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“In reality, we cannot keep fatalities at zero forever,” he added. Then, we move down to a province in the Western region: Tak. Smokeless, silent balls of fire, known as the Naga Fireballs of Nong Khai, erupt from Mekong River and are waited on breathlessly by onlookers. Koh Chang – Pleasant island with beautiful beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. On the plus side, the rain is warm and it’s still possible to go for a refreshing swim in the sea. The pilot program will allow tourists from low-risk countries to visit designated areas, provided they're willing to spend a number of weeks in the country. With time, the boats have become larger and grander and can be up to 90 meters long! the Trang islands) can sometimes be disrupted and some bungalow operations on the quieter islands remain closed during October. This October is said to be a farewell to the rainy season and a welcome to the months of winter. Koh Ngai – Long golden beaches and no roads. During this annual 10-day festival, people won’t eat meat and a number of restaurants all over the country also serve menus without meat. Thailand Longstay is also a valuable resource of information at this time. October 13th is a public holiday that marks the passing of beloved Thai King Bhumibol. In addition to amazing tourist attractions all over the country, there are many traditions, festivals and cultures that can be seen and learned about in this month; for instance, around the end of the Buddhist Lent period, you can join the Bang Fai Phaya Nak or Naga Fireball Festival in Nong Khai province, a festival where you can see the fascinating sight of fireballs rising out of the Mekong River up to the sky, or you can attend the Tak Bat Devo Festival at Wat Sangkat Rattanakhiri in Uthai Thani province, a Buddhist festival that is greatly celebrated annually. In oktober begint het weer te veranderen, hoewel dat nooit te voorspellen is. Renting a car in Thailand: Everything you need to know, Klong Tour Thonburi: Explore Bangkok’s hidden canals by Longtail Boat, Mountainbiking to Chiang Mai’s Sticky Waterfalls, Wat Pha Lat: Hiking the monk’s trail to Chiang Mai’s Hidden Jungle Temple, MahaNakhon Skywalk: Bangkok’s Most Thrilling Attraction. This only takes place twice in the year, for a few days in May and then again in October. Vegetarians will love October’s dishes thanks to this mid-season festival, theVegetarian Festival or “Thesakan Kin Che”. The country’s bars, karaoke outlets and massage parlours have been allowed to reopen, but are required to cap small groups at five people, and “gathering, shouting, wandering around the premises,” among other activities, are prohibited. Koh Yao Yai – Big island with long and empty beaches. Hua Hin and Cha Am south of Bangkok are solid options as is Pattaya on the east coast. Then, we move down to a province in the Western region: Tak. Koh Tao, in particular, will see some fairly rough weather. Look for ones with a UV protective coating which are more durable and also double-up as protection against the rain or the sun making them perfect for the variable October weather. The new case took the tally to 3,390.The CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin said although the death toll from the disease had remained at 58 since June 2, there was still a chance there would be more deaths from the virus in Thailand. It showcases the works of Asia’s most influential and trendsetting artists at public spaces across the city. Definitely, the temperature of this month starts to drop in almost every region of the country and the cool and cozy weather is returning. However, temperatures remain high throughout the month and you can also expect to see blue skies and plenty of sunshine during an October visit to Ko Samui, Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan. Koh Jum – Small-scale tourism near Koh Phi Phi. Let’s end this month with Halloween, a spooky but colourful festival. This makes them both good options for an island getaway in October. October in Krabi and Phuket, in the Andaman Sea, is mostly very wet, but you might get lucky and stumble upon a few sunny days. Southern Thailand Gulf CoastFor islands in the Gulf of Thailand, the amount of October rainfall in any given year depends on how early the north-east monsoon winds blow in. This article was first published on July 2 and updated on August 25, 2020. Ik weet dat het land erg groot is, en dat er grote verschillen bestaan tussen Noord en Zuid Thailand. I will be in thailand early-mid october if people want to meet up send me a msg. October is a great month for central and northern Thailand: temperatures are agreeable, the sun shines regularly and it rains a lot less than it did in the previous months. Tip: Since October is a month of heavy rainfall, not all islands are worth visiting during this month. Udon Thani – Large city near the Lao border, but famous mainly for its Red Lotus Sea. Koh Lanta – Laid-back atmosphere and nice beaches. Visitors will have to take an additional test and remain within the province for another week before they can travel to other parts of the country. Do keep an eye out for the Phon Phisai parade of villagers in traditional costume, carrying pictures of the Naga and marching to the accompanying band. Hua Hin is one of the drier areas during October. October brings solid rain to most of Thailand's Gulf coast. Far from it. October can widely be regarded as the last of the rainy season months for many areas of Thailand, but there are some regional variations. As of July 1, the ban on commercial international flights to/from Thailand has been lifted, but the list of people who are allowed to enter the country is short. Koh Samet – White sandy beaches, only three hours from Bangkok. Ik wil heel graag Thailand bezoeken en dan daar de culturele dingen doen, maar ook een paar dagen lekker ontspannen op het strand. Koh Tarutao – National park, a former prison island, and camping site. Thailand’s tourism industry is massive. In 2019, almost 40 million tourists arrived in Thailand. There is also a cool stream to swim in and a nearby emerald pool. Tourists will have to stay for at least 30 days, with the first 14 days in quarantine in a limited vicinity of their hotel, before they can visit other areas, Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Yuthasak Supasorn told Reuters. Khao Sok National Park – Wake up in a straw cabin on a clear blue lake. Southeast Thailand. Fewer tourists are around and good deals are usually available on flights and accommodation before the higher rates start to kick in during November. Travelers would need to get tested for COVID-19 at the beginning and end of quarantine, CNN reports. You can experience the mountain atmosphere and local cultures at Phu Ruea - Chiang Khan – Dan Sai in Loei province. According to Reuters, Thailand's Minister of Tourism Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said he's keen to open the popular holiday island of Phuket to international tourists through the Safe and Sealed program. If approved, the program will allow a small number of visitors from low-risk countries to enter Thailand and quarantine at designated hotels and resorts on Phuket for 14 days. Temperatures are also declining as October marks the start of ‘winter’ in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and northern Thailand … From November onwards the weather on Koh Lipe and the Trang islands will start to improve and become sunnier. Stay in the north if you can. Best Places In Thailand In October. PAI October is when the rainy season starts to make way for the cool season. The boat building commences at the beginning of October and lasts three weeks, with curious onlookers throughout. KOH TAO All rights reserved. This is when the culture gap becomes even more important to bridge with respect. About twenty of them set out on the Mekong River in a stately procession for 4 kilometers, creating a visual treat to remember for a lifetime. Exploring Phuket Town: the Thai holiday island’s cultural capital, How to find incredible safari experiences without leaving the US, Escape the crowds at these secret Caribbean resorts, The 6 most luxurious cabins in the US that are perfect for social distancing. Ubon Ratchathani – Large city in Isan region with many sights. Some places’ amazing beauty can only be seen during the bridge of two seasons like this month. These include mandatory temperature checks at venues like restaurants and shopping centers, social distancing protocols at shops, restaurants and street stalls, and recommended check-in with ThaiChana, a COVID-19 tracing app. ... Halloween is a festive occasion that is celebrated in many countries on October 31 each year. Visitors are also likely to experience plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures on the southern Thai islands in October. In Oct 2020, there are two Micro Full Moons: a Micro Harvest Moon and a Micro Blue Moon. One of the most famous provinces is Phuket. October is a great month for central and northern Thailand: temperatures are agreeable, the sun shines regularly and it rains a lot less than it did in the previous months. AccommodationIt’s worth spending extra to get more comfort. On average, you should see less rain on the Gulf Coast islands during the first half of October compared to the second half. Suggested Read: Things To Do In Thailand, Best Time To Visit Thailand & Places To Visit Thailand. Pha Taem National Park – Ancient murals along the Mekong River. I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. All the coronavirus cases have been mainly from Thai returnees, coming home from abroad. Expect a grave mood nationwide. Thailand Tops the List of the World’s Safest Place During COVID-19, Hotels Association Wants Expats Included in Tourism Stimulus Package, Fuel Tanker Overturns and Burst into Flames in Northern Thailand, Final Rounds of Rhinoceros Beetle Battles Rage in Northern Thailand, Study Finds Thai Girls Entering Puberty at an Increasingly Early Age. The mainland coast gets slightly less rain, but only marginally less. Boat services to outlying islands (e.g. Koh Lipe – Tropical island, home to Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. Enjoy the show, then call it a night with the delicious buffets on offer. October is a great month for central and northern Thailand: temperatures are agreeable, the sun shines regularly and it rains a lot less than it did in the previous months. In October, you can travel to every region in Thailand from the Northern mountains to the Southern seas, starting from driving along natural routes with beautiful views of forests, mountains and the sea of mist at Doi Samer Dao - Doi Mae Chok - Doi Phu Kha – Mae Charim in Nan province.


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