Alice |

Ffcsstest Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. When I was little, Mr Herriman taught me that the toilet paper roll always goes over. Very strange to think about these monster wandering about with errant rolls of toilet paper. Ted Oxpecker, Chowder Mr. Yaschinshki | Susie | When he gets there, he does use the baseball and bat to break the glass, but the four of them still got blamed for it and sent back to their room (especially the fact that because of Coco's tongue slipping, the pictures found at the scene taken by Coco show Bloo holding the bat). [hands Bloo a towel to dry his hands], MR. HERRIMAN: You see, Master Blooregard, here at Foster’s, I enforce the adage, [Another sign on the wall is shown] “Conservation takes concentration.”. Unfollow. Frau Broten | MR. HERRIMAN: [offscreen] Put the cap back on the toothpaste. Did you break something?

Nooo!! William Dunbar, TV Movie Villains

Moe | Because of this, Bloo was scolded for flooding the house, but he claimed that Bendy was the one that took the cookie, which Frankie and Mr. Herriman don't care about.

Oh, and continue on with your toilet paper duties when you are finished here, Ms, Francis. Lunch Lady | Turner |

Later, he hijacks the intercom and insults Mr. Herriman and Frankie before Bloo grabs it from him.

Larry | Barry's Robots |

i really love rabbits if you cant tell.

No, closer.

Ms. Mucus |

[Mr. Herriman had started a crusade for whatever could have caused the crash, and he soon thought he knew who did it when he came across Frankie, who was tending to the bathrooms with a cart of hundreds of rolls of toilet paper.]. Ludwig | Jerry | i really love rabbits if you cant tell. Marcel | Cherry Blossom | Mandy | Scyphozoa | Lake Monster, My Gym Partner's a Monkey His main goal is to ensure that children respect bathrooms, and always flush the toilet after doing their business.

[that was when they suddenly heard the approaching sound of Mr. Herriman's big rabbit feet, so they all quickly hid around a corner], [And the old rabbit didn't really see the tubes everywhere, so he accidentally slipped on a tube, and literally slid all the way into the dining hall.]. MR. HERRIMAN: [calls Bloo one more time] Master Blooregard! Mr. Henry Teacherman | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Ed's Hallucinations |

Manfish the Fish Man |

Andrew Bangs|

Larry | Sissy Blakely | Free Sample Elves | Mr Herriman Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Toilet Paper Cartoon Network. Green Alien | ], [But a while later, when numerous shriveled and empty tubes pf toothpaste were all over the floor, as well as blotches of paste, they started to notice their mess. Computer Virus | They were chewing with their mouths closed, pushing their chairs in and even taking their dishes to the kitchen, too.]. And to this day, I still follow that rule. Toiletnator has the power to control toilets, manipulate liquids, and shoot toilet paper from his arms in order to incapacitate his enemies. Sylvester |

Loki | Jabberwock, Villainous Albadon |

Bendy | Ben 10 Villains | Cory | Grandfather | When Bloo got caught, Bendy was initially blamed, but his alibi was he was scrubbing the toilets with a toothbrush, which resulted in Bloo being punished of no more TV, Video games, and paddle-ball until further notice. Scarecrow |

Ah, yes. Nancy Claus |

Clowns | Professor Death Ray Eyes | Jonathan | Mr. Master | Miss X and Miss Z | It was me, all me, not you, and I’m not letting any of you take the blame.

Whitey | Comrade Red | Super Chicken | Benson Dunwoody | Rhona Roundhouse | Evil Johnny | Big Red | Is anyone else around here aware of his insane two-square rule?! I wouldn’t have broken anything. Come on, time for plan “a”--fix it. Doc Monday |

World, Ed Edd n' Eddy Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yosemite Sam | King Rexxtopher | i really love rabbits if you cant tell. The Toiletnator (real name Louis "Lou" Pottingsworth III) is a recurring villain in Codename: Kids Next Door, and the self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of Numbuh 4. Abbey Grey | Broccoli Overlord | is a reference to an episode of. [Bloo stands there in awkward silence after Mr. Herriman left.]. [Frankie grunted as she left her cart, and headed for the foyer with the cleaning essentials, where Mr. Herriman was also waiting for her.].

Sir Littlechin | Morg | Mold Pixie | Estroy | MR. HERRIMAN: [waves his hand in the air] Uh, I was going to say no running in the halls, but for the sake of all that is decent, please brush your teeth. BLOO: [losing his sanity] What, what, WHAT?! Lola Llama |

Bobby Lion |

Evil-doer Maybe we can do something. [sighs with relief as he pulls up mountains of toilet paper from the roll] Man. Cartoon Network Russia Edit. We do not whittle the soap away under the water.

So yeah… Mr. Herriman is Cavendish’s fursona. MR. HERRIMAN: No “gonna after.” [points to his room] Now. Very good, indeed, Miss Francis. So they secretly stole a bunch of rolls and brought them back down to the foyer. Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends aesthetics // Mr. Herriman. The Conductor | So anything bad I do from now on is nothing, and if I have to break some rules so I can fix what I busted, maybe, just maybe, I won’t end up getting busted at all. It’s like he’s one of those imaginary friends that think that their adventures are real…”, One of you asked this and yes, everybody in Foster’s thinks that Wander is an imaginary friend(one of those that believe that they aren’t imaginary friends, y’know, a Buzz Lightyear not believing that he’s a toy thing).

So I’m watching you, and if you do not toe the line, I have ways to persuade the Madame to change her mind. Brigid |

MR. HERRIMAN: No, no, no, Miss Frances. Bottom Bag |

Kip Snip |

He managed to easily fool Frankie and Mr. Herriman into believing others committed his actions.

Let me have a look. Finally, he writes Bloo's name on the wall and Bloo grabbed the marker and was blamed just like the others. Now if you’ll please excuse me, Master Bloo, I have a very important matter to attend to., The description of the Mr. Herriman Tail "I hip and I hop and I just can't stop!"

Agent Trout, The Looney Tunes Show Malakevin | But as they disrespected the rule of only using a little toothpaste and squeezing from the top of the tube, poor Eduardo couldn't take it as he suddenly fainted. | Spinel | Velma Green the Spider Queen, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Lord Moldybutt | Tea Timers |


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