what is the theme of the legend of robin hood

The fact he was disobeying one of God’s commandments by stealing did not alarm the audience because he was doing it to help poor people like themselves. The prospect of a nobleman giving up his riches to fight for the poor romanticises the legend, which is why Robin is usually the Earl of Huntington in film adaptations. Thomas Love Peacock’s popular Maid Marian from 1822 added to the momentum and the feeding of the Victorian appetite for all things medieval, as spectacularly exemplified by the full-scale Eglinton tournament of 1839, a re-enactment that attracted a crowd of perhaps 100,000. 1. They have promoted Nottingham and Sherwood Forest as ‘Robin Hood Country’ and everything down to the County Council logo is associated with some aspect of the legend.

Robin is overtly wearing Lincoln green and is a comical character, again acting camp by breaking into a rendition of YMCA with his merry men. He walks the line between a common thief and outlaw – and a noble, virtuous and moral embodiment of good. Robin Hood is also mentioned in a famous Lollardtract (Cambridge University L… It was even Scott who came up with the splitting of the arrow.
In the proliferation of films in the Cold War era, Robin became an anti-communist defender of democracy and an anti-authoritarian freedom fighter (from America’s British ally in NATO). Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? The Robin Hood we know – from folklore, books, movies and more – is invariably dressed in ‘Lincoln green’, is highly skilled with a sword and a longbow, spends his time with a band of colourful characters in Sherwood Forest, and battles with the Sheriff of Nottingham and other oppressors. It is a legend that will probably still be told in another 700 years time providing that future generations find ways of adapting the story to their own cultural and social requirements. Robin Hood has red hair. In contemporary archery, a ‘Robin Hood’ is, of course, when an archer splits an arrow already in the target with another arrow shot from the same spot, a rare feat named after the legendary figure for his skill. [1] Reader’s Digest, 1994, Universal Dictionary, Reader’s Digest p879, [2] Green, B., 1991, The Outlaw Robin Hood, Kirklees Cultural Services p8, [4] Hool, D., 1983, The Tales of Robin Hood, Nottingham County Council p8, [8] Quoted in Holt., J.C., 1982, Robin Hood, Thames and Hudson p142.
During the 1984 tour, the setlist included full live versions of “Lady Marian”, “Now Is Here”, “Robin (The Hooded Man)”, “Scarlet Inside”, “Herne”, “Ancient Forest” and “Battles”.

[3] However, as society turned to Christianity, Robin too became a devout Christian.

He lived with his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. "Robin (The Hooded Man)" was re-released in 1986 as an "Extended Play Single" with a newly recorded version of the title theme and featuring actor Jason Connery on the sleeve.

His name might be known across the world but he is an exceptionally slippery figure.

There is a deep human need, especially in the modern era, to unmask the ‘real’ Robin Hood and to solve the mystery of his identity. The television series, Robin of Sherwood, has mysticism and sorcery incorporated into the story, an angle which never appeared in any of the ballads and has probably not been adopted since the beginning of the legend. When did organ music become associated with baseball? No problem! The traditional tales place archery in the world of tournaments and sport rather than hunting.

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Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck were also in his band of merry men The earliest Robin Hood tales survive from late 15th-century England. ‘The adventures and exploits of many bandits, outlaws and others were joined together with contemporary beliefs and attitudes’,[4] thus increasing Robin’s band of merry men.

If the legend spans both Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, why is it that today’s audience automatically associate Robin with only Sherwood Forest? [9] As a result ‘people from all over the world visit Sherwood Forest in pilgrimage to him’, whilst all but the fanatics do not recognise the presence of Yorkshire in the Robin Hood legend. In a statement posted in November 2003 on their official web site, Clannad revealed that.

Overall, the audience did not feel as oppressed as previous generations and so required an aspect to the story other than Robin’s fight against the nobility. a man called robin of loxley who robs money from the rich and gives them to the poor and he falls in ,love with king Richards relation, while he is on a crusade and his evil brother is incharge Literary Development of the Legend of Robin Hood, The whole doc is available only for registered users. Want to add some juice to your work? The swashbuckling Robin, portrayed by actors Douglas Fairbanks (1922) and Errol Flynn (1938), provided jovial escapism in the interwar years of economic depression and the rise of fascism. For example, Disney’s animated Robin Hood (1975) has a very well spoken voiceover for Robin and in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, we actually meet Robins father and see his estate. Whichever flavour you prefer, Robin Hood and his friends don’t change much. He was bound to the land and bordered on being a slave; the society that controlled them was understandably unpopular. Blablawriting.com provide for you a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely. A Bedtime Story of Honesty, Courage and Truth.


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