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What did you think of Blackfire's villainous debut on Titans? She often got made fun of, especially by her sister. Beast Boy appears to be somewhat attracted to her.

The idea of giving her black hair may be a reference to the evil elder sister from. Even though she is Starfire's older sister, the two are polar opposites.

Her eyes grow lavender when utilizing this ability she developed from experimentation.


Most fans assumed that Blackfire would be coming to Titans at some point this season, and Friday finally made things official.

Blackfire is the firstborn eldest daughter and princess of the long-dead King and Queen of Tamaran and the older sister of Starfire and Wildfire. 1.2.

Blackfire is the only Tamaranean in the DC comics that could not fly under her own force of willpower; however, in the animated series, she can. It's unclear of the sister-brother relationship between her and her younger brother Wildfire was, but by the look on her face when he was sent away after the Gordanian invasion, it can be assumed that she could have mistreated and ignored him. She has waist-length black hair straight bangs. First episode She appears again in #36 as leader of the Gordanians (the same aliens from the episode "Go!")

Damaris Lewis.

Blackfire was one of the neutral characters that didn't join the Brotherhood of Evil. Real name Blackfire is a playable unlocked character in the video game, but she has no dialogue.

She is the former Grand Ruler/Empress of Tamaran and serves as Starfire's arch-nemesis. Place of Origin

However, Blackfire was subjected to the experiment slightly longer than Starfire, therefore hers are light purple and far much stronger and more effective. Opti-chroma kinesis:Blackfire has the ability to make her eyes glow lavender.

In Friday's new installment, Starfire is informed that her sister, who is a villain in the comics, took over the throne since she failed to return home.

The two almost never get along well, except when Blackfire tricks Starfire into thinking she's being nice. Claiming she now found her own family, she welcomed Kory's threats.

Ironically, by trading her sister to the Gordanians, Blackfire is indirectly responsible for creating the Teen Titans, the same group which would end up opposing her on several occasions. She has waist-length black hair with straight bangs. The two of them are poster children for sibling rivalry. Like Starfire, Blackfire is shown to be a very beautiful girl. Character information She prefers to take advantage of her rather than spend sisterly time with her. Unlike other English-speaking Tamaraneans who speak in formal tones, Blackfire is the only Tamaranean who speaks with contractions. Komand'r

Allies It is unknown how Blackfire learned English, but she is able to speak the language quite well, implying that Blackfire, during her visit to Earth, already kissed someone who speaks perfect English. Although, in the comics, it was shown that her mother, Queen Luand'r had dark hair and eyes just like her, so it could that it was merely an uncommon, but not rare, appearance for Tamaraneans. The reason for her being evil was because of long-held jealousy. Residence But she could never take your place. Alias(es) With it, her natural abilities would increase drastically, allowing her to rule all of Tamaran with an iron fist. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

At first, Blackfire had easily won the four other Teen Titans by praising their strengths and skills. ", "I overthrew my sister because she was not best for Tamaran.". The second season of Titans on DC Universe has dug a little deeper into the backstory of all of the members of the titular superhero team, including Starfire, whose origins were initially one of the biggest mysteries of the series. ", "Farewell, Sister.

Tamaranean physiology: Like her sister, Blackfire is a powerful alien. Shortly after, Faddei is possessed by some strange substance, later revealed to be the influence of Blackfire. Upon being found out, she attempted to retreat but was blocked by Starfire. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor and always hurts Starfire's feelings.

Wanting to get rid of her little sister once and for all, Blackfire had made a deal with the elephant-like alien, Glgrdsklechhh: She would give him her baby sister as his wife, and he would give her the mystical Jewel of Charta. They were freed, but the experiment altered their physiology to allow them to concentrate the ultraviolet energy into green/purple-colored starbolts or blackbolts. To become much stronger and more powerful than Starfire. This is seen in the second episode, "Sisters" when she developed a crush on Robin upon meeting him and tried to gain his attention and affection, but this could also have been a ploy in further isolating her sister from her friends. Blackfire's arrogance has always been her downfall in combat.
Alive Blackfire won the Teen Titans' support by having fun with them and telling them stories of adventures she had throughout her travels in the galaxy. In the issue, it is revealed that she sent the shapeshifting Madame Rouge into the Teen Titans' base disguised as Wildfire (who has supposedly returned after several years of absence). Tamaranean - November 1, 2019 03:05 pm EDT. Blackfire also grew up in a royal family, however, Blackfire did not feel loved by her family or people.

Blackfire was one of the only villains missing from the lineup of the Brotherhood of Evil, suggesting that she was not out to get all the superheroes or even the Titans, but simply to just take out Starfire. Blackfire appears a few more times in the comics. It doesn't take long for Starfire to figure out that Blackfire is controlling Faddei and she's forced to kill him in order to free him.

A fight broke out between the two sisters with Blackfire being taken into custody. After a heartbroken and outraged Starfire discovers this deception, she furiously confronts Blackfire in her prison and renounces her as her older sister for pulling such a cruel stunt.

When Starfire thought of leaving Earth, the Centauri Police showed up and captured her. [1], Following the high demand that her sister claim the throne, Blackfire sent Faddei to Earth to retrieve Kory and bring her back to Tamaran. Blackfire's sisterly relationship with her younger sister is far from close and loving, despite the fact that she would often rescue Starfire when the two were little, as revealed in Sisters.

The duel later ended in Starfire breaking the Jewel, reducing Blackfire's strength and abilities to normal and being knocked out cold by a barrage of starbolts. Other names

Just me.". All rights reserved. Eventually, Blackfire was discovered, which ultimately caused the mercy killing of Faddei.

During her Titans debut, Blackfire delivered some terrifying news to Starfire. Goal Like Stafire, Blackfire is shown to be very a beautiful girl.

Her choice to on Earth with the Titans clearly hasn't sat well with the folks back home, most notably her sister Blackfire, who paid Starfire a devastating visit in Friday's new episode.

Compared to Starfire's outfit, Blackfire's outfit acts more like full-body armor with a black crop top, mini-skirt and thigh-high boots.

She even flirted romantically with Robin, hoping to make Starfire envious and hurtful.

Blackfire first appeared when she arrived on Earth in the second episode "Sisters".

The Titans rescued her and explained to the Centaurians that they have captured the wrong Tamaranean. She had difficulties making friends and was often underestimated. Of course, this could have been done to further make Starfire feel inadequate. ", "Blazin' B? Powers and abilities

When Starfire asks Cyborg and Beast Boy where Blackfire is, Beast Boy mentions that Blackfire "rules at [video games]."

Blackfire (Princess Komand'r) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. 1.1. Blackfire and Starfire are almost identical, except for their hair color, eye color, eye shape, and their outfits. Since Starfire had always been the favorite child of the family, the one destined to rule, Blackfire decided that she needed to get rid of at least part of the problem if she was to take charge.

There was also a time when she found out about Kory's relationship with a royal guard, Faddei, and nearly had him castrated. ", "I am happy to see her, but Blackfire rules to video games and she is able to share every depressing poems and she knows to cool moves, and she always knows when people are not talking about shovels.

It could also be hinted, however, that her general appearance was another factor: her purple eyes and black hair made her different in comparison to the dominant green eyes and red and brown hair of other Tamaraneans, and thus deemed "impure and unworthy" for the Tamaranean throne, which further surfaced her inner fury and thirst for vengeance on her people. Voice She spent the majority of her life in her sister's shadow. One that loves me. Gordanians (formerly) Once she does so, Blackfire reveals herself in a hologram. Its also in this issue we learn about their past and that it was Blackfire who had given Starfire to the Gordanians as a bargaining chip to keep them from invading Tamaran, indirectly setting up the event in "Go!" Although she was the most talented and more experienced combatant, her parents favored Starfire more because she was kinder. Komand'r Imposing as Faddei, Blackfire attempted to convince Kory to return to Tamaran to possibly rule as queens together.

Starfire and Blackfire were subjected to an experiment to see how much ultraviolet energy they could contain before expiring. The previous five had, Blackfire is the only archnemesis of a Titan that is not the main villain of a season.

Blackfire, when she first arrived on Earth. First episode


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