how much did peter mcneeley make to fight mike tyson
“I come home from the gym and Tyson’s on my voice mail asking if I wanted to hook up. Much like the fight with McNeeley, Tyson made quick work of Spinks. And he was arrested as the getaway driver in an '06 Walgreen drug-store robbery that yielded just $200. I spent a week in Boston watching him train for the Tyson fight on the invitation of his manager Vinnie Vecchione. He took the fight to Tyson from the opening bell, swarming in with his arms pumping away and backing the ex-champ into a neutral corner. Premium. Peter McNeeley was born in Massachusetts, United States on Sunday, October 6, 1968 (Generation X). Tyson already held title belts in the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, and International Boxing Federation. But I'll be four years no drink, no drugs on November 1. His mother took care of his finances while he was away, with a first-round knockout in 1999 to Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch perhaps the only real highlight of his later career. Holyfield actually received more money than Tyson for this fight ($35 million to $30 million) and it scored 1.99 million PPV buys, which was a record for more than a decade. Next thing I know, the limo driver was banging on my door saying Tyson wanted to see me right now. Tyson claimed the bites were in retaliation to Holyfield headbutting him without penalty. McNeeley was sold as a dangerous opponent when, in reality, he was nothing of the sort. ", 'I just want to do all the paperwork and get that done. The fight started off evenly matched, but as the rounds wore on, Tyson began to weaken, eventually sustaining cuts over both of his eyes, as his face swelled throughout. In Round 8, Lewis unleashed a heavy right cross, knocking Tyson to the canvas for the second time in the round. Nevertheless, referee Mills Lane stopped the match after the third round, disqualifying Tyson and awarding the victory to Holyfield. Tyson and Lewis got into a brawl during their press conference, with Tyson biting Lewis's leg and yelling profanities at multiple reporters. Behind that façade, one thing became patently clear to me that week in Boston. It had been the biggest night of his life, and win or lose he was determined to wring every last moment of quasi-celebrity from his time in the spotlight before returning to obscurity of Medfield, Mass and the small-town circuit where he had hitherto spent his career. Nevertheless, the former heavyweight champ had some huge fights throughout his career. But he was instantly likeable too, driving me to and from training each day in a smoking, maroon Oldsmobile that leaned and creaked like a beaten-up sofa on wheels.


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